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Monthly Archives: April 2010

North Pole, White Hair, Pitted Olives, Restore Disc


Wednesday 31 March 2010

A long and taxing journey to visit Tom and Ita Daly in Slieve Na Mon nursing home on the Gortin Road outside Omagh. Left the house at 09.15 and picked up Dessie. Then on to Glennane using Dessie’s sat-nav where we picked up Dermot Mooney at Upper Lisdrumchor Road. It was like the North Pole around Dermot’s house with snow drifts and soft snow on the road. Tom went out of his room to organise tea and sandwiches for us but it never materialised. Met Ciaran Burke the manager of the home and e-mailed him on my return home. Tom, fit, comfortably and neatly dressed. Ita housed in a room far away sitting in a chair with her hair white and nicely permed with curls. She gave me a drawing and also gave me a drawing to give Dessie. I put the one I got into my journal display book when I got home and rang Dessie to see if he would save his drawing for me. I think I arrived home in Jenkinstown around 16.00, turned on the heat. Put two baked boneless loin pork chops on a plate with some baked beans in tomato sauce and 4 fairly substantial cold boiled baby potatoes. Heated all for 3 minutes in the microwave and cleared everything rapidly using only salt and some real butter. Followed that down with some black pitted olives that Aisling left behind her at the weekend and a generous glass of red from a bottle which Rosanna and Aisling left unfinished at the weekend. Masticated a few Cadbury’s chocolate biscuits as well. Cleaned out and lit the fire in the WEL. Surfed on the Acer site. Could not buy a bag for my laptop because they deliver only in the United Kingdom. I think it is possible to buy a restore disc and there is an approved service centre in Banbridge. I did not exercise this morning but I think I will do a little before I get into bed. Put the red blanket back on my bed last night and was comfortable. Slept well last night and did not want to get out of bed this morning when I got up at 08.30. That is a very unusual sensation for me these years. Usually I cannot lie on. When I waken up I have to get up. Risperdal? I am writing at 22.15 and intend to eat cornflakes, milk, and wash my teeth. I forgot to mention that I bought a brown 6×4 picture frame off Louisa McGourty for €6 on Monday. I mounted JJ’s photo in it and it has stood rather imposingly on the mantelpiece in the WEL ever since. I ate a mature cheddar sandwich with a mug of java for my tea. Then I peeled and ate a medium sized sweet orange. The skin was tough because the orange had been lying there for nearly a week. Is that fruit irradiated to keep it from decaying? Rosanna text’d a few times. She threatened to give up the wine.