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Sean Crudden

Well I am using my website now to say a few things about two organizations I am involved with and present circumstances. The IMPERO General Assembly did not take place this year. It had been penciled in for 16 June 2020. The Autumn Interim meeting was let slide as well. Obviously Covid-19 is a big factor in this. Our leading members are not equipped to participate in virtual meetings. As well as that, although I am not sure about this, I think that the officers are not singing off the same hymn sheet. When a window of opportunity opens up I think some degree of re-organization is required.

Much the same considerations apply to Cooley Environmental and Health Group. CEHG needs to straighten out its banking needs. Probably this means changing from a post office account to a credit union account. It is not a big issue at present because the Group is in sleep mode these days and several meetings have been cancelled due to Covid-19. I feel that the sponsors of CEHG’s website,, should be given a bye for this year but hopefully remain as sponsors.

Obviously the world would survive without IMPERO or CEHG. Both have written their own page of history and there is still some drive and commitment left. At the moment it is difficult to see through the fog. However we have no overheads and can sustain ourselves well into the future at present levels of activity. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel sooner or later.

I hope we can survive this epidemic. I hope all our friends, members, supporters, sponsors; stay healthy and solvent.

Christmas Day 2019

Nutcracker; Last; Sacristan; Lower; Incense; Eleanor; Deliberate

Wednesday 25 December 2019


Well I got up at 07:30 sharp at least half an hour before the others.  Teagan happy with Santa and other presents including a Nutcracker.  I was worried if my bladder would last through all the ceremonies in the church.  I catheterised around 09:00 and made it over to the church on a crisp frosty morning in plenty of time for hymns at 09:45.  In fact, I think I was the first person in to the church after the sacristan, Rose McEneaney.  I looked at the crib, shifted this year to the south west wing of the church at the back.  Also lower and easier to see.  Lovely red carnations up around the altar.  Two red poinsettia blossoms decorated each of the stations of the cross.  Lights all lit.  Incense burning in the vestibule.  I was dressed in red silk tie, blue and white striped dress shirt, burgundy pattern pedlar’s zipped cardigan, steel grey woollen trousers with thin vertical stripes, black and while light F&F socks, Clark’s rubber-soled brogues, navy Bugati long coat, black and red Titleist golf cap complete with bobbin, black gloves.  Walked back from mass with Eleanor Wehrly.  Like days of yore.  The singing before mass was slow, deliberate, good. 

  • O, Little Town of Bethlehem
  • Away in a Manger
  • When a Child Is Born (Christine, solo)
  • Ding Dong

My list of intentions for these carols was; Aisling, Teagan, Rosanna, Óg; in that order.  Christine did well singing through the microphone.  I enjoyed the first 2 hymns which are right up my street. 

There were a number of faux-pas in the choir during mass itself.  The first verse of Silent Night finished correctly but I was beset by doubt afterwards about the finish of the second verse.  Catherine sang the wrong words for the second refrain of O, Holy Night.  I stopped singing completely.  It was a mistake but it was not fatal.  Fr. Duffy was late coming with the thurible from the altar to incense the crib so we sang 2 verses of Adeste Fideles before he carried out his manoeuvre  and then repeated the first verse afterwards.  Not the way it was planned.  The incense should have come between the 2 verses in our hymn sheet. 

  1. Adeste Fideles
  2. Silent Night
  3. O, Holy Night
  4. Joy to the World

My intention for the first 3 of these hymns were: Teagan, Margaret Kennard, Rebecca Crudden.  Nothing for the last.  I will dedicate it now to Anne whom I rang there about an hour ago.  An Indian couple are moving in to stay in her house.  He a chef; she a nurse.  Teagan in great form in her Aladdin outfit.  I took half a dozen snaps of her.  Sent one to Joe and John Crudden.  I e-mailed them tonight.  Sent most of the photos to Aisling.  She is gone to bed for over an hour.  I don’t think she checked her e-mail tonight. 

