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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Joys of Spring. Walking to and from Connolly



Monday 1 March 2010

Well I think I exercised this morning and I had a busy day. Picked Dessie up by arrangement at McCrystals’ shop at 10.50 and drove in to the clinic. Parked on the opposite side of the road at the hospital gate and the two of us walked round the back. Áine called me “in” for injection almost before I had a chance to sit down in the waiting area. She was in good form and talked freely. A student called Lucy, from Mullingar, there too. 25 mg of Risperdal Consta in the right “side.” We drove round by Meehan’s Garage to County Hall where we had a meeting on the first floor gallery with Ellen O’Hanlon. She was in good form too – full of the joys of Spring? It was a bright sunny day and maybe that helped everyone’s mood. I initialled the form nominating Dessie for election onto the North Louth joint policing committee. The nomination is in order, Ellen confirmed. Heated the remains of the stew in the pot and ate a heaped bowl with two slices of buttered Paco pan. Peeled a Lidl orange but it was rotten to the core. Very warm in the house. I turned down the thermostat in the WEL and retired for a rest. Rosanna gone golfing since morning with McBrearty. Anyway, with some trepidation, I paid €10 for a return ticket and boarded the Enterprise at 17.17 in Clarke Station and walked from Connolly to the NCH carrying a folded black Calvin Klein golf umbrella. I was dressed the same as yesterday except that I wore black patent Clarks and my Le Coq Sportif Tom McNulty jacket for outer wear. Navy Nike baseball cap. My right big toe a little the worse for wear? But I did not pull a muscle and walked all the way back after the Tara Erraught Rising Star 2010 recital. Nicolai Krugel on piano. A comedy of errors as I took my seat, W3. Could find no wallet in my hip pocket? After raising the alarm I found the wallet in my left hand. Drank two orange juices, one before the recital with a chocolate confection and one at the interval. Chocolate €2.50. Juice €3 per bottle. I bought two Mars bars for a total of €1 off an Asian man in Grafton Street on my way back to the station but was still in time to catch the 22.32 train to Clarke Station. Rosanna in bed when I arrived home around 00.10. Frost on the widows of my black Toyota Yaris Strata 2007 when I got off the train. Applied de-icer. €2 to park in Clarke Station yard. €5 for a program. The whole trip probably cost me less than if I had driven myself and it was more relaxed. I spent an hour altogether walking vigorously around Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street, O’Connell Street, Talbot Street, O’Connell’s Bridge and so on taking into account the journey in both directions from Connolly to concert hall. I enjoyed the walking and I was not tired. A red-haired railway worker spoke to me on the footbridge going down to the platform. I told him my son and I came third yesterday. “I saw that,” he replied, “60 was a good score!” I ate weetabix and milk and washed my teeth and got into bed comfortably before 01.00. Anna Dawe, Anna Kiely, Mrs. “Pip” Mulligan, Eileen Curran all spoke to me in the concert hall and also Tara’s granny. “I know your face well,” I told her. Alan Radcliffe and his wife are in Ireland but are moving permanently to Portugal, Eileen told me. 13.10 on Áine’s scales.