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Sunday 10 January 2016

Up c 09:00.  Did not feel well after I ate, washed, dressed.  Passed a motion.  Another in the golf club.  Tommie Murphy and I recruited Bernard Talt on the practice putting green.  Keith Carron joined us on the 11th tee.  1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14A, 15, 16, 17, 18.  Tommie scored 21 points off 14 and I scored 24 off the same handicap.  Keith and Bernard played some kind of match.  I don’t know how that turned out.  Neither of them was marking a card in the Sunday voucher competition.  I ate a chunky Kit-Kat in the bar, drank my bottle of RiverRock, downed an Americano prepared by Robert Farrell bartender.  Tommie ate soup and brown bread and drank a pint of dilute raspberry.  Keith nor Bernard appeared in the bar while we were there although I think I told them loud and clear that I was “going up.”  Good chat with Tommie who hails from Castleblayney but who has lived in Dundalk area almost as long as I have.  Eleanor there when I arrived home.  Made café-au-lait at her request for her and Rosanna in the coffee machine.  Steak, onions, asparagus, potatoes, butter; a glass of milk.  Right lower eye-tooth sore after the steak.  Brushed teeth and dentures.  Washed feet in hot Epsom Salts solution.  Used the liquor on my face and body.  Sunny day.  Cold.  Ate Rosanna’s bread, 3 slices, and Wensleydale with a mug of tea for supper.  A mug of tea this morning after eating wheat bisks, sliced banana, milk, for breakfast.  Ate the same again for a late-late supper.  Stayed up until 03:00 watching Spieth win the Tournament of Champions in Kapalua by 8 shots from Patrick Reid in second place.  Pádraig Harrington finished joint 6th and his final round of 67 matched that of Spieth who was almost flawless.


Monday 11 January 2016

Up before 11:00.  Checked the settings on the heat control clock in No 17 Euston Street.  Ok.  Tea and a scone with butter and strawberry jam; in the golf club.  €3.75.  Mary P. Kirk and Kay McCartan said hello as I entered the bar.  On my way out at the pro shop door I spoke to Ann McDonnell and Jayne Fegan.  The Ladies’ Alliance which was on was poorly supported.  Only 17 gone out Ian Brennan told me.  I played 6 forgetting 14A.  I seemed to have almost forgotten how to play golf?  Joined by Rory Friel on the 18th tee.  His handicap is 10.  Struck 2 baskets and a few balls left over by a tall American on the practice ground.  Worried about my left thumb.  Arthritis or a chronic stress injury.  Uncertain about my grip and my swing.  Ian Brennan and the chap’s father giving the young “semi-pro” some advice in querulous tone behind me and to my right.  I was between the ropes.  Took a shower at home.  The shower working perfectly.  Ate some red soup made by Rosanna along with 3 slices of her brown bread and butter.  Finished off with a large bite of Stilton and drank a mug of tea.  Journalled.  Went to bed c 18:15.  Rose again tomorrow at 06:20.  Wished Doreen from the kitchen in the club a happy new year.  “The same to you and many of them.”  Voice message from Teresa B. on my phone.  She will ring tomorrow she promised.  The hymn on Monica’s memoriam card is, “Soul of my Saviour.”

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