  • Brown bread, butter, cheddar, ginger preserve; tea
  • Fried rashers, 4 fried sausages; a banana
  • Turkey, ham, gravy, Brussels sprouts, celery, mash, salt, cranberry sauce; chocolate ice cream and jelly; tea and sweet biscuits
  • I think I will eat an orange before I go to bed, catheterise, then take Combodart

I ate a few chocolate sweets today and tonight.  Rosanna cooked the dinner.  I washed up.  Teagan did not want to eat dinner but there were no tears.  Seán Óg rang at 15:30 just when I had finished my main course of dinner.  In excellent form.  He is coming down to Greenore tomorrow.  He more or less asked me to play golf the next day.  Eamonn and Leah rang, too, soon after Óg.  They are coming tomorrow.  I did not need to catheterise today for the second time until 14:00.  So my worries of this morning were definitely unfounded.  RTE Radio 1 playing in the background now as I type on my Dell Inspiron.  23:48.  Charged the fire fully in The White Elephant Lounge at 23:00.  Teddy rang c 20:00.  Atmosphere in the house not too bad today.  Teagan lasted all day without a nap.  Aisling went for a run to Templetown on the beach before dinner.  Driving her mother’s new Stonic.  Aisling and Teagan went over to Eleanor’s at 18:00 before that house sat down to dinner at 19:00.  That’s roughly the time when I did the washing up.  I sang a few hymns for Teagan this morning.  Aisling did not like them but I think Teagan did.  Silent Night and Away in a Manger.  I took a walk in my green parka and my red and black Titleist cap after dinner c 16:15 in the twilight; down around the church and back by the top road.  Carried out a full routine this morning including exercise.  Passed a solid motion in the early afternoon.  Catheter infrequent.  To bed c 00:35 after catheter and a Combodart.  Had eaten an orange c 00:00.  No requests on RTE 1 Radio tonight.  It was not Aenghus McNally who was spinning the records this year.  Christmas music.  I did not really listen.

Lovely June Day

Finished; Belt; Brisk; Camera; Seville; John Quinn; The Memorial

Sunday 2 June 2019


Well I ate breakfast at 09:00 and went back to bed.  Got up again and finished my morning routine; made bed, washed, catheterised, dressed in white underwear, green expensive collared T-shirt, beige woollen socks, ox-blood Barker brogues, steel-blue light trousers with braces and belt, Everlast fleece: just as Óg, Lisa, Gavin, Tom, arrived c 12:00.  Breezy bright morning.  Óg drove Lisa and the two boys in the back seat with me in front in his Hyundai SUV down to Gyles’ Quay.  I led Lisa and the boys for a brisk walk around my usual circuit; to the end of the pier, up around the 20 steps, back through the wasteland behind the houses to the car park where Óg was waiting.  I took a snap of Lisa and the two boys on the pier with her mobile phone camera.  We stopped at the playground and café at Lordship.  Lisa bought me a can of Coke and told me of her plan to visit Seville next week and Chelsea later in the summer.  Anyway I enjoyed the outing.  But before the visitors left Jenkinstown I cooked my lunch/dinner.  Ron came to cut the grass but only got the back done.  Wind increased in velocity this evening for a while and a threat of rain.  I lit the fire around 17:00.  Listened to John Quinn’s documentary about Ballyfin College in the 1950’s.  Watched golf.  Rosanna gone down to Greenore to babysit while Óg and Lisa played golf.  She has just come back there now.  21:49.  Kaymer, Cantlay, Scott; vying for the lead in The Memorial. 

  • Wheat biscuits, sliced banana, milk
  • Fried mushrooms, fried potato, grilled white pudding made from pork and turkey, salt, tomato ketchup; apple tart, coffee
  • An orange

I have a resolution to make porridge and catheterise before I go to bed.  I spent a very uncomfortable night in bed last night.  Acid early in the night and pain at the back of my right thigh almost unbearable towards morning.  Passed a small hard motion, just a malformed pellet really, this afternoon.  700ml in the bag last night c 01:45.  < 400 this morning and this afternoon.  John Quinn asked Seamus Heaney about what he read when he was a child.  Not much, I think?  Certainly none of the pulp I read insatiably.  Adam Scott finished -17, Martin Kaymer, -15; in second and third place respectively.  Partick Cantlay shot a final round of 64 to finish on -19.

