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Anchovies; Breast Pocket; Reception; Devices

Saturday 19 November 2011.

Visited Carlingford @ 11.30. Bought a glass jug, a lavender candle, a jar of olives stuffed with anchovies, a cloth bag “Food for Thought.” Drank a cappuccino in Food for Thought who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Service good; pricey? Took a few snaps of Teresa Merrigan in Greenore and later uploaded them onto photobucket. “Will you put them up on Facebook?” she had asked. “I will,” I promised but somehow due to technical problems I could not get the photos uploaded directly onto Facebook. Mince meat and onions simmering in the pan on Dessie’s cooker; house warm and tidy. I took no siesta. Visited the vestry. Copied anniversaries and left an ill-written note for Fr. Murphy postponing Renew to Fridays. E-mailed Silvia. Ronan O’Gara kicked the winning score, a drop goal, the last kick of the game for Munster away in France. The second week in a row he had accomplished this feat. Attended the Captain’s dinner (Eamonn McCartan) dressed in cream shirt, red patterned silk tie, brown Kartel 46” jacket, dark brown check Robbie slacks, black/red/green braces, gold cufflinks, silver Parker pen in my breast pocket, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, chocolate Loake brogues. Wore neither cap nor overcoat; the night was mild. Sat between Anne McGrane, a nurse from Newry and Siobhán Ballentine at Noel McGrane’s table. Anne was complimentary about my dress and Noel remarked that I was looking well. “I don’t know how you do it?” he wondered. Great person to person chat with Anne who knows a thing or two. Soup, salmon, assorted dessert, coffee. Orange juice earlier at reception. I enjoyed a bit of bread and butter at the start and finished my main plate by eating several baby potatoes with butter and salt. They were the two things I found most appetising. I pulled out around 23.45 buying Rosanna a glass of red and leaving her to her own devices. I was under pressure facing a long and taxing day tomorrow. Rosanna had arranged to get a lift home from Kay Hall, lady vice-captain, who was there with her husband. I slept before 01.00 soon after I went to bed; I think Rosanna arrived home around 03.00 but she did not really upset my rest. I drank a large glass half and half wine and apple juice for my lunch with bread, cheese, a little salad. That finished off the 1l bottle of Vin de Pays I bought in Lidl on Thursday for a little over €5.

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