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Monday 28 February 2011.

Scored 12 + 21 = 33 points playing with a small man from Blackrock called McQuillan (Denis I think), Michael Hilliard (a strongman with a beard), Jim Brady (78, played with left hand below right, suffering from a cold he cannot get rid of). I think my score was the best of the four. We let Francie Murphy and Eddie Loye through on the 8th tee. Eddie went on to ace the 10th and score, I heard from Kieran McGoey, 46 points. I struck the top of a tree playing the 9th and my ball ricocheted into the bunker beside Francie Murphy playing the 10th. I struck it out of the bunker into the river in front of me never to be seen again. Started the round at 12.50 under blue skies. Took off my white jacket and cap. Dressed in black slacks, black Calvin Klein jumper, navy and plum shirt, glasses. Drank coffee. €6 entry, €3 for trolley, €2 for white coffee. Sean Bennett drove into the car-park in a shiny new 2011 black Jaguar. Rosanna gave me a chicken, gravy, mash, roast vegetables dinner. Also consumed a large Moroccan orange. Chimney fire in the White Elephant Lounge. Sat up till after midnight. Postponed my journal for today until the morning. Joined the ENUSP board group on Yahoo and uploaded the photo of myself which Anne took on 19 February onto the group site. Rosanna played golf in Greenore today too but she had a poor score < 30 points. She complained of being tired. She arranged to travel up to Dublin tomorrow on The Enterprise to meet Dorie and travel on to Inverin.

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