  • Porridge made in the microwave with 50g of oatmeal, 300ml of milk, some old boiled rice which I added at “half-time.”  Apple juice
  • Took a Combodart capsule washed down by cold water from the fridge before I went to bed and after I catheterised

Lisa sent me 2 photos before bed time and chatted briefly on Messenger.  The photo above is a selfie by Gavin.

Yesterday’s; Tom Chambers; Called; Lithium; Chivers’

Thursday 21 February 2019


Well it was after 10:00 when I got up this morning.  500ml in the bag.  Wrote up yesterday’s journal.  Ate breakfast and dressed.  Grey joggers, black heavy hoodie, dark green T-shirt, underpants, black socks, Reebok runners.  Rosanna went to Dublin on the train to visit Tom Chambers.  She has just returned there a minute ago.  20:34.  Seán Óg called about an hour ago with Rosanna’s little red lap-top which he returned to factory setting and set it up for her.  I bought with difficulty from Lambeg Golf a lithium battery and charger.  194 euro.  I tested my old lead-acid battery out in the Powakaddy Sport trolley out the back of the house.  I think it is finished?  The man in the shop put my order through on-line.  I could not get the site to work.  Set up my blog page on for the first time.  It’s there.  Now for a way to use it?  Óg also brought Aisling’s baby seat for Teagan.  He dumped 2 bags of rubbish on me.  I did little today except to catheterise.  600ml in the bag at mid-day!  Cleaned out and lit the fire in the evening.  Boiled 2 small eggs for my tea.  Bought Chivers’ strawberry jam and 2l of milk in Sheelan’s.  After a nice walk in Gyles’ Quay.  Pleasant mild day.  Bright with a breeze. 

  • Cheese-on-toast; tea; 4 tiny oranges
  • Muesli, milk; a banana
  • 2 small boiled eggs, butter, salt, pepper; 2 slices of brown pan with butter and strawberry jam; tea

One of the eggs “exploded” in the pot.  But I ate both eggs all the same.  A long egg in the pack in the fridge stood on end when I put it into the water in the pot.  So I did not cook it.  I think the eggs were Fidelis’ and not from the supermarket.  My bowels did not move today.  Bladder emptying freely.  Body largely pain-free.  There was only 300ml in the bag this evening?  Carried out a full routine late this morning including exercise.  Listened in the late morning to my journal for this day 5 week’s ago and for this date in 2011, 2014, 2018.

