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Tuesday 22 March 2011.

Played 18 starting at 11.10 with Francie Murphy, Paul Byrne, Tommy Hazzard.  Although I had only one ding – on 17 – my total score was 28 points.  Paul Byrne who played like a low handicapper, very correctly, cruised to 40 points off 17.  Tommy  scored < 20 points, I think, and said to me several times that he was not handing in his card.  Francie struck the ball well and scored in the low 30’s.  I poured with sweat and took a shower at the end.  “Three lovely lassies from Bannion!” I exclaimed spotting Rosanna, Ann Davey, Ethna Dowling; outside the door of the ladies’ locker room.  Ann was not impressed.  “It’s a long time since someone called me a lassie,” she remarked.  Wore black shirt, blue Lahinch pullover, grey check woollen slacks, navy FootJoy socks, glasses.  No cap.  Sunburn.  In March!!  Changed into black slacks, black patent Clarks, brown Farah T-shirt, trunks, clean vest, grey sports socks.  Changed my braces at home putting on grey ones instead of the blue ones I assumed after my shower.  They were too long, too stretched.  Attended in the library a talk by Sinéad Moriarty a tall presentable author of half a dozen chic-lit “issue” novels.  Arthur Kinahan snapped me with Sinéad.  I was wearing my grey Lacrosse jacket over my T-shirt, just in from the street.  A woman in a shop across from the museum directed me to the library.  Bought a Mizuno golf towel off Robert before I headed for the 1st tee.  Used no cash.  Credit on my account he told me.  Earlier when I was clocking in I bought a pair of hand-made 9 ½ FootJoy golf shoes.  €129.  “Less than cost price,” Robert remarked when I sought a concession.  Robert Giles gave none.  I paid with my UB debit card.  €3 for a trolley.  Jim Irwin for €5 gave me 10 or 12 old Pro V balls.  I played my round today with an old Pro V ball discoloured with age and regularly drove it off the tee with driver and Irons past my companions.  Used 9 off the 6th tee, 6 off the 10th tee, 7 off the 14th tee.  Pin high slightly right in all cases.  3-putted 14 from 12’.  A little draw with the irons induced by finishing “high.”  I ate chicken goujons, chips, coleslaw, salad, creamed garlic, pot of white coffee; sitting on my own in the bar at the corner window.  Approximately €10 in total.  The three lovely lassies were ensconced beyond in the near corner of the dance floor.  Changed the password on my Windows Live account.  WordPress available in read-only mode.  Met Catherine Harvey (Kitty Cryan) in the library and Dominic McKevitt.  She answered, “Yes,” when I asked her if she remembered Tom Cormican.  Eamonn is teaching Dominic, a past-pupil of mine, in DkIT.  Drank a half-glass of white before Sinéad’s talk and a glass of Ballygowan afterwards.  A dark-haired woman helped me to put my stuff in the bag provided so that I could sit down with my glass after I had my photo taken.  A nice expression.  I think it cost €10 to enter the competition today.  Took down Seán Óg’s notice in the locker room about the junior fourball competition.  He rang after I arrived home from Greenore and I gave him the details of the 6 names on the list.  Although I did not get to bed until mid-night I had a lot of e-mail and trouble with Windows Live so I did not get round to my journal.  Writing now at 8.25 Wednesday I have just completed the journal entry for the past 3 days.

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