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Photos from the Footpath

Organisation and Covid-19

Sean Crudden

Well I am using my website now to say a few things about two organizations I am involved with and present circumstances. The IMPERO General Assembly did not take place this year. It had been penciled in for 16 June 2020. The Autumn Interim meeting was let slide as well. Obviously Covid-19 is a big factor in this. Our leading members are not equipped to participate in virtual meetings. As well as that, although I am not sure about this, I think that the officers are not singing off the same hymn sheet. When a window of opportunity opens up I think some degree of re-organization is required.

Much the same considerations apply to Cooley Environmental and Health Group. CEHG needs to straighten out its banking needs. Probably this means changing from a post office account to a credit union account. It is not a big issue at present because the Group is in sleep mode these days and several meetings have been cancelled due to Covid-19. I feel that the sponsors of CEHG’s website,, should be given a bye for this year but hopefully remain as sponsors.

Obviously the world would survive without IMPERO or CEHG. Both have written their own page of history and there is still some drive and commitment left. At the moment it is difficult to see through the fog. However we have no overheads and can sustain ourselves well into the future at present levels of activity. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel sooner or later.

I hope we can survive this epidemic. I hope all our friends, members, supporters, sponsors; stay healthy and solvent.

Yesterday’s; Tom Chambers; Called; Lithium; Chivers’

Thursday 21 February 2019


Well it was after 10:00 when I got up this morning.  500ml in the bag.  Wrote up yesterday’s journal.  Ate breakfast and dressed.  Grey joggers, black heavy hoodie, dark green T-shirt, underpants, black socks, Reebok runners.  Rosanna went to Dublin on the train to visit Tom Chambers.  She has just returned there a minute ago.  20:34.  Seán Óg called about an hour ago with Rosanna’s little red lap-top which he returned to factory setting and set it up for her.  I bought with difficulty from Lambeg Golf a lithium battery and charger.  194 euro.  I tested my old lead-acid battery out in the Powakaddy Sport trolley out the back of the house.  I think it is finished?  The man in the shop put my order through on-line.  I could not get the site to work.  Set up my blog page on for the first time.  It’s there.  Now for a way to use it?  Óg also brought Aisling’s baby seat for Teagan.  He dumped 2 bags of rubbish on me.  I did little today except to catheterise.  600ml in the bag at mid-day!  Cleaned out and lit the fire in the evening.  Boiled 2 small eggs for my tea.  Bought Chivers’ strawberry jam and 2l of milk in Sheelan’s.  After a nice walk in Gyles’ Quay.  Pleasant mild day.  Bright with a breeze. 

  • Cheese-on-toast; tea; 4 tiny oranges
  • Muesli, milk; a banana
  • 2 small boiled eggs, butter, salt, pepper; 2 slices of brown pan with butter and strawberry jam; tea

One of the eggs “exploded” in the pot.  But I ate both eggs all the same.  A long egg in the pack in the fridge stood on end when I put it into the water in the pot.  So I did not cook it.  I think the eggs were Fidelis’ and not from the supermarket.  My bowels did not move today.  Bladder emptying freely.  Body largely pain-free.  There was only 300ml in the bag this evening?  Carried out a full routine late this morning including exercise.  Listened in the late morning to my journal for this day 5 week’s ago and for this date in 2011, 2014, 2018.