Journal for 17 August 2018


Awake; Sausages; Dump; Unfurled; Capliss; A Treat

Friday 17 August 2018


Well, awake, I got up at 06:10. Spent a relaxing morning after I fried 16 Tesco sausages, 5 of which I ate for breakfast with brown bread and butter followed by a Valencia orange. Set out for Cabra at 08:45. Arrived at 10:30 as I had forecast to Aisling with stops at Bellingham and Lusk service areas. I bought a chicken and stuffing sandwich in Bellingham service area as well as a Fanta Orange, and a Milky Way for Teagan. Teagan in great form. Paul Joyce there. The house being pulled apart and stuff being brought to the dump. Aisling gave me a knife and fork and small plate so I ate my sandwich without the use of my dentures. Teagan ate her Milky Way. “Where do we live?” I asked Teagan. “You’re different!” she replied. “We live in The Milky Way among the stars. The Sun is our star but there are millions of others.” Anyway I walked with my umbrella unfurled as far as Cabra Luas Station and rode to St. Stephen’s Green stop. Walked up through the green to The National Concert Hall in weak rain. Drank a glass of Sauvignon blanc house wine. It did not taste as well as the last 2 bottles I bought in SuperValu and my stomach was acid before the concert was over. Desmond Capliss, Baritone; Cathal Synnott, piano. 13:05 start. The recital finished well before 14:00. I caught the Luas at Harcourt Street and was back in Cabra soon after 14:30. A slim young continental girl asked me about the direction the tram was going in and she seemed to take an interest in me. Very well turned out and very well behaved as well as very good looking. I more or less motioned to her to get off the tram at O’Connell Street. She had mentioned Tara Street when she spoke to me at first in Harcourt Street. I hope I did not lead her astray. Anyway she did not seem to be under any pressure. And she had a companion. Aisling gave me a cup of tea and 2 chocolate biscuits. I stopped at both service areas on the way home. “It’s Friday. Get Granny a treat!” Teagan shouted at me when I getting in to my car to drive home. So I bought Maltesers and Cadbury’s chocolate in Castlebellingham service area. Cooked pasta for my tea. Pasta envelopes containing spinach and cheese. Well-cooked but the taste was nothing to write home about. I ate a banana as well. Aisling packed a full suitcase and boxes of stuff and bags into my car while I was at the concert. Rosanna and I unloaded all the stuff before dark. 3 or 4 rather spare motions today. Large intestine not really very active. Bladder restricted passing small amounts. But I did not get into any tight corners today. Maybe it’s the way my travel was planned?

  • Brown bread, butter, 5 fried sausages; tea; a Valencia orange
  • Chicken and stuffing sandwich, Fanta Orange (200ml)
  • A glass of Sauvignon Blanc house wine in NCH (6.50 euro)
  • Tea and chocolate biscuits
  • Raspberry cake with whipped cream, coffee (in Costa, Lusk)
  • Pasta pockets, 250g, a banana, a cold sausage. Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini.
  • Coffee
  • A cold sausage, milk

My mood was bordering on elation today. I felt uncharacteristically happy and pleased for most of the day. Except for a phone call from Eamonn. He asked to speak to his mother with scarcely a sentence for me? They are to rendezvous in Dublin on Sunday, it transpired. Dressed in tan John Evans, navy Pringle socks, brown freshly laundered small-check Robbie slacks with new braces, white pedlar’s shirt, burgundy Gabicci cardigan, white briefs. Exercised this morning as usual. A long slim fox glided past the door of the White Elephant Lounge this morning when I was relaxing before my travels. He looked healthy but threatening and hungry.

Journal for Saturday 16 June 2018

Champagne; Scouted; Photos; Uneasy; Gobbledegook

Saturday 16 June 2018


  • 5 grilled sausages, fried cold microwaved small potatoes left over from the other day, a fried egg, brown sauce, a champagne glass of orange/barley drink
  • Wheat biscuits, sliced banana, raspberries, milk
  • Hovis, butter, easi-slices, tea
  • Banana loaf, coffee (after mass)

Well I felt fat and stiff today even though I exercised this morning before I dressed. Drove over to the meeting room of the church for the Annual General Meeting of IMPERO. Door of the meeting room locked. Rose McEneaney apologised to me before 19:30 mass. But I had already scouted around yesterday and found the door of the room locked so I brought a key with me today. Dessie turned up in plenty of time; Leonard Hatrick turned up 15 minutes late. I think he had trouble with his “bag” this morning. Anyway the meeting went well and lasted nearly an hour and a half. It was well prepared. I read my article Outcaste and I thought when reading it that it would not be out of place at a more academic gathering. I really could write in 2005 and 2006. Took a few photos, too, but I have not looked at them yet. Arranged to meet Dessie on Tuesday at 12:00 at McCrystals to withdraw the money I am owed from the IMPERO account. 370 euro in there now. There will be < 100 euro left. Rosanna went down to play golf in the special competition first round at 13:45. I had to come back from the church for my reading glasses and saw her pull out when I was going in the front door. I watched the match between France and Australia this morning. Assisted by VRA France ran out 2 – 1 winners. Felt very uncomfortable this evening before mass and uneasy. A bit better now? 21:46. Fr. Stansfield assisted by Fr. Pádraig Murphy who was still speaking gobbledegook when he read some of the prayers after communion. “The men add something to the choir,” Fr. Stansfield said when he was passing by going home after mass. “Keep saying that!” I joked. Anyway Catherine was absent so the singing was more together and, I think, better than usual.

