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Sweat, Angst and Paranoia

Friday 29 August 2008

Sweated profusely on the golf course although I was wearing only a T-shirt and vest above my slacks.  Played 6 with Rosanna.  (R,S) 13 (8,4) 14 (3,4) 15 (6,5) 16 (7,6) 17 (6,5) 18 (6,5) Totals (36,29) Shots received (6,5) Nett (30,24).  Did not take a shower and did not "go in."  Rosanna gave me a fried egg, the remainder of the sausages I bought in Tesco last week, some black pudding she bought in McCrystals, and two grilled rashers.  I managed to masticate the meal well enough even though the right side of my mouth (which I am unaccustomed to using) is sore.  Did not take a siesta although I was feeling a bit tired and uncomfortable in the afternoon.  Lit the fire in the evening with logs and a little coal.  Barry had left 2 bags of doubles while we were golfing and, I think, two bags of coal.  Uploaded a few 080808 pictures onto photobucket and stumbled 3 of them.  Contretemps with Rosanna in the late evening over a wedding present for James Crudden.  "I want to get a camera," I asserted.  Rosanna jandered on in her old usual way basically saying I did not consult her – but at the same time making no suggestion herself.  "Get out of my face!" I spat at one point losing my temper and pushed her violently into her chair spilling a half full cup of tea onto the seat.  "Don’t cross that line," I forbade her pointing to a spot on the carpet between her and me in the WEL.  I also opened the blinds on the window.  "You think you can do what you like when the curtains are pulled!" I reasoned.  Anyway I retired to my room around 11.30 p.m. and washed my teeth and did my exercises and got to bed around midnight.  Rosanna stayed up until 1.30 a.m.  Did I hear the clink of glass?  Earlier in the day I fulminated "Eamonn is struggling in the shit: Leah is in great form."  The latter piece of information was relayed to me by Rosanna who heard it from Aisling (back this afternoon from Sardinia).  "It’s like Bobby Arthur," I said with deliberate paranoia, "When everything is going arseways in the church he is delighted."  I tried a number of times to contact Eamonn about his plans for coming to Dundalk.  Eventually he returned on Leah’s mobile my calls but he left me no wiser.  Why should I worry?

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