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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Enterprise, Luas, Irish Film Institute

Telephone receiver

Saturday 27 September 2008

Rosanna and I caught the 11.38 a.m. Enterprise from Clarke Station to Connolly.  Free tickets because Rosanna has the free travel.  Chat with Mrs. Billy Baldwin on the platform as we waited for the train which was about 7 minutes late.  Rosanna rang Aisling from the bar at Connolly.  Aisling complained of a sore throat and said we were welcome to come out to the house.  She was supposed to go to a wedding of a friend of Paul’s in Wicklow but she cried off.  Around 5.00 p.m. when I in The Writers’ Bar in The Gresham returned her missed call she was on her way to Wicklow in better humor and quite vivacious and conversational.  "How did Mum like the film?" she enquired.  Rosanna and I caught the Luas from Connolly to the "Jervis" stop.  We paused around 1.15 p.m. for lunch in The Lotts Café near The Halfpenny Bridge.  Rosanna had coffee Americano (€2.50) and garlic bread and cheese (€6.00): I had salmon fillet on a bed of small peas or lentils (€15).  Paid all with my MBNA credit card.  I was going to the toilet like a fiddler’s elbow in Clarke Station, Connolly, on the train, in the café and later in the Irish Film Institute.  "You’ll have to see someone about that," Rosanna worried a few times, "You shouldn’t be going to the toilet so much!"  Got my tickets out of the machine in IFI and sat down at a table in the bar beside a man who was eating.  A little inconsequential but friendly conversation with him.  I think I said I was secretary of IMPERO but he did not say anything about himself except that he was a Dub.  Afterwards I found out from Peter Moroney that he was a "Dr Murphy" who used to be in "Ardee."  "I never heard anyone say they were sorry to see him go?" Peter commented.  The film "I see a Darkness" was a poignant, posthumous, well-shot, coherent (at least on the surface) account of the death by suicide of Simon Moroney (16) on 10 May 2003.  Simon was the second of Peter and Mrs. Moroney’s three sons.  Rosanna said later that the youngest son who was sitting beside her was crying during the showing.  The film featured the four member’s of Simon’s family and a boy and a girl (friends of Simon’s) as well as a mature friend (an MS sufferer?) of Simon’s who philosophized a few times on camera.  I was talking to Peter Moroney as we left IFI and as Rosanna went to the toilet.  He said as he moved on to talk to Dr. Murphy, "Are you going to the reception?"  "No," I replied, "My wife wants to see the shops."  Cool in the morning it turned out to be a balmy, calm day and I sweated as we rushed a little to get to IFI.  As I was drinking a coffee in Clery’s around 4.15 p.m. I took off my jacket, rested and cooled down a bit.  Bought a pack of 3 pairs of Argyle socks in Clery’s (€5.00 total) and a pack containing two singlet-type vests (€12.00 total).  Rosanna bought there for me a v-necked acrylic pullover in brown, yellow and dark green (€10).  We walked as far as The Gresham where I had tea (€4.00) and two "hot" scones with butter and strawberry jam (€4.95).  Rosanna had soup of the day with brown bread and butter (€6.50).  Total paid with my MBNA card, €15.45.  I dropped some crumbs on the carpet and an American woman lifted my jacket off the floor (where I had carelessly placed it) and hung it on the back of my armchair.  The young waiter was from Mauritius and Rosanna made a point of giving him a tip (€2?).  Ate a pack of Munchies in Connolly that Rosanna bought for me – she also bought a pack for herself.  Was able to wash my hands in the toilet before we boarded the 7.00 p.m. Enterprise for Clarke Station.  A woman called "Rosaleen" from Crossmaglen told me on the train that Pat Kiernan’s mother died when he was young and that his father married again.  Joe Kiernan is Pat’s step-brother.  Wrote yesterday’s diary soon after I got up this morning.  Did my exercises morning and night and washed and flossed my teeth before bed.  My head and face not as painful today as they were yesterday.  Went on to have a good night’s sleep.  Got up 3 or 4 times to go to the toilet and drank a glass of tap-water each time.  A "warning" note on Rosanna’s windscreen in the car-park at the station.  She had not realized that a €2 parking fee is now payable for using the car-park.  I ate corn flakes, sliced banana and milk and drank a few glasses of tap-water when we arrived home.  I rang Og this morning from Connolly Station.  He was minding Gavin – Lisa gone out.  Rosanna had a red eye today especially noticeable when we were in Clery’s.  Rosanna said of the film-maker Alan Gilsenan, "Is he a bit affected?"  To be judgmental about it I formed a good impression of him.  The film was well-made, inoffensive and all the participants were presented in a reasonably flattering light.

