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Christmas Day 2019

Nutcracker; Last; Sacristan; Lower; Incense; Eleanor; Deliberate

Wednesday 25 December 2019


Well I got up at 07:30 sharp at least half an hour before the others.  Teagan happy with Santa and other presents including a Nutcracker.  I was worried if my bladder would last through all the ceremonies in the church.  I catheterised around 09:00 and made it over to the church on a crisp frosty morning in plenty of time for hymns at 09:45.  In fact, I think I was the first person in to the church after the sacristan, Rose McEneaney.  I looked at the crib, shifted this year to the south west wing of the church at the back.  Also lower and easier to see.  Lovely red carnations up around the altar.  Two red poinsettia blossoms decorated each of the stations of the cross.  Lights all lit.  Incense burning in the vestibule.  I was dressed in red silk tie, blue and white striped dress shirt, burgundy pattern pedlar’s zipped cardigan, steel grey woollen trousers with thin vertical stripes, black and while light F&F socks, Clark’s rubber-soled brogues, navy Bugati long coat, black and red Titleist golf cap complete with bobbin, black gloves.  Walked back from mass with Eleanor Wehrly.  Like days of yore.  The singing before mass was slow, deliberate, good. 

  • O, Little Town of Bethlehem
  • Away in a Manger
  • When a Child Is Born (Christine, solo)
  • Ding Dong

My list of intentions for these carols was; Aisling, Teagan, Rosanna, Óg; in that order.  Christine did well singing through the microphone.  I enjoyed the first 2 hymns which are right up my street. 

There were a number of faux-pas in the choir during mass itself.  The first verse of Silent Night finished correctly but I was beset by doubt afterwards about the finish of the second verse.  Catherine sang the wrong words for the second refrain of O, Holy Night.  I stopped singing completely.  It was a mistake but it was not fatal.  Fr. Duffy was late coming with the thurible from the altar to incense the crib so we sang 2 verses of Adeste Fideles before he carried out his manoeuvre  and then repeated the first verse afterwards.  Not the way it was planned.  The incense should have come between the 2 verses in our hymn sheet. 

  1. Adeste Fideles
  2. Silent Night
  3. O, Holy Night
  4. Joy to the World

My intention for the first 3 of these hymns were: Teagan, Margaret Kennard, Rebecca Crudden.  Nothing for the last.  I will dedicate it now to Anne whom I rang there about an hour ago.  An Indian couple are moving in to stay in her house.  He a chef; she a nurse.  Teagan in great form in her Aladdin outfit.  I took half a dozen snaps of her.  Sent one to Joe and John Crudden.  I e-mailed them tonight.  Sent most of the photos to Aisling.  She is gone to bed for over an hour.  I don’t think she checked her e-mail tonight. 

  • Brown bread, butter, cheddar, ginger preserve; tea
  • Fried rashers, 4 fried sausages; a banana
  • Turkey, ham, gravy, Brussels sprouts, celery, mash, salt, cranberry sauce; chocolate ice cream and jelly; tea and sweet biscuits
  • I think I will eat an orange before I go to bed, catheterise, then take Combodart

I ate a few chocolate sweets today and tonight.  Rosanna cooked the dinner.  I washed up.  Teagan did not want to eat dinner but there were no tears.  Seán Óg rang at 15:30 just when I had finished my main course of dinner.  In excellent form.  He is coming down to Greenore tomorrow.  He more or less asked me to play golf the next day.  Eamonn and Leah rang, too, soon after Óg.  They are coming tomorrow.  I did not need to catheterise today for the second time until 14:00.  So my worries of this morning were definitely unfounded.  RTE Radio 1 playing in the background now as I type on my Dell Inspiron.  23:48.  Charged the fire fully in The White Elephant Lounge at 23:00.  Teddy rang c 20:00.  Atmosphere in the house not too bad today.  Teagan lasted all day without a nap.  Aisling went for a run to Templetown on the beach before dinner.  Driving her mother’s new Stonic.  Aisling and Teagan went over to Eleanor’s at 18:00 before that house sat down to dinner at 19:00.  That’s roughly the time when I did the washing up.  I sang a few hymns for Teagan this morning.  Aisling did not like them but I think Teagan did.  Silent Night and Away in a Manger.  I took a walk in my green parka and my red and black Titleist cap after dinner c 16:15 in the twilight; down around the church and back by the top road.  Carried out a full routine this morning including exercise.  Passed a solid motion in the early afternoon.  Catheter infrequent.  To bed c 00:35 after catheter and a Combodart.  Had eaten an orange c 00:00.  No requests on RTE 1 Radio tonight.  It was not Aenghus McNally who was spinning the records this year.  Christmas music.  I did not really listen.