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Sean and Rosanna Drive to Newry



Monday 27 October 2008


A bank holiday Monday so Rosanna and I decided to go to Newry.  Traffic jam soon after the Cloghogue Roundabout.  Eventually, before Rosanna parked the car, I jumped out as we passed the main door of the Quayside Shopping Centre to go in for a piss to the toilet at Sainsbury’s.  "I’ll meet you at the main door," I shouted rather ambiguously as I banged the door of the car shut.  Anyway I spent nearly half and hour standing in the cold with an open-necked shirt and jacket at the door of Sainsbury’s.  It turned out that Rosanna was forty or fifty yards away at the main door of the shopping centre.  Anyway, after a few mobile calls, we met at Sainsbury’s door and sat in the coffee shop inside while I let my temper cool.  We walked as far as James Kelly’s drapery and looked around the shop.  Rosanna has a penchant for handling the goods.  I kept my cool and kept my distance.  We walked on to the square and looked in a "woolen" shop which had a sale on.  Low-priced shirts – but they were short-sleeved.  In a small café/deli beside the woolen shop we had lunch.  I did not allow Rosanna’s fussing to get on my nerves and I was eventually served with a massive plate of chicken-and-bacon pie, chips, coleslaw, vinegary salad.  I ate every morsel, except for a few chips which I gave Rosanna, and drank a cup of coffee and my mood and sense of well-being improved.  £6.20 for my main dish.  Rosanna paid all £12 I think costing her €16 (I think).  We walked across the canal to The Canal Court Hotel back entrance.  Both of us went in to the toilet in the hotel but we did not tarry and walked on to TK Maxx where I bought a Calvin Klein T-shirt for £9.99 and a collared shirt for £19.99.  The second shirt was 16 ½" and when I got home I realized my collar size is 17 ½" so I did not take the shirt out of the wrapping.  The T-shirt, an L size, proved tomorrow to be an ideal fit.  I also looked at all the designer jackets and saw some nice ones including a navy velvet one with small champagne dots in a regular pattern by Pierre Cardin.  Unfortunately there was nothing in my size.  Rosanna, after much huffing and puffing bought a Rosetta handbag for about £22.  There was a massive shower of rain while we were in TK Maxx but it had stopped by the time we left to walk past the Buttercrane back to where Rosanna had her car parked outside the main entrance of the Quayside shopping centre.  I went for another piss in Sainsbury’s toilet before we pulled out the back way from the car-park to travel on through Omeath.  I went in to the toilet in the golf club but was annoyed see no result posted in the locker-room of Sunday last’s competition.  However I noticed that 42 points were 1st, 2nd, 3rd in a competition on Sunday 28 September 2008.  I formed the impression that Og and I had won and perhaps Ciaran Rafferty, in the background, by ringing up had created some difficulty about our card.  We will just have to wait and see.  Text from Kevin McGeough to say he cannot play golf on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I lit the fire in the WEL.  It was cold.  Picked Eamonn up at 9.40 p.m. in Clarke Station on his way back from Cootehall.  He was in good form.  When I asked him how the weekend went he remarked, "I got a good sleep."  I ate corn-flakes and milk around 9.00 p.m. and Rosanna gave me a small fried beefburgher when I came home with Eamonn.  Washed my teeth, flossed, brushed my dentures, did exercises before retiring to bed around 11.00 p.m.  I think I also did exercises before I performed my ablutions this morning.  Felt a bit stiff and sore during the day but light.

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