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Monday 14 April 2008

Rosanna left before I got up to go to Dublin (Westmanstown?) to play golf (with Ann McParland?).  I slept late with the heat on and when I got up I washed thoroughly all the dirty delft.  Having washed the pan I fried two large eggs in olive oil and grilled three or four rashers.  Ate all.  Then had some brown soda bread and butter with marmalade and a mug of tea.  Martina McBennett and a student (John O’Reilly from Clones) at 2.00 p.m. interviewed me in Ladywell.  I told Martina I felt at risk and said the way Rosanna was treating me was outrageous.  Martina suggested a stay in The Moorings (or Solasan?) when I said I would like to identify a way to "retreat."  Anyway she said she would talk to the consultant and let me know and I said I would ring the Ladywell contact number if things get too difficult for me at home.  An injection of 25 mg of Risperdal Consta in the right side.  Bought 2 litres of milk and 2 apple Danish pastries in Aldi.  ~ €5.30.  Dr Peter Connolly expatiating in Aldi.  I saw him clearly and distinctly.  How is it that he apparently did not see me?  Ate the pastries with an interval in between and each with a glass of milk.  Drank a cup of coffee and ate four biscuits in Boardroom 2, Ardee Business Park, at about 6.50 p.m. before the meeting of Louth County Community and Voluntary Forum.  Maria Mullen absent.  She has been assigned to other duties.  "The forum has less of a friendly face!" I whispered to Dessie – who had picked me up in Jenkinstown at 6.00 p.m. and driven me to the meeting.  David Jones and Terese McArdle are baby-sitters to the forum now.  Larry McCarthy ("I told Jim about it") fulminating about the "gerrymander" in The Park Inn Hotel where Larry Magnier had been elected as North Louth rep onto the new LEADER/Partnership board.  What McCarthy failed to mention was that he had tried to gerrymander the election himself.  All that happened was that he was less successful at it than the Blackrock denizens.  Jim Cousins (chairperson) said that there had been "complaints" about the election from the candidates.  I hope he was not including me.  I thought the election was conducted meticulously according to the rules – but I kept my thoughts to myself.  Cousins a mixture of bumbling and officiosity.  Extremely irritating.  He tried to prevent the written reports of SPC meetings being circulated.  There were three of mine, one of Dessie’s and one other by Lucy Rafferty (who was absent).  I hardly said a word at the meeting and neither did Dessie.  Phil Conyngham defeated Eugene Matthews in an election to the board of LEADER/Partnership 7 – 6.  The forum had one place on the board in its gift. Cousins would not allow a discussion about the forum web-site when Dessie raised the issue.  My stomach gave me no problems at all today.  The bin out when I arrived home and total silence in the house.  I washed my teeth, did 125 revs of my upside-down bicycling exercise and went to bed before 11.00 o’clock.  I left the radio on to play for an hour as I prepared for bed.  (Wigan 1, Chelsea 1).  I never heard it switch off.  Had made in the afternoon arrangements by text with Kevin McGeough to play golf tomorrow at 10.00 a.m.