I Will Survive


Monday 22 September 2008

Attended at 6.30 p.m. a reception in The Fairways organised by the Irish Cancer Society.  Ate some salad sandwiches and some ham and cheese sandwiches < two full rounds in total.  Drank coffee.  Conversation with Tony Lennon – from Dowdallshill a fluent talker on football; Meehan’s garage; Ardee; Dundalk Technical School and the old teachers.  He remembered that I drove a white Volkswagen in those days – the early 70’s.  Tony lives nowadays in Termonfeckin and works with CityJet.  Dorothy, a stout girl, was the organizer.  Phil Hartford of the Gary Kelly centre introduced herself to the audience and Sonya Collier, clinical psychologist, St. Vincent’s Hospital, gave a long and thorough lecture on the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis.  School girlish – a Louis girl – she is a native of Blackrock.  The talk verged on being a little too long and Sonya, though a good enough speaker, was a little verbose.  A stout cancer patient spoke at the end.  From London she said she appeared to herself to be a third person where cancer was concerned except when it came to the surgery.  I also spoke relating my experience of hearing the Cox girl sing "I Will Survive" at the wedding in Newbridge on Friday.  "I don’t want to say anything inappropriate," I cajoled, but repeated in conclusion the statement, "The person is more important than the treatment."  I was referring to mental illness as well as to cancer.  I was inordinately pleased with myself and I hope I did not come across as smug.  Although I spoke quietly through a wireless microphone I used a selection of clever rhetorical devices and I noticed that Sonya listened very intently.  A good listener – or was she only throwing shapes?  I think she is sincere.  Rosanna left Eamonn in to DkIT in the morning and played 18 holes with Seamus McBrearty and Vincent Tuite.  She scored 31 points and roundly defeated them both.  I think I took a siesta in the afternoon.  Passed at St. Nicholas’ Church the funeral of Ann Clarke (Alan Ratcliffe’s niece) as I returned from Long Walk Shopping Centre where I left the "wedding" film with Louisa in Fuji 1 hour.  "She was 58," Alan told me tomorrow.  She died of cancer.  Eamonn and I stayed up to watch Questions & Answers.  Everything being overshadowed by the slump in world stock markets and uncertainty about the future viability of major banks in Ireland and all round the globe.  Eamonn returned from DkIT on the 6.00 p.m. bus.  The single ticket cost ~ €3, he told me when I asked him.

Vltava, Piddling, Knights, Solitaire

Wednesday 10 September 2008


Eamonn complained that he got very little sleep last night – he did not sleep until 4.00 a.m. and has been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep generally.  However he got through the day and when I asked him after the pastoral council meeting when I came home how he was doing he told me he had a renewed burst of energy in the later evening.  I walked over to the pastoral council meeting at 8.00 p.m. with my ear-phones on and my mobile phone listening to the concluding minutes of the Ireland away match in Montenegro.  0 – 0.  I learned at the meeting that Mary Cummiskey has been in hospital and, I think, she is now in a nursing home in Termonfeckin.  The meeting was ok and I explained what I meant by "family ministry" – support for families in crisis.  I also recited the opening prayer "Come, Holy Spirit."  A small attendance including Fr Larkin who said little.  He smiled when I made a remark about "patronizing the priest," "We’ll canonize you again!"  It arose about a proposal about a special Vocations Sunday which came from The Knights of Columbanus via Bobby Arthur.  Around 10.30 a.m. I left the Louth County Childcare Committee meeting in Ardee Business Park to take a call on my mobile from Alan Ratcliffe.  It was evening before I realized he was ringing from Greenore where I had arranged last week to play with him at 10.30 a.m. today.  So I rang him again in the evening and had to postpone the golf we arranged for tomorrow until next week – because I have an arrangement to meet Kevin McGeough in Ballymac at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow!  There was very few at the meeting in Ardee but it was nevertheless a good meeting.  Patricia Hayes told me about her recent holiday in Prague.  Claire Wood’s son got married recently and honeymooned in Cuba where he was caught in a hurricane but suffered no ill effects.  I was slightly distressed all day because I was unable to remember Bedrich Smetana’s name.  Patricia had mentioned that Vltava flowed through Prague.  Ann Watters is going to Australia soon to visit her grandchild.  I took my 3 metal with me to Ardee with a view to visiting GreenLife DR on my way home.  However Rosanna text’d me in Ardee to say she would like to play golf in the afternoon.  In the event it rained and I never got to strike a ball of any description.  I got through the pastoral council meeting alright but I had to leave the LCCC meeting to go to the toilet.  I also went to the toilet immediately after the meeting in Ardee and sat down afterwards in the boardroom and had a coffee and three Kerry Creams.  I left Eamonn in to DkIT in the morning on my way to Ardee and collected him in the evening.  There was a little bit of a mix-up because Rosanna said Eamonn wanted me in at 5.30 p.m. but he rang me at 5.00 p.m. (expecting me then?).  In fact I collected him at around 5.20 p.m.  Rosanna looked after the fire all day.  A lot of logs, a cold fire, a lot of blow-downs.  Boiled rice and chicken curry in the afternoon and sausage rolls twice in the evening.  Weetabix and milk for breakfast: corn flakes and milk for supper.  Did my exercises early in the morning: again before bed and also washed my teeth.  I was the last to retire in the house around 12.00 midnight.  A couple of comments on "Gavin Maloney Conducts" from an earnest and conventional person signing herself "Reed Note."  Maura Harrington of S2S on hunger strike in Bellanaboy in protest at the pipe-laying ship Solitaire.