Journal for 17 August 2018


Awake; Sausages; Dump; Unfurled; Capliss; A Treat

Friday 17 August 2018


Well, awake, I got up at 06:10. Spent a relaxing morning after I fried 16 Tesco sausages, 5 of which I ate for breakfast with brown bread and butter followed by a Valencia orange. Set out for Cabra at 08:45. Arrived at 10:30 as I had forecast to Aisling with stops at Bellingham and Lusk service areas. I bought a chicken and stuffing sandwich in Bellingham service area as well as a Fanta Orange, and a Milky Way for Teagan. Teagan in great form. Paul Joyce there. The house being pulled apart and stuff being brought to the dump. Aisling gave me a knife and fork and small plate so I ate my sandwich without the use of my dentures. Teagan ate her Milky Way. “Where do we live?” I asked Teagan. “You’re different!” she replied. “We live in The Milky Way among the stars. The Sun is our star but there are millions of others.” Anyway I walked with my umbrella unfurled as far as Cabra Luas Station and rode to St. Stephen’s Green stop. Walked up through the green to The National Concert Hall in weak rain. Drank a glass of Sauvignon blanc house wine. It did not taste as well as the last 2 bottles I bought in SuperValu and my stomach was acid before the concert was over. Desmond Capliss, Baritone; Cathal Synnott, piano. 13:05 start. The recital finished well before 14:00. I caught the Luas at Harcourt Street and was back in Cabra soon after 14:30. A slim young continental girl asked me about the direction the tram was going in and she seemed to take an interest in me. Very well turned out and very well behaved as well as very good looking. I more or less motioned to her to get off the tram at O’Connell Street. She had mentioned Tara Street when she spoke to me at first in Harcourt Street. I hope I did not lead her astray. Anyway she did not seem to be under any pressure. And she had a companion. Aisling gave me a cup of tea and 2 chocolate biscuits. I stopped at both service areas on the way home. “It’s Friday. Get Granny a treat!” Teagan shouted at me when I getting in to my car to drive home. So I bought Maltesers and Cadbury’s chocolate in Castlebellingham service area. Cooked pasta for my tea. Pasta envelopes containing spinach and cheese. Well-cooked but the taste was nothing to write home about. I ate a banana as well. Aisling packed a full suitcase and boxes of stuff and bags into my car while I was at the concert. Rosanna and I unloaded all the stuff before dark. 3 or 4 rather spare motions today. Large intestine not really very active. Bladder restricted passing small amounts. But I did not get into any tight corners today. Maybe it’s the way my travel was planned?

  • Brown bread, butter, 5 fried sausages; tea; a Valencia orange
  • Chicken and stuffing sandwich, Fanta Orange (200ml)
  • A glass of Sauvignon Blanc house wine in NCH (6.50 euro)
  • Tea and chocolate biscuits
  • Raspberry cake with whipped cream, coffee (in Costa, Lusk)
  • Pasta pockets, 250g, a banana, a cold sausage. Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini.
  • Coffee
  • A cold sausage, milk

My mood was bordering on elation today. I felt uncharacteristically happy and pleased for most of the day. Except for a phone call from Eamonn. He asked to speak to his mother with scarcely a sentence for me? They are to rendezvous in Dublin on Sunday, it transpired. Dressed in tan John Evans, navy Pringle socks, brown freshly laundered small-check Robbie slacks with new braces, white pedlar’s shirt, burgundy Gabicci cardigan, white briefs. Exercised this morning as usual. A long slim fox glided past the door of the White Elephant Lounge this morning when I was relaxing before my travels. He looked healthy but threatening and hungry.

