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Swine Flu, Director of Fraud, Apple Crumble

Tuesday 4 August 2009
Up at 9.30 in depressed mood not looking forward to the day.  Had intended to call on Mary Mag after the clinic but did not feel in form. 13.13 on Emmet’s scales.  Had not eaten lunch.  Emmet gave me a description of the effects of Swine flu.  Respiratory failure possible in some cases.  Got an injection of 25 mg of Risperdal Consta in the right "side" off Emmet at about 14.00 and arranged my next appointment for Friday 21 August at the same time.  Left my card with Doctor’s appointment for 7 September with Emmett for a refix because I will be going to Italy on 6 September for 12 days. Was thinking of going to Conlon’s Food Hall in LWSC for an omelette but changed my mind.  Good decision.  Rosanna gave me chicken Kiev, baked beans in tomato sauce, and I also ate two microwaved medium sized potatoes peeled with butter and salt.  The meal saw my stomach right for the first time in days.  Rosanna had been in Town in the morning dealing with the painter in No 13 Oaklawns and she also got her hair cut coloured and set.  My disposition downcast in the morning – feeling bad and I did not know why.  Was it iron deficiency?  Was it dependency on Risperdal?  My head mild and my eyes more relaxed than usual, however. Dressed in tan John Evan Chelsea boots, black Argyle socks, grey T-shirt with green Puma legend, grey small check 44" slacks, EverLast track suit top.  Carried glasses.  Parked across the road from the gate of The Louth and walked to the clinic.  A drugs counsellor sitting in the waiting area in Ladywell.  He was enquiring whether there was an addiction clinic being held today.  There wasn’t.  A young nurse or doctor went "in" after we asked him and came "out" again (rather helpfully) with some information.  He was not sure.  A two page letter from Adrian Stearns, Director of Fraud (sic.), MBNA, upset my equilibrium.  Apparently my credit card number may have fallen into the wrong hands.  So he proposed to cancel my card on August 11 and issue me with a new one in 7 to 10 days from then.  The letter stated that there was "no need to call us" but I was worried about its authenticity for one thing so I rang.  A respondent called "Joe" returned my call and dealt with me as courteously as an old friend.  He cancelled my card there and then and said a new one would reach me in 7 to 10 days time.  A better arrangement?  Anyway I felt better about it.  "You have set my mind at rest!" I assured Joe.  It is surprising how much a simple thing like that affected me.  The injection did not lift my mood very much and I took a siesta from 16.45 till 19.15.  I exercised this morning at 10.00 and I exercised again tonight immediately before I got in to bed at 23.30.  I washed my teeth tonight and having made my bed performed my usual ablutions this morning and applied 1 Million.  Aisling text’d (I did not notice the text) and rang asking me to drive her to the airport tomorrow.  She is to come down from Dublin in the morning.  Ann McParland rang and earlier Kieran McGoey.  The upshot was that Rosanna and Kieran play Ann and Peadar McParland on Thursday evening at 16.00 in the club mixed.  Rosanna was able to open the site for tee times in Greenore with the password Michael McDonnell gave her on Monday night to check that the time for the match was booked.  I think I watered the flowers this morning despite my mood.  Arranged by text to meet Kevin McGeough in Ballymac for coffee at 11.00 tomorrow.  Two helpings from a dish of apple/rhubarb crumble which Rosanna brought over from Eleanor Wehrly’s eaten in the evening also agreed with my stomach.

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