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A Niggle, Gorgonzola, Rules of Golf

Thursday 16 April 2009

I played 6 holes with Alan Ratcliffe starting at 11.00 a.m. on a bright Easterly day. Val O’Farrell won the seniors’ section on Sunday with 34 points. I was close enough on 32. My score today was 13,5 14,4 15,5 16,6 17,8 18,6. On 18 Alan found my first drive almost by accident as we walked out behind the trees. My other ball was in the middle but I had omitted on the tee to declare it a provisional ball. Anyway I punched my first ball out along the path – a low shot with a 7-iron – and fired a 5-iron towards the green. It was well-hit but fell short. Although I chipped fairly close I two putted. 6. I had picked up my second ball. Alan scored today 13,6 14,7 15,6 16,6 17,6 18,6. Me gross 34 nett 29 off 13. Alan gross 37, nett 30 off 23. But technically I infringed the rules of golf. Sean Og was chipping with a few dozen balls over the bunker at the practice green when we were going out. I met him, Lisa, Gavin in his buggy, walking around the pro shop as I was leaving back my trolley. The trolley cost me €3. Alan and I had coffee. I paid €3 with my prepayment card. Og and Lisa were having lunch around the other side of the bar. Alan and I sat at the table near the door to the veranda and talked mostly about soccer. Rosanna away since 9.30 a.m. with Mary W Kirk practising in Baltray. "The wind was howling," she lamented when she came home. I missed a call from Leah. She, Eamonn, JJ, Kate turned up before 8 p.m. Rosanna gave them a chicken dinner. She also gave me some before I retired to bed. For lunch I ate a chicken sandwich, a ham sandwich and a half. I think I also ate two sandwiches for tea and some Gorgonzola. I washed my teeth and did my exercises before I went to bed around 11.25 p.m. And I was first to retire. Leah and Eamonn drove down to Fitzpatrick’s. I think Leah was still up at 1.45 a.m. when I rose from bed for a piss in the toilet and a drink of water in the kitchen. Kate went on my computer for a while and putted a little. She has a talent for it. JJ played with his "men" and had a gun which propelled a marble when it was loaded and when a switch was pressed. He had 3 blue marbles for the "gun." JJ also made a few attempts at golf. I rang Aisling in the afternoon. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Nothing!" " Well I’m busy!" she boasted. A niggle in my left wrist on the golf course.

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