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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Camera; Bell; Tantum Ergo; Pittance


Saturday 26 March 2011.

Well this was a fine day devoted to the church. I think I performed my usual routine including exercise and a shower. Rosanna gave me an early lunch of salad including egg, rice and a vinegary dressing. I walked over with my camera and book arriving at 12.45. Ann Murphy and plenty of choir members soon turned up. Ann had rung around. Pat Brennan insisted and everyone except Catherine Baldwin, me, and Ann Murphy deserted the church and went down to the front gate to meet The Eucharistic Congress Bell. Ann and Fr. Murphy made out a program of 7 hymns earlier in the church.

· Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

· O Salutaris Hostia

· Here I Am, Lord

· Tantum Ergo

· O, Sacrament Most Holy

· Hail, Queen of Heaven

· Christ Be Beside Me

We also sang the response during benediction, “Omne delectamentum in se habentem.” I was standing beside Catherine. “For fuck’s sake!” I exclaimed at one point when Gerry Woods got confused at my request to pass “that book!” “When do we sing, ‘O Salutaris?’” Catherine asked me before the Tantum Ergo. “It’s over,” I informed her making a flat gesture with my right hand. Anyway there was a bit of confusion with Gerry Woods and others audibly exhorting Ann to begin the last hymn. Ann waited staunchly and ignored them until the last person had rung the bell. I got a chance to ring it myself and I also took a few snaps inside the church of the procession up to ring the bell. The bell is not really impressive looking and it does not sound wonderful. At least one of the snaps turned out later to be quite presentable. Taken on “natural light” setting. Gave Mrs. McNamee a wave as I walked down from the church in the sunshine. She responded in mild, friendly, good humoured fashion The bell was already leaving for Kilkerley. “Well you got good weather for it anyway,” I remarked to Fr. Murphy who deigned to talk to me at the gate for a second, “It’s like Italy today.” The church was full of incense and smoke today. I was dressed sparely in Stena navy fleece and Calvin Klein white T-shirt, black slacks, black socks, black patent Clarks. Fr. Murphy mentioned that the bell had gone round all the churches in Cooley but maintained it was better here to do it all in one church. I concurred although the Lordship mafia had a very strong presence in what I still feel is “our” church. I rang Jimmy and had a long chat with him. I don’t think I took a siesta. Rosanna golfed today and scored 34 points off 16. There were shades of enthusiasm because the choir returned for 19.30 mass. I walked over in my high visibility jacket with my lamp, book, pen. €4 in coin in the envelope for the priest. Helen Meek collecting for water safety at the door. I emptied my purse into the basket, a pittance. I told them I did water safety training years ago, “When I was in college.” Fr. Paddy Larkin. Less tension.

· Here I Am, Lord

· My God Loves Me

· Lady of Knock (Catherine: solo)

· Let There Be Love Shared Among Us

The session earlier today meant that the choir was more assured. The third hymn was an answer to a special request and I thought it went very well. I was in good form in the church tonight. “Are you sure you have that name spelled correctly?” I asked Phil Sutherland pointing to Annie McDonald’s name in the diary. “I’m certain!” she replied peremptorily much to Fr. Larkin’s amusement. I had previously asked him and he advised me to “go by the book.” Anyway I said goodnight to Ann Murphy who seemed in good mood even after the exertions of the day. E-mailed Silvia and had enough energy to complete and send an application form to Gabriela Tanasan about the capacity building ENUSP/MHE conference in Brussels on 19 May 2011. Could not summon up enough energy to do any journaling. Typing this day’s entry at 17.22 on 28 March 2011. I think I went to bed around 23.00 in anticipation of the clock going forward 1 hour tonight. No-one said anything to me about it but I thought the singing today was of a very high standard. I spared no effort.

Lovely Lassies; Chic-lit; Hand-made; Read Only

Tuesday 22 March 2011.

