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Monday 25 August 2008

This was a day that went well for me and in which I was feeling in good form physically and mentally.  In the morning – I was not up very early – I wrote up the minutes of yesterday’s meeting of Greenore Cooley Fisherman’s Association, printed them on two pages and stuck them into the old minute book.  Also sent the file to Dessie.  At some stage during the day I sent an e-mail to Joe Crudden.  Rosanna cooked the striploin steak I bought the other day in Tesco and I ate the bigger portion of it with fried onions and microwaved smallish potatoes with real butter and salt.  Checked the "HowDidIDo" website a few times – but there was no result from the weekend. ???  Rosanna drove me in to Harvey Norman’s in the afternoon in her Hyundai Accent.  I bought two 20 packs of Hewlett-Packard A4 photo paper (for the price of one ~ €19.99) as well as a "bale" of 500 sheets of ordinary printing paper (€4.99).  Also got 5 x 6" x 4" prints made of 080808 photos @ 19c each = 95c.  When we came home I made a further set of 12 x 080808 prints on two separate A4 sheets of photo paper – one sheet of the old paper I had left and one sheet of the "new" HP paper.  Streaks at the bottom of three of the prints on the "new" paper. ???  Put these two sheets into the grey journal display book and tucked the five 6×4 prints into the Pukka Pad project book which I have been putting my handwritten journal into this past few months and in which I filled the final page on Sunday.  Changed the background picture on my PC.  I used an 080808 picture of a boat and the sea viewed from Bellurgan Point.  Refreshing and spacious.  Rosanna went down to Greenore in the evening to meet Pat Closkey who had been playing golf in the ladies’ open.  It turned out – I learned tomorrow – that Mary McGoey won with 37 points.  Rosanna had a chance of going out in the morning – Pat Closkey rang – but she did not bite.  I think her shoulder is sore?  I used a big block and lit a little coal fire beside it in the WEL grate.  Around 9.30 p.m. I drove down to Bellurgan Service Station and bought milk.  2 litres = €2.50.  "I’m going home to get drunk!" I claimed to the girl serving at the counter in Bellurgan Service Station.  "On milk?" she exclaimed wondering.  Alan Ratcliffe rang in the afternoon and I arranged to play golf with him at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday in Greenore.  Put my dentures in a mug of water before bed with a mouldy Steradent tablet.  The tablet did not fizz although the water from the tap was warm but, tomorrow morning, proved to have done its job!

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