Professional’s Prize: Squall: Exhibition: Corrections


Sunday 14 May 2017

Played 18 in the professional’s (Robert Giles) prize starting at 12:42.  Sean McNulty joined me in the buggy.  Brian Farrell walked.  I was going well until a squall hit us on the 15th tee.  I played short off the tee with a 4-iron but chalked up a 9 on the hole.  I hit 2 shots to get out of the left trees and I think I took 4 putts.  Followed with an 8 on 16.  Generally, I played tidy golf.  My score 93 – 15 = 78.  Never took my 3-metal or rescue out of the bag except to hit tee shots on 1 and 7.  Took a shower and changed my clothes.  Drank water from my blue TUI credit union drinking bottle and quaffed a pot of tea along with a scone, butter, jam.  Sean gave me €5 towards the buggy.  Tottenham defeated Manchester United 2 – 1.  Made porridge: a cup of pin-head oats, 1 ½ cups of milk, 2 cups of water, 2 spoons of white sugar, the dregs of the bottle of Powers’ Gold Label which I won in Greenore a few months ago.  Ate, too: sliced ham, Brie, green stuffed olives; 2 Kiwi fruit; a cup of coffee.  I ate no supper although I stayed up until 00:30 watching the finish of The Players.  Si Woo Kim won by 3 from Oosthuizen and Poulter in joint second.  An exhibition of chipping and putting.  I did well in that department myself today.  I ate pan bread, butter, brie, apricot preserve; tea: for breakfast.  Bought 2 KitKats in Bellurgan where I withdrew €100 this morning.  Met the man who was parked beside me in Gyles’ Quay yesterday in a black Mercedes.  He recognised me and heard the music I was playing on my car radio yesterday.  Very pleasant individual.  Who is he?  Gave one of the KitKats to Sean McNulty on the 13th fairway.  Sean out of sorts recorded a NR and did not play a lot of the holes at all.  Brian Farrell scored much the same as me.  His handicap is 8.  Eamonn alone in the house all day got through a lot of corrections.  Rosanna away caddying in Manaan Castle.  Greenore lost.  Paul Smyth rang.  Greenore defeated in the semi-final of the Pierce Purcell.  Paul was rested for that match.  I heard that young Matthew Giles scored 64 today in his father’s prize.

Chunky: Kapalua: Strawberry Jam: Memoriam


Sunday 10 January 2016

Up c 09:00.  Did not feel well after I ate, washed, dressed.  Passed a motion.  Another in the golf club.  Tommie Murphy and I recruited Bernard Talt on the practice putting green.  Keith Carron joined us on the 11th tee.  1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14A, 15, 16, 17, 18.  Tommie scored 21 points off 14 and I scored 24 off the same handicap.  Keith and Bernard played some kind of match.  I don’t know how that turned out.  Neither of them was marking a card in the Sunday voucher competition.  I ate a chunky Kit-Kat in the bar, drank my bottle of RiverRock, downed an Americano prepared by Robert Farrell bartender.  Tommie ate soup and brown bread and drank a pint of dilute raspberry.  Keith nor Bernard appeared in the bar while we were there although I think I told them loud and clear that I was “going up.”  Good chat with Tommie who hails from Castleblayney but who has lived in Dundalk area almost as long as I have.  Eleanor there when I arrived home.  Made café-au-lait at her request for her and Rosanna in the coffee machine.  Steak, onions, asparagus, potatoes, butter; a glass of milk.  Right lower eye-tooth sore after the steak.  Brushed teeth and dentures.  Washed feet in hot Epsom Salts solution.  Used the liquor on my face and body.  Sunny day.  Cold.  Ate Rosanna’s bread, 3 slices, and Wensleydale with a mug of tea for supper.  A mug of tea this morning after eating wheat bisks, sliced banana, milk, for breakfast.  Ate the same again for a late-late supper.  Stayed up until 03:00 watching Spieth win the Tournament of Champions in Kapalua by 8 shots from Patrick Reid in second place.  Pádraig Harrington finished joint 6th and his final round of 67 matched that of Spieth who was almost flawless.


Monday 11 January 2016

Up before 11:00.  Checked the settings on the heat control clock in No 17 Euston Street.  Ok.  Tea and a scone with butter and strawberry jam; in the golf club.  €3.75.  Mary P. Kirk and Kay McCartan said hello as I entered the bar.  On my way out at the pro shop door I spoke to Ann McDonnell and Jayne Fegan.  The Ladies’ Alliance which was on was poorly supported.  Only 17 gone out Ian Brennan told me.  I played 6 forgetting 14A.  I seemed to have almost forgotten how to play golf?  Joined by Rory Friel on the 18th tee.  His handicap is 10.  Struck 2 baskets and a few balls left over by a tall American on the practice ground.  Worried about my left thumb.  Arthritis or a chronic stress injury.  Uncertain about my grip and my swing.  Ian Brennan and the chap’s father giving the young “semi-pro” some advice in querulous tone behind me and to my right.  I was between the ropes.  Took a shower at home.  The shower working perfectly.  Ate some red soup made by Rosanna along with 3 slices of her brown bread and butter.  Finished off with a large bite of Stilton and drank a mug of tea.  Journalled.  Went to bed c 18:15.  Rose again tomorrow at 06:20.  Wished Doreen from the kitchen in the club a happy new year.  “The same to you and many of them.”  Voice message from Teresa B. on my phone.  She will ring tomorrow she promised.  The hymn on Monica’s memoriam card is, “Soul of my Saviour.”

