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Organisation and Covid-19

Sean Crudden

Well I am using my website now to say a few things about two organizations I am involved with and present circumstances. The IMPERO General Assembly did not take place this year. It had been penciled in for 16 June 2020. The Autumn Interim meeting was let slide as well. Obviously Covid-19 is a big factor in this. Our leading members are not equipped to participate in virtual meetings. As well as that, although I am not sure about this, I think that the officers are not singing off the same hymn sheet. When a window of opportunity opens up I think some degree of re-organization is required.

Much the same considerations apply to Cooley Environmental and Health Group. CEHG needs to straighten out its banking needs. Probably this means changing from a post office account to a credit union account. It is not a big issue at present because the Group is in sleep mode these days and several meetings have been cancelled due to Covid-19. I feel that the sponsors of CEHG’s website,, should be given a bye for this year but hopefully remain as sponsors.

Obviously the world would survive without IMPERO or CEHG. Both have written their own page of history and there is still some drive and commitment left. At the moment it is difficult to see through the fog. However we have no overheads and can sustain ourselves well into the future at present levels of activity. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel sooner or later.

I hope we can survive this epidemic. I hope all our friends, members, supporters, sponsors; stay healthy and solvent.

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