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Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Clean Car, Tagliatelle, A Creamed Drive


Saturday 21 February 2009

Played 18 starting at 12.00 p.m. with Brian Farrell.  The day became calm was overcast dry and not too cold.  I scored 27 points and Brian 30.  Kevin Maguire helped me to put the scores into the computer.  Robert Giles enquired about my game before I went out.  I did not go up to the bar but returned home and lit the fire.  I had weetabix and milk for an early breakfast and I ate two small pears, a banana and a glass of milk around 10.45 a.m.  When I returned from Greenore I lit the fire and put on the heat.  Ate a generous ham sandwich, a plate of the remnants of the tagliatelle with pesto sauce from the pot, a banana,  a mug of tea.  Took the holy water font (€6.95), my camera, my mission book, glasses and pen, envelope for "the priest" containing €4, my lamp over to mass.  I left the house around 7.05 p.m. for mass which started at 7.30 p.m.  Fr. Michael Dempsey C.SS.R warmed us up with some singing beforehand and led the singing during mass from the microphone with little deference to quality.  Fr. Dennis Luddy C.SS.R celebrated mass assisted by Fr. Padraig Murphy PP and Fr. John McKeever CC.  Fr. Murphy presented the missioners with a parish yearbook each.  Fr. Dempsey blessed my font and all the other holy objects which people brought to mass to have blessed.  Rosanna played with Antoinette Shields and AN Other and scored 29 points.  Her 31 points during the week was good enough to win the mid-week lamb competition.  The ladies are playing over 14 holes these days.  Kay McCartan asked Rosanna to play on the senior mixed team for Greenore.  She was in good form and did not kick when I invited Alan and Briege Ratcliffe into the house after mass.  She made tea and sandwiches for them and the conversation mainly about the Ratcliffe daughter went on until 10.00 p.m.  "I have visitors," I pleaded to Gemma after mass, "And I am tired after playing 18 holes of golf today.  I will take no pictures tonight."  "Did you get what you wanted last night?" Gemma enquired.  "Yes.  I did."  In fact I had been a little elated early this morning with the quality of one of the three shots I took last night and I had uploaded it onto my photobucket site.  My handicap is 13 Rosanna’s is 19 and I think Brian Farrell’s is 7.  I creamed my drive on the last over the trees to within 80 yards of the green and proceeded to duff a sand-wedge which I judged was all I needed to get to the green.  I was through the green straight over the flag on 15 with a drive and a PW.  €6 entry into the voucher competition, €3 for a trolley.  Kay Hall said, "Nice car!" as she passed by going to the 13th tee.  "Do you like it?" I replied.  "I wish you luck with it," she concluded.  I got the black Yaris Strata washed yesterday on my way home from the barber’s.  €6.  I ate a quarter sandwich or two while the Ratcliffes were here and a bowl of weetabix and milk when they left.  Washed my teeth and retired at 11.30 p.m. to bed.  Left the radio on sleep mode to listen to the news and sports results at 12.00 a.m. but fell almost immediately to sleep and never heard Manchester United’s result.  I think Sunderland drew away with Arsenal.  Discovered tomorrow that United defeated Blackburn 2 – 1.

Fr. Luddy, Barack Obama, Painful Head

Sleeping half-moon

Saturday 31 January 2009

Depression in bed gradually lifted when I got up around 10.15 a.m.  Made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed as yesterday except that I put on a red gansy instead of the green pullover.  Listened to George Hamilton on Lyric FM in my black robe before I dressed.  Wrote two comments on indymedia, one on last night’s Avalon concert and another on the workshop "Superstition!" including a photo of Dermot Mooney (and Anne M.).  Rosanna told me that Greenore GC is closed today.  Dark and wet.  Depressing weather.  Noodles, cooked cheddar, sliced ham, for lunch.  Later ate three slices of fruit loaf and some Wensleydale cheese.  Head very painful around 4.30 p.m.  I dozed in my Parker Knoll and my head improved.  Walked over to mass.  Fr Dennis Luddy, Redemptorist, assisted by Fr Padraig Murphy.  I gave €5 "to the priest" and the small dregs of change in my purse to St. Vincent de Paul – Sheila Reynolds was collecting at the front door of the church.  Children’s choir.  I joined in on the chorus of "I Watched the Sunrise" at communion.  Gerry Woods who was beside me in my usual seat sang along too – but we did not "rise it."  Listened in the afternoon to two Mozart concertos from the Oistrakh recordings.  Emptied a bag of doubles into the bin around noon and used most of it during the day.  Aisling out in Wicklow with some of her NCAD classmates.  A hen party?  Her friend who owns the Bad Art Gallery is getting married.  Luddy in his sermon compared Jesus to Barack Obama.  "Are you committed to me?"  Soaked my dentures in Steradent and washed my six remaining teeth before bed.  Left the radio on sleep mode until 12.20 a.m.