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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Wireless Modem, Eggs, Cheese, Ashes


Wednesday 17 February 2010


Well I spent today around the house. Young “River” Jordan, the Postman, delivered a Netgear Wireless Modem Router which was addressed to Rosanna. She ran away when he rang the bell but I got up and in my pyjamas and robe. I signed for the parcel. I followed my usual routine, breakfast, made bed, exercised, washed, dressed. The same as yesterday, the same since Sunday. Green expensive collared T-shirt, green/black L Regatta fleece, grey small check slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, black Clarks patent shoes. Rosanna went to golf. I had peace and plucked up the courage to try to set up the wireless modem. Got everything connected. Put in the CD but could not advance. Rang Pure technical support and “Patrick” talked me through setting up the modem on both the Dell (cable connection) and the Acer (wireless). When I was starting, I told Patrick, I expected to sweat blood but the process proved to be quite quick and painless. Patrick advised me to contact Acer because I complained to him that the new computer seemed quite slow. I was delighted to find out later on the web that the Acer technical support facility for the whole of Ireland is in Lisburn or is it Banbridge? I ate two boiled eggs for an early lunch with salt and lots of butter. For tea I concocted myself a meal of cheese-on-toast, pickled onions, 6 cherry tomatoes, a generous piece of raw Stilton. I got my teeth around a bowl of fruit & fibre with milk for supper. Rosanna walked over with me to 19.30 mass. Fr. Murphy applied ashes to the forehead of everyone in the congregation. “Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.” I walked in my Bugati long coat over to the far side of the church to speak to Gene Lambe after mass about the “cancelled” anniversary on Thursday 25 February. He was walking towards me. “He wants to see me in the vestry now. That’s what it must be about,” Gene remarked to me and pressed on. Rosanna scored around 22 points, I think, for the 12 holes in the competition. Rosemary Hanratty playing with her scored 26. It’s Banbridge!