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Monday 14 February 2011.

Met Brian Crombie in the clinic and talked about photography. He is on a full-time course in DkIT on the subject. I invited him out for a game of golf when I was leaving after my painless injection of 25mg of Risperdal Consta in the right “side.” He “went away” from me and declined? Weighed 13.07 on Monica’s scales. Sat for 15 minutes beside Mary Mag in Saint Oliver’s. She seems to me to be suffering from medically induced distress. She is not relaxed and she is not fully herself. However she definitely has not lost her marbles because she knew exactly who I was talking about when I mentioned my brother Jimmy. But then I cannot ask about Mary’s treatment or make any representations on her behalf. I would only succeed in embarrassing both her and myself and more than likely produce a bad result. And in any case my opinion may be only a paranoid delusion. I gave her an elliptically lidded box of Carnival sweets which I purchased for €5 from Carole Markey. “Did you send a card to your Valentine?” Carole had asked. “I am having trouble with my Valentine!” I answered honestly. Called to Meehans. John Lucas brokered an arrangement with Kevin Thornton for Kevin to collect my iQ on Wednesday to have the steering computer upgraded and to repair the scratch on the back off-side wheel arch and to return the iQ to me on Kevin’s way home from work. Met Daniel Merrigan in Lidl. He and his girl-friend are expecting a baby next month. I was going to ask about football but it seems out of the question now where he is concerned? More’s the pity. Milk 2x2l, 2.98; Smoked Herring Fillet, 2 tins, 2.58; Sardines in Tomato Sauce, 2 tins, 0.98; Thick White Pan Loaf, 0.65; Jumbo Sponge Cake, 2.39; 4 Fruit Scones, 1.09; Moisturising Cream, 2.49. Total €13.16 which I paid with my UB debit card. Dessie had pulled away when I turned round after replacing my trolley. Lunch was a mug of coffee, 2 buttered scones, an orange. For tea I fried some mashed potato in butter and also added broccoli. Consumed this along with a tin of filleted herring which I did not heat. Tasty. I think I ate an orange as well at this meal. Although I had a siesta before I cooked and ate my energy did not last long. Anyway my little sleep was restricted at both ends by a call from Aisling on the house phone and, later, a call from Dessie on my mobile. He reminded me to ring The Strand. I talked to Maura: ordered Irish Stew; Apple Tart and Ice-cream; for 8, for Saturday. Worked out easier than I expected. However my energy drained away again, as I said, and when the 5-way leaders’ debate came on at 21.30 I sloped off to bed cursing Eamonn Gilmore without washing my 5 ½ remaining teeth. As far as I can remember I ate weetabix, sliced banana, milk; for breakfast: corn-flakes, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Exercised this morning having made my bed. Washed; dressed in clean white underwear, white FJ golf T-shirt, grey braces, black 44” slacks, black FJ golf socks, black Clarks brogues, green/black light Regatta fleece, glasses. Wore my navy old Le Coq Sportif jacket for outer wear with my black woollen Greenore golf cap. “You are dressed in your golf gear?” Monica remarked in the clinic when I was replacing my clothes after the injection. I did not bother to contradict her. I ate a few slices of the sponge from a soup-plate using a tea-spoon in the evening with a beverage of tea or coffee. Rich and sweet with no aftertaste.

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