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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Reef; Mattock; Eddie Caffrey; Argentina

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Saturday 17 September 2011.

I decided to take it easy today and neither exercised nor showered. Listened in my black collared robe, short pyjamas, white Reef flip flops; to Ireland score a famous victory 15 – 6 over Australia in a World Cup match described in New Zealand by that peerless commentator Michael Corcoran. I think I may have had the heat on and anyway I felt very comfortable. I am not sure but I think Rosanna returned unobtrusively this morning from her short “holiday” in Greenore. Grilled German sausages, fried potato, beans in tomato sauce, boiled Roosters in their skin, an orange; for lunch. I think I took a siesta in preparation for the “broadcast” mass. News gradually filtered in to the church that The Pat’s scored an impressive victory over Mattock although they had been reduced to 14 men for most of the second half. The mass was a kind of victory, too. Everything went ahead with good forward motion and the choir was assertive even if the sound was not always top quality. Catherine banished me into the back row along with the men where I felt less isolated and more relaxed and had a good view of everything. Had a few chats with Eddie Caffrey who did the recording. Very personable, talkative, in good humour, he told me he likes the look of the church and had not been aware of its existence until very recently.

· Majesty

· Psalm. Like The Deer

· Alleluia. Liam Lawton’s (Speak, O Lord)

· Offertory. Be Still

· Holy Holy

· When We Eat this Bread and Drink this Cup We Proclaim your Death, Lord Jesus, Until you Come in Glory.

· Amen

· Lamb of God

· Communion. Only A Shadow (Catherine Baldwin, Frances McCrystal; duet). Instrumental (Young Arthur, flute; Leanne Caraher, violin; Ann Murphy, organ). Jesus, Name Above All Names

· Exit. Our God Reigns

My best note “glory” turned out to be the worst in the recording when I heard it tomorrow morning? I took a group photo afterwards; a shot of Fr. Murphy and Eddie Caffrey in the vestry; one of Christine Gallagher and Eva Hamill in the aisle behind the organ. Ate a sausage sandwich made with barrel bread and drank a cup of coffee before I went to bed. Postponed my journal. I think, somehow, that I did not wash my teeth. Silvia made her way over to me after mass and presented me with a little paper parcel, “A gift from Argentina.” It later proved to be a medal, a Madonna inscribed, “Italy.”

Stresa; Orta; Semplon Pass; Zermatt

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DSCF3420DSCF3421DSCF3423DSCF3425DSCF3427DSCF3428DSCF3429DSCF3430Orta gardenRoad to Parish Church, OrtaDSCF3434

DSCF3433DSCF3431DSCF3435Boat to OrtaDSCF3437DSCF3438DSCF3440DSCF3441DSCF3442DSCF3443DSCF3444DSCF3445DSCF3446DSCF3447Charles BorromeoChurchStatueDSCF3449DSCF3452DSCF3453DSCF3454DSCF3455DSCF3456DSCF3457DSCF3459DSCF3458DSCF3460DSCF3465DSCF3467DSCF3461DSCF3462DSCF3463DSCF3464DSCF3470DSCF3469DSCF3471DSCF3472DSCF3473DSCF3474DSCF3475DSCF3479DSCF3477DSCF3478DSCF3480DSCF3481DSCF3482DSCF3483DSCF3484DSCF3485DSCF3486DSCF3487DSCF3488DSCF3489DSCF3490DSCF3492DSCF3491DSCF3493DSCF3494DSCF3496DSCF3495DSCF3497

Bruhl; Shortcake; Hedge; Steradent

Wednesday 31 August 2011.


Exercise, shower. White T-shirt, black Bruhl 42” slacks, black/red/green braces, grey Rival sports socks, heavy Connolly walking boots. 3 weetabix, sliced banana, millk; for breakfast. Mowed the front lawn. Weeded around the Sweet William and trimmed the hanging shoots of the cotoneaster. Later took a few snaps with the Canon. Trimmed the currant hedge. Salmon salad, Panini bread, orange; for lunch. Rosanna drove us in my iQ in to Oaklawns. Bought McVities’ shortcake in the shop on St. Alphonsus’ Road. Saluted Paddy Donnelly as we turned the corner in to Oaklawns. He was walking in a suit on the footpath on my side of the car. Made tea and ate 3 shortcake. Rosanna quickly and carelessly mowed the grass front and back. I trimmed the hedge with the Bosch hedge cutter and used the Bosch strimmer to tidy up at the front. Rosanna played 6 in the morning and 12 in the evening; in Greenore. Text’d Aisling in Uganda. She replied. Africa wet and interesting she asserted. In a text Eamonn told me he is returning to Dundalk late tonight. Watered the boxes, baskets, trays, pots. Dead headed the purple trailing plant in the white pot hanging on the right as one enters the back door. I spent a long while at it using the golden Toledo scissors. E-mailed Erik, Gabriela, Tina. Uploaded on the Acer some photos of myself, the iQ, the Sweet William; from the Canon’s memory card. Bought a mid-sized black 4 wheeled case in the Leather shop on the way home from Oaklawns. €99 – €9 concession = €90. I paid €1 parking for 45 minutes outside Partnership Court. Lit fire c 19.30. Worked on the computers until bedtime. Soaked my dentures in Steradent. Brushed my 5 ½ remaining teeth. Read some of my journal for June before I went to sleep under my duvet with one ventilator open in my bedroom.