  • Sweet Heart of Jesus
  • There Is a River
  • There Is a Place
  • Sweep Over My Soul
  • Our God Reigns

We also sang My Lord, My God and an Amen as well as Alleluia x 2. I gave 5 euro in the yellow envelope “for the priest” and 10 euro in the buff-coloured envelope for priests’ dues. No collection at the door. Earlier in the evening I paid 7.45 euro in the shop for 1lb of Kerrygold and a banana loaf. Used the opportunity to get change of a 50 note which was all the currency I had. So I was able to “fill” the envelopes reasonably correctly. I also watered the flower pots and the hanging basket this afternoon before mass. Most of the banana loaf is already eaten. I prepared a fry this morning because there was no butter in the house. I cooked 8 or 9 Denny’s sausages this morning leaving 3 over for Rosanna. Dustin Johnston in the lead in Shinnecock Hills this morning but he had not begun to play yet today. Conditions are difficult, I think. I did not hear from Paul Smyth today? Rosanna has just now put her key in the front door. 22:02. I woke this morning to the strains of the alarm on my mobile phone at 09:00 and got out of bed immediately. 00:18. I trimmed my neck and upper lip this morning. Christine looking well and fitter than usual in summer gear, a pink T-shirt and matching fingernails.

Injection; Lithuanian; Steamer; Sorry


Monday 4 September 2017

Up c 06:00.  Relaxed until 08:30 having breakfasted, made my bed, washed, exercised, dressed.  Navy Lahinch golf jumper, navy slacks, polka dot navy Pringle socks, Hush Puppie rubber-soled brogues, blue Pierre Cardin shirt with thin red stripe, boxers and vest.  Then set out for the clinic.  An injection of 25mg of Risperdal Consta in the right “side” from Pakie around 09:15.  “I left it out,” he told me beforehand.  “I don’t think it makes any difference?” I replied lugubriously.  Filled my tank, pumped my wheels, piddled, withdrew €100 from the ATM, shopped: in Tesco Extra.  No-one else in the barber’s except the blond senior Lithuanian boss when I went in.  Good haircut and beard trim from her.  €10.  Bought a round roast, “half-price,” for around €7.50.  Also 2 smoked coli fillets for €1.50 total, half price because they were on their use-by date.  Teagan played and rollicked around.  She seems to be in good fettle.  Teagan and Aisling left for Cabra in the early afternoon.  Rosanna went out in the late evening to meet Niamh McBrearty.  I bought a shorthand notebook in the shop for €1.20.  Tom McCrystal friendly and the assistant helpful with my change.  Forgot to buy a bulb inTesco for the bathroom off the White Elephant Lounge.  The light gone in the fridge as well.  Justin Thomas won the Dell Technologies by 3 from Spieth.  I cooked my dinner and washed up thoroughly after including the pot I poached the fish in and the steamer I cooked the small potatoes in.  Washed face in cold water and put on pyjamas.  Did not light the fire nor put on the heat.  Warm humid overcast weather today.  Watered the flowers which are a sorry sight.  23:31.  Kate’s 21st tomorrow I discovered today reading my journal for 2007.  I visited Cootehall then when Kate was 11.  Sent a message to Eamonn.  He said he would pass on my good wishes.  Niamh Crudden’s birthday today.  Sent her greetings on Messenger.  Received in reply news of the birth of her daughter Fiadh 3 weeks ago.  Eamonn also let me know that he will be returning to Dundalk tomorrow. 

