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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Bank holiday; Token; Honey; Sunshine

Monday 6 August 2012.

Bank holiday. Slept late and decided not to venture to Carton Demesne. Barrel loaf, 2 slices, toasted, buttered, with marmalade, tea; for breakfast. Shower. Dressed in grey Puma T-shirt, navy trunks, cappuccino Ralph Lauren sweat shirt, black FootJoy golf socks, tan 2-tone zipped boots, fawn Robbie cotton slacks and braces, new glasses. Corn flakes, weetabix, sliced banana, milk; an orange: for lunch. Practiced chipping putting waiting for Cian Dullaghan to collect the balls off the range. The machine had swallowed my token but had not coughed up any balls. Empty. Ian Brennan gave me a token in lieu and another I paid €2 for. Used only 1 token striking 3 balls with each club in the bag from P.W. to 3-metal. Motivated eventually by Ian Brennan giving a lesson to a punter behind me. “You were in hospital?” Eugene Woods said to me on the practice putting green. I complimented him on his recent win and category win on Sunday. Drank a small pot of white coffee served by a red-haired girl with a nice smile. Watched Katy Taylor storm her way to a bronze. Ate a tin of salmon with 2 heels of barrel loaf toasted and buttered and some salad. Ate the final portion of toast with a little honey. I took a siesta and Aisling decamped for the Big Smoke. She is tangling without much success with job applications for teaching posts. “Colm McCourt is a nice man?” she enquired last night. “He is,” I replied. Rosanna went to Greenore and completed 9 holes before dark. I ate a tomato/cheese/ham sandwich and drank tea. Left out the bins and lit the fire in The White Elephant Lounge. Listened to the arts program at 22.00 on “Dubliners.” Mild calm overcast today. Sunshine in the evening. Weetabix, sliced banana, milk; for supper. 23.35. Going to brush teeth and retire.