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 900 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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Maltese: Ely Place: Nikolai Demidenko: Flute Player

Friday 2 May 2014

Up 06:00. Made porridge from the last remnant in the present bag of Kavanagh’s. A slightly larger helping than usual. Departed from Jenkinstown at 08:10 to leave Eamonn in to DkIT. Passed a motion in The Long Walk Shopping Centre, the first of two today. Played 6 with Alan Ratcliffe starting at 10:00. 4, 4, 4, 8, 6, 4 = 30. Alan had a NR on both 17 and 18. Tea and a Kit-Kat each in the bar and a good chat, a lot of it about Maltese, Welsh, Gaelic. I drove the ball poorly today. Rosanna gave me a half dozen fish fingers which I ate with some Sarson’s vinegar. I tried to take a siesta. John the coalman knocked me up. “Did you not know I was coming?” he pleaded. “I was down to the dust!” I explained about the full bunker. He left a bag of singles and I gave him a cheque for €46 = 2×16 + 14. Barry left 2 bags a few weeks ago, John assured me. Paul Smyth also rang when I was in bed. Bought 6(1 orange + 1 bag of King’s crisps) in McCrystal’s. Rosanna had given me a box containing a Christmas train set. Brought all in to No. 5 Saint Joseph’s Street soon after 17:00. Had filled my tank and pissed in Lusk service area where I also bought a double Snickers bar. Lisa gave me tea and pizza. Parked in Ely Place and ate one of my Snickers Duo. Waited till 19:00 for free on-street parking and left my car to go back to the pub behind me for a piss. Bought a program, €5. Sat with James Rickard and friend for a while than vacated my seat in favour of another friend of Rickard’s. Bought a bottle of orange juice, €2.70. Read my program upstairs and drank the juice. Seat at the front of the red gallery stage right. A great view of the pianist’s hands. Bravura performance from Nikoai Demidenko. Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat. Encore. Then an inspired performance in “The Late Night” at 22:10 perfected in the last tiny note. Glinka Nocturne in F minor, La separation (4’): Blumenfeld Notturno-Fantasia in E major Op 20 (9’): Medtner 2 Fairy Tales, Opus 20 No. 2 & Op. 26 No.3 (5’): Kalinnikov Nocturne in F sharp minor (4’30”). My car highlighted at the top of Hume Street. Ate the second of my Snickers Duo on the way out of the city via O’Connell Street led by my sat nav. Home at 00:15. Ate Bixies, milk, sliced banana; drank coffee. Shopped in Tesco a.m. for milk, bananas, Coca-Cola, an egg sandwich. Ate the sandwich and drank the can of Coke when I came home from golf. Too intimidated by the young slim woman in McCrystal’s to ask for a print out. The price of my goods came to over €8. However she replace a big “busted” orange for me. To be honest I was myself responsible because I let the orange fall on the floor of the shop. They were big and it was difficult to hold an armful of oranges. Bananas Loose 1.215kg @ €1.25/kg 1.52: Fresh Milk 3l 2.49: Coca Cola 0.95: Egg Sandwich 2.50 = €7.46. Also in the orchestral concert Brahms Hungarian Dances and, in the second half: Kodaly Dances of Galánta (15’): Bartok The Miraculous Mandarin Suite (19’). Alan Buribayev conducted. The female flute player in the middle had remarkable stage presence and somehow dominated the orchestra? Very loud music. Text from Lisa a.m. “Ok no problem. L.” I text’d her yesterday saying I wanted to visit today.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

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