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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Yesterday’s; Tom Chambers; Called; Lithium; Chivers’

Thursday 21 February 2019


Well it was after 10:00 when I got up this morning.  500ml in the bag.  Wrote up yesterday’s journal.  Ate breakfast and dressed.  Grey joggers, black heavy hoodie, dark green T-shirt, underpants, black socks, Reebok runners.  Rosanna went to Dublin on the train to visit Tom Chambers.  She has just returned there a minute ago.  20:34.  Seán Óg called about an hour ago with Rosanna’s little red lap-top which he returned to factory setting and set it up for her.  I bought with difficulty from Lambeg Golf a lithium battery and charger.  194 euro.  I tested my old lead-acid battery out in the Powakaddy Sport trolley out the back of the house.  I think it is finished?  The man in the shop put my order through on-line.  I could not get the site to work.  Set up my blog page on for the first time.  It’s there.  Now for a way to use it?  Óg also brought Aisling’s baby seat for Teagan.  He dumped 2 bags of rubbish on me.  I did little today except to catheterise.  600ml in the bag at mid-day!  Cleaned out and lit the fire in the evening.  Boiled 2 small eggs for my tea.  Bought Chivers’ strawberry jam and 2l of milk in Sheelan’s.  After a nice walk in Gyles’ Quay.  Pleasant mild day.  Bright with a breeze. 

  • Cheese-on-toast; tea; 4 tiny oranges
  • Muesli, milk; a banana
  • 2 small boiled eggs, butter, salt, pepper; 2 slices of brown pan with butter and strawberry jam; tea

One of the eggs “exploded” in the pot.  But I ate both eggs all the same.  A long egg in the pack in the fridge stood on end when I put it into the water in the pot.  So I did not cook it.  I think the eggs were Fidelis’ and not from the supermarket.  My bowels did not move today.  Bladder emptying freely.  Body largely pain-free.  There was only 300ml in the bag this evening?  Carried out a full routine late this morning including exercise.  Listened in the late morning to my journal for this day 5 week’s ago and for this date in 2011, 2014, 2018.