Frost, Ripe Grapes, A Lavender Pillow

Thursday 4 September 2008

Sleeping half-moon

The weather was good today and at one point in the early afternoon I sat outside the back door drinking tea.  I was in the house on my own most of the day because Rosanna was golfing in Warrenpoint with Josie Malone and Pat Closkey.  They just missed the visitors’ prize in a three woman team event.  Had a chat in Grafter’s with Pakie the psychiatric nurse.  "You missed your chance," I asserted, "You should have been an Aussie Rules player."  It turns out that he was 6 years in Australia and he was a rules player although not at the highest level.  I told him there was an article in Dundalk LEADER yesterday telling how Brian Donnelly from Carlingford is going out to Australia to play Aussie rules.  Got for €10 my hair cut and my beard and eyebrows trimmed.  A No 1 "blade" all round.  Carried on out to Harvey Norman’s and collected the Fuji S FinePix 100fs that I bought over the phone earlier off Siobhan – the manager of the computer section.  She had lowered the price from €589 to €549 when I asked her for discount or a "sweetener."  I would have done better to convince her to include a "memory card" or something in kind like that instead?  However when I went in she did not come out to meet me in the shop.  A competent assistant named Fiona who resembled in a way Alison O’Neil took my payment (by credit card) and carried out the box which she put in a Canon bag?  I drove back down the Racecourse Road from the by-pass and bought a 2 litre container of milk in Aldi and an aromatherapy (lavender) pillow.  Total ~ €8.  The pillow was great value and I got a terrific night’s sleep because I put it on my bed on top of the main pillow I had been using and discarded the thinner pillow of the two that were on the bed.  Golf crossed my mind but I hung around the house in the afternoon waiting for a call from Eamonn to go in and collect him.  However around 6 p.m. Aisling landed with Eamonn in tow.  A frosty atmosphere between them.  "Aisling is thick because I will not edit her Bolivia film," Eamonn elucidated later, "I have not got the time."  Aisling ate a sausage roll and left for Dublin.  Nearly a half an hour later she rang the doorbell.  Eamonn had left his mobile phone in her car.  She handed me the phone, did not come in and hardly spoke.  I went to GreenLife Driving Range where I hit 38 balls (€4) with the 3 metal.  Conversation with Gavin Byrne about school, drink, buying and selling land and houses.  As I sat drinking a paper cup of coffee.  Washed my 6 remaining teeth morning and evening and also did matutinal and nocturnal "yoga."  Head uncomfortable and sore particularly late in the day.  I ate sausage rolls mid-morning and at lunchtime.  At tea-time I reheated in a bowl some boiled rice and chicken curry and ate it followed by some seedless ripe green grapes.  Later I ate a half a pork pie with a drink of cranberry juice.  I ate cornflakes and milk for breakfast and again for supper.  I should point out that Aisling had spent the day in DkIT teaching Eamonn how to use a high-tech video camera and also helping him with the editing program they want him to use in there.