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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cheque, Hot-Water Bottle, Baked Ham, Car-Tax

Thursday 18 June 2009

Tom Daly’s letter arrived including a £25 cheque for IMPERO which I later lodged with Pat Greene in Ulster Bank. I withdrew €50 from the IMPERO account to pay for expenses associated with last Saturday’s meeting. Dressed as yesterday except for tan John Evan Chelsea boots and navy cardy. Bought 2 litres of milk, €1.49; 2 boxes of firelighters, 2 x €1.35; 6 baguettes, €2; in Tesco Long Walk Shopping Centre. Bought 4 large oranges in the vegetable shop in LWSC for €2. Later bought ham in Conlon’s Food Hall. "Do you want boiled ham or baked ham? The baked was done with honey and cloves," the young assistant discussed my options with me. "I’ll take the baked ham," I concluded, "six slices." It cost a little over €5 which I thought was a cheaper rate than ham costs in McCrystal’s. The first thing I bought in LWSC was a cream hot-water bottle for Rosanna – in Leavy’s chemist. It cost a little over €6 and was smaller than a cheaper blue one. "I’ll probably get down-the-glen when I go home!" I warned the petite assistant. "You can change it if it is not suitable," she said handing me my receipt. "That’s a good bargain," I concluded. Fire lit all day. Blow downs go fluirseach. Fidelis Rice in the White Elephant Lounge talking to Rosanna on one occasion when I came "up" out of the sittingroom. I said "Hello" but did not tarry and returned to the sittingroom and got on with my business. Gerard Crawley serviced Rosanna’s 2004 Hyundai Accent replacing a broken plug lead and two bulbs – the back brake light on the right and the front parking light on the right. "Someone told me the bulb was not working," Rosanna volunteered to Gerard when he returned with her car, "But I forgot about it." €130. I found my small golf pencil in a plastic bag in the boot of my Yaris. I missed it since yesterday evening but tracked it down only today. I taxed on-line my 2007 Black Toyota Yaris Strata (998 cc) for a year for €172 and was agreeably surprised to get the tax disc in the post first thing tomorrow morning. I ate a "ham-roll" for my lunch made from a sliced baguette well buttered with two slices of baked ham inserted and a mug of tea. I had the same again in the evening and I think I also ate an orange. I think I ate corn flakes sliced banana and milk for my breakfast and I think I ate muesli and milk later in the evening. Unusually I did all my eating in the livingroom – maybe because the chimney was smoking in the White Elephant Lounge? I exercised this morning fully but only swung my arms and revolved my wrists at bedtime at 00.00. However I washed my six remaining teeth and flossed. Brushed my dentures which, again, have become a little sore on the back top right. Rang Dessie and then the COC about the "free" breakfast on 1 July 2009. Catherine told me Brenda or Fiona would ring me tomorrow. I was agreeably surprised when Brenda rang me on my mobile as I was getting up out of bed and going to the toilet tomorrow morning. "You can go if you want to." I gave her two names – my own and "Archbishop Hynes." Rosanna gave me two €5 notes going to Town this morning. I brought her home no change. I think she liked the hot-water bottle.

An Eclair, Texts, Tee-time, Community Elections

Wednesday 10 June 2009
Exercised in the morning after making my bed.  Washed.  Applied 1 Million and dressed in navy Le Coq Sportif T-shirt, Ever-Last top, navy golf slacks, grey Argyle socks, burgundy brogues.  Met at 11.00 Kevin McGeough in Ballymascanlon House Hotel.  I bought Kevin a coffee and myself an eclair.  I did not drink coffee – or anything else.  Discussed the upcoming IMPERO meeting.  Kevin said Mary liked the photo I took of him last week.  Rang CREATE about grants for community arts projects – I was thinking of the proposed IMPERO film?  The receptionist gave me a hard time but said she would get "Catherine" to ring me.  The call never came.  Took a siesta.  Sent a few texts from the computer.  Aisling replied "I’m workin" to my request to her to take photos at Saturday’s IMPERO meeting.  Anne did not reply.  I got a phone-call from Og in reply tomorrow evening – he was out then "having a pint."  Received a text from Teresa B tomorrow evening in reply to mine of today about "the procession."  Put €20 credit on my phone – got €22.  Took a siesta.  Dressed as this morning.  Rosanna came in from the 16th due to rain having played 4 holes with Jane Savage.  Heavy showers in the evening in Jenkinstown and a clap of thunder.  I got wet running out to Dessie’s van at 18.25 to go in to the Town Hall for the election of community representatives onto the new Joint Policing Committee for Dundalk.  In the event we had no vote and were acknowledged publicly by Paddy Donnelly as members of the "outgoing" county community forum and as observers.  Ellen O’Hanlon had met us at the door and handed over two small boxes of smoke alarms.  Dessie gave me the one for myself and another for Dom Gallagher and a third for Majella.  I shook Vera Brown’s hand after the election.  "Better luck next time!" I commiserated, "If it had been up to me you would have been the one elected.  You spoke well."  I queried to her whether the 12 – 4 vote in her section "Residents" was "organised."  There was strong representation from "The House" in Cox’s and I suspected a Sinn Fein coup.  Vera was defeated by a hawk-nosed, closely cropped, lithe, slightly authoritarian, young gentleman from Bay Estate who spoke into the microphone hiding his mouth behind his folded hands.  Jim Cousins was elected 16 – 1 or something like that – his opponent (Marie Hayes?) did not appear.  The person elected representing youth was from "The House" and more or less of the ilk of the gentleman I have already described.  He defeated Lucy Rafferty 12 – 4.  Although their tonsure was like mine they wore shirts with collars whereas I wore a T-shirt.  I had a chat with a refined young man who had an outdoor look (i.e. a sun-tan) beside me.  He was also a worker with "The House."  He was as careful with his conversation as a senior diplomat but he was fluent.  He concentrated a bit on "Dr Connolly" the ex-CEO of the VEC.  I had a coffee in the small room off the council chamber before the meeting and two small packets of bourbon creams.  Paddy Donnelly acted as "returning officer" and Paula Gribben and Ellen assisted him.  In the evening I entered on the computer my name and Rosanna’s onto the timesheet for 14.00 tomorrow to play golf.  I (24) was not last on Tuesday – there were 20 or 30 behind me.  The best score was 38 so John Ward’s (37) 6 on the 16th made a big difference but, anyway, he lost shots off his handicap and that was his main objective.  CSS was 72, I think.  I washed my six remaining teeth before going to bed, forgot to floss.  Brushed dentures but did no exercise.