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Friday 26 December 2008

Rosanna and I talked in bed for an hour last night in the downstairs bedroom in Leah’s aunt’s house (Marie Doherty).  I did not get to sleep until after the wee small hours – the pillows were a bit too steep for me although the bed was comfortable.  We had breakfast of milk and weetabix – Leah gave us a bag of stuff last night including coffee and rashers.  Rosanna and I walked up to the lake from Leah’s house and I took two snaps of her there – one of them beside "her" cabin cruiser.  We walked back down as far as the bridge.  In the afternoon after another Christmas dinner I succumbed to tiredness and, on my own, retreated "round the corner" to Leah’s aunt’s house where I had a good 2 ½ hour sleep and a cup of coffee.  Returned in the dark to Leah’s house.  Later Leah, Eamonn, I, Rosanna, Evelyn, Aisling (who had arrived at 3.00 p.m.), Kate, JJ went by the light of JJ’s lamp on a pub crawl of the two pubs in Cootehall.  We met Leah’s uncle-in-law and aunts in Henry’s and Maura.  In Paddy’s I played 2 games of pool against Kate and watched her cousin the comedian Catherine Lynch on RTE2.  JJ slightly aggressive and antagonistic toward Kate when we got home?  Rosanna and I walked by the light of JJ’s lamp to "our" house and got to bed without much delay.  Rosanna tired.  My energy was good – due to my siesta?

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