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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lordship Parish Christmas Party Sunday 27 November 2011

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Anchovies; Breast Pocket; Reception; Devices

Saturday 19 November 2011.

Visited Carlingford @ 11.30. Bought a glass jug, a lavender candle, a jar of olives stuffed with anchovies, a cloth bag “Food for Thought.” Drank a cappuccino in Food for Thought who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Service good; pricey? Took a few snaps of Teresa Merrigan in Greenore and later uploaded them onto photobucket. “Will you put them up on Facebook?” she had asked. “I will,” I promised but somehow due to technical problems I could not get the photos uploaded directly onto Facebook. Mince meat and onions simmering in the pan on Dessie’s cooker; house warm and tidy. I took no siesta. Visited the vestry. Copied anniversaries and left an ill-written note for Fr. Murphy postponing Renew to Fridays. E-mailed Silvia. Ronan O’Gara kicked the winning score, a drop goal, the last kick of the game for Munster away in France. The second week in a row he had accomplished this feat. Attended the Captain’s dinner (Eamonn McCartan) dressed in cream shirt, red patterned silk tie, brown Kartel 46” jacket, dark brown check Robbie slacks, black/red/green braces, gold cufflinks, silver Parker pen in my breast pocket, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, chocolate Loake brogues. Wore neither cap nor overcoat; the night was mild. Sat between Anne McGrane, a nurse from Newry and Siobhán Ballentine at Noel McGrane’s table. Anne was complimentary about my dress and Noel remarked that I was looking well. “I don’t know how you do it?” he wondered. Great person to person chat with Anne who knows a thing or two. Soup, salmon, assorted dessert, coffee. Orange juice earlier at reception. I enjoyed a bit of bread and butter at the start and finished my main plate by eating several baby potatoes with butter and salt. They were the two things I found most appetising. I pulled out around 23.45 buying Rosanna a glass of red and leaving her to her own devices. I was under pressure facing a long and taxing day tomorrow. Rosanna had arranged to get a lift home from Kay Hall, lady vice-captain, who was there with her husband. I slept before 01.00 soon after I went to bed; I think Rosanna arrived home around 03.00 but she did not really upset my rest. I drank a large glass half and half wine and apple juice for my lunch with bread, cheese, a little salad. That finished off the 1l bottle of Vin de Pays I bought in Lidl on Thursday for a little over €5.

The Strand; Smudges; Armour; Pot of White

Sunday 6 November 2011.

Up 8.00. Breakfast in The Strand at 10.00 with Dessie and a subdued Dermot Mooney who chaired the meeting of Cooley Environmental and Health Group. Sorley sitting outside when I arrived talking to Dessie. I snapped them and took some shots on my way to and from Omeath. Later published 10 of them on Facebook. Most of the rest blemished by smudges or shadows. Dirt on the lens or the internal mirror? Played in the 14 hole voucher competition and winter league. Scored 21. Len Hennebry, Val O’Farrell and I continued on from the 14th and played 17 and 18. Pat McParland did not continue after the 14th. Mary was waiting for him and he is saving his left hip where he has a touch of bursitis at the moment. Pat and Len played well but my golf was execrable worse even than Val who has not played recently having been away in the Canaries. Bought a black armour shirt by Mizuno from Robert Giles and donned it before setting out to golf under my t-shirt and black Mizuno golf gansy. Also wore black Ping golf trousers and grey braces with white Icon golf shoes, black FootJoy golf socks, glasses, green woollen Greenore golf cap which I took off at the 5th tee. The armour cost €29 which I paid from my account which is in credit still and I have two vouchers, €100 + €40. Did not shower. Drank a pot of white coffee and Len drank a pot of black. Val did not come “up.” He was driving a buggy today. “Do you want to cause trouble at the AGM?” Nobby asked me. “Do you see that grey beard and bald head?” I said making a motion with my hand, “I am too old!” “You are fucked like myself,” Nobby concluded in good humour. Mash, peppered cabbage, fried rashers of bacon; for dinner. Ate a large SA orange. Spent most of the evening on the Acer looking in dismay at some of the results I got today with the Canon. Went out for coal some time before 22.00. Paid €20 for the three breakfasts in The Strand. We had a chat with Jim Halligan, Belfast, who will be 70 soon.