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Journal for 17 August 2018


Awake; Sausages; Dump; Unfurled; Capliss; A Treat

Friday 17 August 2018


Well, awake, I got up at 06:10. Spent a relaxing morning after I fried 16 Tesco sausages, 5 of which I ate for breakfast with brown bread and butter followed by a Valencia orange. Set out for Cabra at 08:45. Arrived at 10:30 as I had forecast to Aisling with stops at Bellingham and Lusk service areas. I bought a chicken and stuffing sandwich in Bellingham service area as well as a Fanta Orange, and a Milky Way for Teagan. Teagan in great form. Paul Joyce there. The house being pulled apart and stuff being brought to the dump. Aisling gave me a knife and fork and small plate so I ate my sandwich without the use of my dentures. Teagan ate her Milky Way. “Where do we live?” I asked Teagan. “You’re different!” she replied. “We live in The Milky Way among the stars. The Sun is our star but there are millions of others.” Anyway I walked with my umbrella unfurled as far as Cabra Luas Station and rode to St. Stephen’s Green stop. Walked up through the green to The National Concert Hall in weak rain. Drank a glass of Sauvignon blanc house wine. It did not taste as well as the last 2 bottles I bought in SuperValu and my stomach was acid before the concert was over. Desmond Capliss, Baritone; Cathal Synnott, piano. 13:05 start. The recital finished well before 14:00. I caught the Luas at Harcourt Street and was back in Cabra soon after 14:30. A slim young continental girl asked me about the direction the tram was going in and she seemed to take an interest in me. Very well turned out and very well behaved as well as very good looking. I more or less motioned to her to get off the tram at O’Connell Street. She had mentioned Tara Street when she spoke to me at first in Harcourt Street. I hope I did not lead her astray. Anyway she did not seem to be under any pressure. And she had a companion. Aisling gave me a cup of tea and 2 chocolate biscuits. I stopped at both service areas on the way home. “It’s Friday. Get Granny a treat!” Teagan shouted at me when I getting in to my car to drive home. So I bought Maltesers and Cadbury’s chocolate in Castlebellingham service area. Cooked pasta for my tea. Pasta envelopes containing spinach and cheese. Well-cooked but the taste was nothing to write home about. I ate a banana as well. Aisling packed a full suitcase and boxes of stuff and bags into my car while I was at the concert. Rosanna and I unloaded all the stuff before dark. 3 or 4 rather spare motions today. Large intestine not really very active. Bladder restricted passing small amounts. But I did not get into any tight corners today. Maybe it’s the way my travel was planned?

  • Brown bread, butter, 5 fried sausages; tea; a Valencia orange
  • Chicken and stuffing sandwich, Fanta Orange (200ml)
  • A glass of Sauvignon Blanc house wine in NCH (6.50 euro)
  • Tea and chocolate biscuits
  • Raspberry cake with whipped cream, coffee (in Costa, Lusk)
  • Pasta pockets, 250g, a banana, a cold sausage. Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini.
  • Coffee
  • A cold sausage, milk

My mood was bordering on elation today. I felt uncharacteristically happy and pleased for most of the day. Except for a phone call from Eamonn. He asked to speak to his mother with scarcely a sentence for me? They are to rendezvous in Dublin on Sunday, it transpired. Dressed in tan John Evans, navy Pringle socks, brown freshly laundered small-check Robbie slacks with new braces, white pedlar’s shirt, burgundy Gabicci cardigan, white briefs. Exercised this morning as usual. A long slim fox glided past the door of the White Elephant Lounge this morning when I was relaxing before my travels. He looked healthy but threatening and hungry.