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Snapped; Lazy; Sparse; Nibbled; Monitor

Thursday 17 March 2011.

Starting at 14.00 I played in the open fourball with Len Hennebry v Brendan and Conor Carnegie. We held the honour throughout the back 9 and scored 22 points. 16 for the front. I was playing off 11 and Len off 8. I struck the ball well enough but very crooked. Len played ok. Conor snapped his driver over his knee between the trees to the right of the 17th fairway. He had struck a fresh air shot with it and then topped one. I think I performed a full routine this morning including exercise. Dressed in black with a green light pullover. However wore my Oakmont brown jacket throughout on the golf course and my black Greenore woollen cap. Glasses. Saw Rosanna playing the 3rd as we crossed over from the 8th green to the 9th tee. My energy held up but I was too lazy to take a shower after the golf although I asserted to Len that I would. Whatever happened he did not come up to the bar. I sat on my own. Drank water, ate a steak sandwich and chips, drank 1” of red from a small bottle I bought Rosanna and a pot of tea. Great chat with Oliver Dullaghan. Cian Dullaghan and Johnnie McKeown won by two or three clear points with 44. Cian had 3 birdies he told me and Johnnie 2. I was delighted and stayed for the presentation. Jim Daly passed by looking like thunder as we cleaned our boots coming off the 18th green. The steak sandwich cost €14, tea €1.75, red wine for Rosanna €5, entry fee €10. Got buckshee a “loose” trolley. Wasted a lot of credit talking to Dessie on my mobile after I had lit the fire when I got home. Sparse attendance at the presentation and a slightly seedy atmosphere in the bar. Women ranged around in conclave. Sexual apartheid. Oil and water. Rosanna had pity on me came over and nibbled my chips for a while and then went back. I hit a bullet with my 3 metal on 17 from beside the first trees on the right almost all the way up to the gap between the newly refurbished cross bunkers. I think I bought a Dell 18” monitor on-line this evening for ~ €87.

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