·         Weetabix, milk

·         Corn flakes, milk

·         250g of smoked coli poached in milk, steamed small potatoes, a tin of baked beans heated in a bowl in the microwave; some seedless black grapes; a single finger of KitKat

·         French bread, butter, Brie, strawberry preserve; tea

Right hip sore.  Bowels inactive except for “wind.”  Aisling ate some of the French bread long roll that I bought for €1 in Tesco a.m.  Before she left for Dublin.  Bladder trouble free.  88.7kg on Pakie’s scales this morning.  Watched some of the England-v-Slovakia match.  2 – 1.  Rashford scored the winner.      

Professional’s Prize: Squall: Exhibition: Corrections


Sunday 14 May 2017

Played 18 in the professional’s (Robert Giles) prize starting at 12:42.  Sean McNulty joined me in the buggy.  Brian Farrell walked.  I was going well until a squall hit us on the 15th tee.  I played short off the tee with a 4-iron but chalked up a 9 on the hole.  I hit 2 shots to get out of the left trees and I think I took 4 putts.  Followed with an 8 on 16.  Generally, I played tidy golf.  My score 93 – 15 = 78.  Never took my 3-metal or rescue out of the bag except to hit tee shots on 1 and 7.  Took a shower and changed my clothes.  Drank water from my blue TUI credit union drinking bottle and quaffed a pot of tea along with a scone, butter, jam.  Sean gave me €5 towards the buggy.  Tottenham defeated Manchester United 2 – 1.  Made porridge: a cup of pin-head oats, 1 ½ cups of milk, 2 cups of water, 2 spoons of white sugar, the dregs of the bottle of Powers’ Gold Label which I won in Greenore a few months ago.  Ate, too: sliced ham, Brie, green stuffed olives; 2 Kiwi fruit; a cup of coffee.  I ate no supper although I stayed up until 00:30 watching the finish of The Players.  Si Woo Kim won by 3 from Oosthuizen and Poulter in joint second.  An exhibition of chipping and putting.  I did well in that department myself today.  I ate pan bread, butter, brie, apricot preserve; tea: for breakfast.  Bought 2 KitKats in Bellurgan where I withdrew €100 this morning.  Met the man who was parked beside me in Gyles’ Quay yesterday in a black Mercedes.  He recognised me and heard the music I was playing on my car radio yesterday.  Very pleasant individual.  Who is he?  Gave one of the KitKats to Sean McNulty on the 13th fairway.  Sean out of sorts recorded a NR and did not play a lot of the holes at all.  Brian Farrell scored much the same as me.  His handicap is 8.  Eamonn alone in the house all day got through a lot of corrections.  Rosanna away caddying in Manaan Castle.  Greenore lost.  Paul Smyth rang.  Greenore defeated in the semi-final of the Pierce Purcell.  Paul was rested for that match.  I heard that young Matthew Giles scored 64 today in his father’s prize.

Washed up; Urinating; “Memories;” Real Time

IMG_7505 (3)

Saturday 24 December 2016

Never left the house all day.  Prepared lunch; dinner.  Washed up after dinner.  Lit the fire in The White Elephant Lounge in the early afternoon.  Rosanna still wrecked.  She was in bed during the day for a few hours.  Aisling went to Dundalk and Carlingford with Teagan.  I still have trouble over urination.  Much the same as the past few days.  Frequency with bladder and bowel moving in unison.  Read my journal for this day in 2011 and also this day in 2015.  A lot of “memories” on Facebook for this day.  Trouble with The Dell Inspiron.  Real time scanning off.  MVT (McAfee Virtual Technician) did not work for me to turn real time scanning on.  Worried all night about my computer, virus, etc.  Still worried until after mass tomorrow when MVT worked the oracle.  Journaled this morning.  20:27.

·         Wheat biscuits, milk, sliced banana

·         A white pan heel, a small brown heel, butter, smoked cheddar, Ballymaloe relish, ½ a blueberry muffin; tea

·         Steamed Roosters, ham, baked beans in tomato sauce; a banana.  Coffee later

Paul Smyth rang.  He golfed with Casey and Mallon a.m.