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Assortment; Pregnant; Blank Cheque; Green Cap; Cork


Sunday 24 April 2011. Easter Sunday

Journalled in the morning. Did not shower or exercise. Made bed, washed face, dressed. White FootJoy T-shirt, silver Robbie slacks, black/green/ red braces, glasses, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, Grenson Chelsea boots. Wore white FootJoy golf jacket to Greenore. Bought an assortment of chocolate bars in McCrystal’s including a Snickers Duo for myself from Alan Raeburn. Lisa heavily pregnant weeding the hedge in her garden in Greenore. Trés, her sister, made tea and gave me some cake she baked herself. Gavin talked to me. Seán Óg looking more rested and relaxed than usual. 5 ½ weeks since his surgery. Gave a blank cheque signed by Lisa to Graham in the bar in the club. Her sub. Walked back to her house and gave the receipt to Lisa. €770. Lost my green Greenore golf baseball cap. Bought a comfortable light sky blue Nike baseball golf cap from Robert Giles just before I headed out to practice before teeing off at 12.30. €15. Shane Farrell scored 81 – 13 = 68; His dad, Brian, scored 81 – 8 = 73; Me 89 – 15 = 74. Aisling was supposed to call today but didn’t. Filming in Tipping’s Wood with Pádraig McGovern. Ate Snickers before golf and on the 13th tee a ripe banana Brian gave me when I pulled up in the car park before going out to golf. Ate a chicken salad for dinner followed by a juicy large sweet orange. Made and ate a bowl of porridge with Golden Syrup. Corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Apricot wheats, milk; for breakfast. Bowels in copious motion this morning and again when I landed in the golf club. Cork crept up from 7 points down in the League Final to pip Dublin by 1 point. Luke Donald lost a playoff at The Heritage to Brandt Snedecker who finished with 64 the best round of the day. Lee Westwood won in Thailand. Louth defeated Westmeath last night in Croke Park. The Division 3 final. Met Seamus McParland on the 12th tee bullshitting about Eric Hynes. Pat practicing his chipping to the old 13th green as we passed by going up the 17th fairway. Big “Hello!” to Dermot Maguire before the start. They were in front of us but out of sight all the way. To bed 00.15. Rosanna in Greenore late where she went to visit and to see Greenore lose to Ardee in the Senior Mixed. Peter McEnaney retrieved my green cap from underneath the bar immediately I enquired. When I came up into the bar again after keying my score into the computer in the locker room. Drank a pint of iced tap water with a slice of lemon. No coffee. Brian and Shane ate before going back to Dublin.

Hooked; Sore; Lost; Stooped; Oscillated

Thursday 21 April 2011 (Holy Thursday)

Shelled out €35 to Fionnuala Dullaghan to enter the DkIT golf outing in Ballymascanlon. Went on the first tee around 10.00 with Gerard Cluskey and his friend Paddy McCormack. I hooked my drive from the 9th tee into the car-park and failed to score with my second ball. But I had already amassed 20 points by then including 4 points at the par 5 up the hill. I had reached the front fringe with a drive and 3-metal. I struggled on the back nine and lost 2 further balls including one at the last where I went for the green after an arrow straight drive. I carved my 3-metal high into the trees guarding the right of the green which is raised shelf-like and guarded in front by a wide stretch of The Flurry River. Gerry Cluskey played powerful and largely error-free golf. But he, too, dinged the last. He finished with 34 points; Paddy McCormack an effective player, 32; me, putting poorly and insane at the last, 33. Fionnuala in reply to my text in the late evening told me I was just pipped for the visitors’ prize and she more or less invited me to the society’s captain’s prize in Concra Wood on 1 June 2011. It was hot today and I felt under pressure later in the round climbing up the far end of the course. Anyway I think I was walking too fast. Paddy showed me a lesion on his face under his left eye. Worried me because I have a sore which never really heals beside my right temple. I was a bit keyed up adding up the cards and togging in at the back of my white 2010 Toyota iQ in the car-park in the front of the hotel. Only found out about the locker-room when I went back to give Gerry Campbell, golf manager, the top bracket of the trolley I had hired from him for €2.50 and to leave back the trolley; after I had placed my clubs in my car. Lost an old Titleist Pro V, a good blue Srixon, a better brand-new blue Srixon with the Greenore crest on it. Lost the latter with my last shot my worst of the day. Drank nothing on the course. Finished off an old bottle of Ballygowan from my golf bag and drank a cup of coffee in The Terrace Bar. €2.50 for coffee. So I spent €40 altogether. Chat with Ann Murray before golf. A pretty putter! Spoke to Turlough O’Brien in the bar. He is only recently returned from Australia. Thin, he was in company with John Redihan who looks happy but stooped, old, thin. Maybe it was the golf? Whatever the reason their appearance had a depressing effect on me but I hope I was diplomatic. I saw sight nor light of Niall Hayden all day? Gerard who seemed to know his way around took a shower. I merely washed my hands and changed my socks although, as usual, I had a blue bag in my car containing a blue and white towel and a change of clothes. House empty on my return. Made lunch of tinned salmon from a plate in the fridge, salad from the Pyrex casserole dish in the fridge, together with all the remaining (stale) white bread from the press sliced thinly and buttered and a few slices of fresh brown bread buttered, some red cheddar sliced, a mug of tea made with two tea-bags. Then I moved from the living-room to The White Elephant Lounge peeled and ate a large tart orange. I made porridge for myself in the evening and ate a full bowl with a sliced banana and a copious dressing of Golden Syrup on top. I also cleaned out and lit the fire in the WEL and later carried out a thorough washing up mostly to get the pot and bowl cleaned after porridge service. The vessels which held the porridge turned out to be cleaner and shinier than the rest. My mood oscillated somewhat today. Tense before golf, dream golf at the start, disillusion, dejection, active and industrious, feeling unworthy and low later on, but perked up by Fionnuala’s text which I did not expect and which arrived long before I realised it came. Blue classic shirt, navy braces, grey/green slacks with belt, black FootJoy golf socks, glasses, navy Nike golf baseball cap, blue woollen cardigan with decorative buttons which I hardly wore at all today because the temperature topped 20⁰C. Ate corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Brushed my 5 ½ remaining teeth and cleaned my dentures after I put on my pyjamas. To bed 00.35 leaving two “ventilators” open on my bedroom window. In the car-park after golf I put on a pair of navy FootJoy golf socks which had been used once before. Wore my tan John Evan boots today. White DryJoys with tan lapels on the golf course. Posted letter to Ina Lipman and Daniel Perkins at 08.50 this morning in McCrystal’s on my way to golf. 95c postage, Tesco C6 envelope, Tesco A5 writing pad, air-mail. Declining invitation to the marriage in Philadelphia of their daughter to Edward John Crudden on 27 May 2011.

