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Frost, Ripe Grapes, A Lavender Pillow

Thursday 4 September 2008

Sleeping half-moon

The weather was good today and at one point in the early afternoon I sat outside the back door drinking tea.  I was in the house on my own most of the day because Rosanna was golfing in Warrenpoint with Josie Malone and Pat Closkey.  They just missed the visitors’ prize in a three woman team event.  Had a chat in Grafter’s with Pakie the psychiatric nurse.  "You missed your chance," I asserted, "You should have been an Aussie Rules player."  It turns out that he was 6 years in Australia and he was a rules player although not at the highest level.  I told him there was an article in Dundalk LEADER yesterday telling how Brian Donnelly from Carlingford is going out to Australia to play Aussie rules.  Got for €10 my hair cut and my beard and eyebrows trimmed.  A No 1 "blade" all round.  Carried on out to Harvey Norman’s and collected the Fuji S FinePix 100fs that I bought over the phone earlier off Siobhan – the manager of the computer section.  She had lowered the price from €589 to €549 when I asked her for discount or a "sweetener."  I would have done better to convince her to include a "memory card" or something in kind like that instead?  However when I went in she did not come out to meet me in the shop.  A competent assistant named Fiona who resembled in a way Alison O’Neil took my payment (by credit card) and carried out the box which she put in a Canon bag?  I drove back down the Racecourse Road from the by-pass and bought a 2 litre container of milk in Aldi and an aromatherapy (lavender) pillow.  Total ~ €8.  The pillow was great value and I got a terrific night’s sleep because I put it on my bed on top of the main pillow I had been using and discarded the thinner pillow of the two that were on the bed.  Golf crossed my mind but I hung around the house in the afternoon waiting for a call from Eamonn to go in and collect him.  However around 6 p.m. Aisling landed with Eamonn in tow.  A frosty atmosphere between them.  "Aisling is thick because I will not edit her Bolivia film," Eamonn elucidated later, "I have not got the time."  Aisling ate a sausage roll and left for Dublin.  Nearly a half an hour later she rang the doorbell.  Eamonn had left his mobile phone in her car.  She handed me the phone, did not come in and hardly spoke.  I went to GreenLife Driving Range where I hit 38 balls (€4) with the 3 metal.  Conversation with Gavin Byrne about school, drink, buying and selling land and houses.  As I sat drinking a paper cup of coffee.  Washed my 6 remaining teeth morning and evening and also did matutinal and nocturnal "yoga."  Head uncomfortable and sore particularly late in the day.  I ate sausage rolls mid-morning and at lunchtime.  At tea-time I reheated in a bowl some boiled rice and chicken curry and ate it followed by some seedless ripe green grapes.  Later I ate a half a pork pie with a drink of cranberry juice.  I ate cornflakes and milk for breakfast and again for supper.  I should point out that Aisling had spent the day in DkIT teaching Eamonn how to use a high-tech video camera and also helping him with the editing program they want him to use in there.

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