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Fr. Luddy, Barack Obama, Painful Head

Sleeping half-moon

Saturday 31 January 2009

Depression in bed gradually lifted when I got up around 10.15 a.m.  Made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed as yesterday except that I put on a red gansy instead of the green pullover.  Listened to George Hamilton on Lyric FM in my black robe before I dressed.  Wrote two comments on indymedia, one on last night’s Avalon concert and another on the workshop "Superstition!" including a photo of Dermot Mooney (and Anne M.).  Rosanna told me that Greenore GC is closed today.  Dark and wet.  Depressing weather.  Noodles, cooked cheddar, sliced ham, for lunch.  Later ate three slices of fruit loaf and some Wensleydale cheese.  Head very painful around 4.30 p.m.  I dozed in my Parker Knoll and my head improved.  Walked over to mass.  Fr Dennis Luddy, Redemptorist, assisted by Fr Padraig Murphy.  I gave €5 "to the priest" and the small dregs of change in my purse to St. Vincent de Paul – Sheila Reynolds was collecting at the front door of the church.  Children’s choir.  I joined in on the chorus of "I Watched the Sunrise" at communion.  Gerry Woods who was beside me in my usual seat sang along too – but we did not "rise it."  Listened in the afternoon to two Mozart concertos from the Oistrakh recordings.  Emptied a bag of doubles into the bin around noon and used most of it during the day.  Aisling out in Wicklow with some of her NCAD classmates.  A hen party?  Her friend who owns the Bad Art Gallery is getting married.  Luddy in his sermon compared Jesus to Barack Obama.  "Are you committed to me?"  Soaked my dentures in Steradent and washed my six remaining teeth before bed.  Left the radio on sleep mode until 12.20 a.m.

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