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Sunday 30 March 2008

Eleanor Wehrly came over in the late evening and sat and drank some hot port which Rosanna gave her and chatted – Sr Leonie, Mrs. Peadar Hynes, Bertie, etc., etc.  "It’ll never be solved," I concluded about Sr. Leonie.  Sean Og rang on my mobile while she was there – he had 42 points, 1 over par gross, in Ardee today playing with Pat Magee in a fourball.  Pat played poorly, Og said.  Pat was using a new driver.  David Magee and John Ennis who were opposite them had a superior score, I gathered.  I was glued to the radio all day and stayed up to watch the politics program starting at 10.55 p.m. to hear the latest in the Bertie Ahern/Grainne Carruth saga.  Bertie has been silent and all the other players are watching their footwork.  I think Eamonn Dunphy on The Late Late on Friday night called him a perjurer and I think a few journalists repeated the canard in this morning’s papers.  In the afternoon I drove to Green Life driving range and hit 75 balls off the top deck with the Taylor Made driver, the 3-iron and the 7-iron.  €5.  Got the best results when I lined up totally straight and kept my head down and kept the ball back a little in my stance. The opposite to what I have been doing on the course lately.  I was hitting the ball as far, almost, with the 7 as I was with the 3?  Hit a few drives up the bank at the back fence.  Bought 3 pink Pinnacle balls with transparent covers for Rosanna.  €7.  Drank a coffee and ate a Snack and watched Liverpool v Everton on the wide-screen TV.  Rosanna suffering from a chesty cold got up rather late in the day.  Polished my Chelsea boots, my black brogues and also my burgundy brogues.  They were lined up beside my chair in the WEL when Eleanor came in.  Lit the fire in the WEL a.m.  A kinder day than the forecast lead me to believe it would be.  Did 220 bicycling revs before bed and also washed my teeth.  Pain in the front of my head when I bend down or when I sneeze.

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