Played 18 starting at 11.10 with Francie Murphy, Paul Byrne, Tommy Hazzard.  Although I had only one ding – on 17 – my total score was 28 points.  Paul Byrne who played like a low handicapper, very correctly, cruised to 40 points off 17.  Tommy  scored < 20 points, I think, and said to me several times that he was not handing in his card.  Francie struck the ball well and scored in the low 30’s.  I poured with sweat and took a shower at the end.  “Three lovely lassies from Bannion!” I exclaimed spotting Rosanna, Ann Davey, Ethna Dowling; outside the door of the ladies’ locker room.  Ann was not impressed.  “It’s a long time since someone called me a lassie,” she remarked.  Wore black shirt, blue Lahinch pullover, grey check woollen slacks, navy FootJoy socks, glasses.  No cap.  Sunburn.  In March!!  Changed into black slacks, black patent Clarks, brown Farah T-shirt, trunks, clean vest, grey sports socks.  Changed my braces at home putting on grey ones instead of the blue ones I assumed after my shower.  They were too long, too stretched.  Attended in the library a talk by Sinéad Moriarty a tall presentable author of half a dozen chic-lit “issue” novels.  Arthur Kinahan snapped me with Sinéad.  I was wearing my grey Lacrosse jacket over my T-shirt, just in from the street.  A woman in a shop across from the museum directed me to the library.  Bought a Mizuno golf towel off Robert before I headed for the 1st tee.  Used no cash.  Credit on my account he told me.  Earlier when I was clocking in I bought a pair of hand-made 9 ½ FootJoy golf shoes.  €129.  “Less than cost price,” Robert remarked when I sought a concession.  Robert Giles gave none.  I paid with my UB debit card.  €3 for a trolley.  Jim Irwin for €5 gave me 10 or 12 old Pro V balls.  I played my round today with an old Pro V ball discoloured with age and regularly drove it off the tee with driver and Irons past my companions.  Used 9 off the 6th tee, 6 off the 10th tee, 7 off the 14th tee.  Pin high slightly right in all cases.  3-putted 14 from 12’.  A little draw with the irons induced by finishing “high.”  I ate chicken goujons, chips, coleslaw, salad, creamed garlic, pot of white coffee; sitting on my own in the bar at the corner window.  Approximately €10 in total.  The three lovely lassies were ensconced beyond in the near corner of the dance floor.  Changed the password on my Windows Live account.  WordPress available in read-only mode.  Met Catherine Harvey (Kitty Cryan) in the library and Dominic McKevitt.  She answered, “Yes,” when I asked her if she remembered Tom Cormican.  Eamonn is teaching Dominic, a past-pupil of mine, in DkIT.  Drank a half-glass of white before Sinéad’s talk and a glass of Ballygowan afterwards.  A dark-haired woman helped me to put my stuff in the bag provided so that I could sit down with my glass after I had my photo taken.  A nice expression.  I think it cost €10 to enter the competition today.  Took down Seán Óg’s notice in the locker room about the junior fourball competition.  He rang after I arrived home from Greenore and I gave him the details of the 6 names on the list.  Although I did not get to bed until mid-night I had a lot of e-mail and trouble with Windows Live so I did not get round to my journal.  Writing now at 8.25 Wednesday I have just completed the journal entry for the past 3 days.

Snapped; Lazy; Sparse; Nibbled; Monitor

Thursday 17 March 2011.

Starting at 14.00 I played in the open fourball with Len Hennebry v Brendan and Conor Carnegie. We held the honour throughout the back 9 and scored 22 points. 16 for the front. I was playing off 11 and Len off 8. I struck the ball well enough but very crooked. Len played ok. Conor snapped his driver over his knee between the trees to the right of the 17th fairway. He had struck a fresh air shot with it and then topped one. I think I performed a full routine this morning including exercise. Dressed in black with a green light pullover. However wore my Oakmont brown jacket throughout on the golf course and my black Greenore woollen cap. Glasses. Saw Rosanna playing the 3rd as we crossed over from the 8th green to the 9th tee. My energy held up but I was too lazy to take a shower after the golf although I asserted to Len that I would. Whatever happened he did not come up to the bar. I sat on my own. Drank water, ate a steak sandwich and chips, drank 1” of red from a small bottle I bought Rosanna and a pot of tea. Great chat with Oliver Dullaghan. Cian Dullaghan and Johnnie McKeown won by two or three clear points with 44. Cian had 3 birdies he told me and Johnnie 2. I was delighted and stayed for the presentation. Jim Daly passed by looking like thunder as we cleaned our boots coming off the 18th green. The steak sandwich cost €14, tea €1.75, red wine for Rosanna €5, entry fee €10. Got buckshee a “loose” trolley. Wasted a lot of credit talking to Dessie on my mobile after I had lit the fire when I got home. Sparse attendance at the presentation and a slightly seedy atmosphere in the bar. Women ranged around in conclave. Sexual apartheid. Oil and water. Rosanna had pity on me came over and nibbled my chips for a while and then went back. I hit a bullet with my 3 metal on 17 from beside the first trees on the right almost all the way up to the gap between the newly refurbished cross bunkers. I think I bought a Dell 18” monitor on-line this evening for ~ €87.

Hilliard; Ace; Blue Skies; ENUSP

Monday 28 February 2011.

Scored 12 + 21 = 33 points playing with a small man from Blackrock called McQuillan (Denis I think), Michael Hilliard (a strongman with a beard), Jim Brady (78, played with left hand below right, suffering from a cold he cannot get rid of). I think my score was the best of the four. We let Francie Murphy and Eddie Loye through on the 8th tee. Eddie went on to ace the 10th and score, I heard from Kieran McGoey, 46 points. I struck the top of a tree playing the 9th and my ball ricocheted into the bunker beside Francie Murphy playing the 10th. I struck it out of the bunker into the river in front of me never to be seen again. Started the round at 12.50 under blue skies. Took off my white jacket and cap. Dressed in black slacks, black Calvin Klein jumper, navy and plum shirt, glasses. Drank coffee. €6 entry, €3 for trolley, €2 for white coffee. Sean Bennett drove into the car-park in a shiny new 2011 black Jaguar. Rosanna gave me a chicken, gravy, mash, roast vegetables dinner. Also consumed a large Moroccan orange. Chimney fire in the White Elephant Lounge. Sat up till after midnight. Postponed my journal for today until the morning. Joined the ENUSP board group on Yahoo and uploaded the photo of myself which Anne took on 19 February onto the group site. Rosanna played golf in Greenore today too but she had a poor score < 30 points. She complained of being tired. She arranged to travel up to Dublin tomorrow on The Enterprise to meet Dorie and travel on to Inverin.