Honey; Grey Silk; Buttered Baguette; National Anthem; Renew

Renew Group

Thursday 14 April 2011.

Went through a full routine this morning; tea, toast, butter, honey; made my bed; exercised; showered; dressed, clean underwear, Tricot Marine plum-striped shirt, silver Robbie slacks, wine and green braces, grey herringbone Magee tweed jacket, grey silk tie with and angled narrow stripe, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, chocolate Loake brogues, glasses. Met Kevin McGeough by arrangement in The Terrace Bar, Ballymascanlon, where we drank coffee. He paid. He told me about climbing up a ladder and taking a phone-call while cleaning out the gutters round his house. I told him about Michael O’Hanlon falling off a ladder and breaking his leg in three places. “If I wrote about him I’d be in jail!” I remarked in reply to something Kevin said. Also Maurice Roddy’s brother. “It’s a recipe for disaster!” I concluded, “Reflexes at our age are not what they were when we were younger.” I bought over €30 of groceries in Tesco LWSC including a pizza, bananas, oranges, bread, corn flakes, baguette, toothpaste, Lynx body spray, a bottle of McGuigan white for Briege Treanor. Purchased a clock in Flowers and Things from a young lady called Begley. She gave me a little over €2 discount and reduced the price to €10. I showed it boastfully to Connie McMahon when I got home. However when I put a battery in it the second hand moved alright but the minute hand was swinging loose completely off its bearings. Connie took the clock apart as far as he could but could not get in to put the hand back in place. I ate some buttered baguette, 3 pieces filled with cheddar and 3 more filled with tinned salmon. It assuaged my hunger but did not keep my paranoia completely at bay. Connie was on his way from Dublin where he had a scan in St. Vincent’s yesterday. I showed him my car and the bed outside the front door where I sowed the Sweet William seed a few days ago. I invited him to return and stay maybe to play golf. He showed me his golf bag and his trolley in the boot of his grey Mercedes. Everything clean and tidy and ship shape. Anyway he pulled out carefully for Donegal. I hastened in to Flowers and Things with the clock wrapped up the way Connie left it and a battery in my pocket as Connie had advised. They were most apologetic in the shop. A girl went upstairs and brought down two boxes and gave me a brand new clock from one of them. She even put in the battery for me and got it going. I was chuffed and relieved. A crack in the cover of my near side headlamp? So my paranoia did not abate completely. But I was well-dressed so my confidence was good. I took a siesta. Dressed again and went up to Briege’s with my lamp, the bottle of McGuigan from the fridge in a plastic bag, my Fuji FinePix 9500. John Finnegan had rung earlier. Lambing. Trouble with foxes, etc. So I knew I had to lead the session. Things started around 20.20. All three books there. Gospel for Palm Sunday. Fr. Larkin; Patsy Treanor; Maura Traynor; Bridie White; Carmel Hughes; Sheila Reynolds; Michael, Teresa Rice; Briege Treanor. Low-key session which went well the routine now established. I took a group photo afterwards. “If you don’t stop distracting me, Bridie, I’ll burn my backside on the range!” I remarked and clicked the shutter for the one and only time. Luckily the photo turned out to be presentable. Carmel took one with me in it and the rest of the group. Not so hot. There seems to be a golden rule to make the first shot count? I left Fr. Paddy Larkin over the road with my lamp because the big public light at the cross is still out. That was around 22.00. Briege pulled out the stops tonight giving us rhubarb pudding and cream; tea; sponge cake with cream filling; sweet cake. I complimented her when I was leaving. “You have to do it: you have to keep the flag flying!” I remarked. I did not say so but, rightly or wrongly, I was proud of the way Renew went in general this time. Rosanna calm and friendly when I got home. Earlier she told me about the war between Aisling and some of the journalists in TG4. “A shower of fucking eejits from Cork that could not even sing the National Anthem.” That was how I referred to Ceoltóirí Cualainn as part of the argument/discussion. Not a cool review. More something based on the way I was feeling. Paranoia? My energy was high after Renew. Played some Bach on my Philips mini Hi-Fi. I ate corn-flakes, milk, sliced banana. Drank coffee. Donned my pyjamas, brushed my 5 ½ remaining teeth, cleaned my dentures, opened the ventilator on my bedroom window, climbed back into bed; around 01.00. Slept almost immediately. I had eaten a feed of pizza and salad in the late evening followed by a large juicy orange.