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Goward Dolmen, Dromena Cashel, Spelga Dam, Silent Valley

Saturday 21 November 2009
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Rosanna contributed a €2 coin to make up the €6 I put in the envelope.  I missed the collection but diverted towards the basket after receiving communion where it lay at the foot of the altar and threw my envelope in.  Fr. Paddy Larkin.  A crash at the tabernacle after communion.  Drove over at 19.10 for 19.30 mass.  Checked the green diary after mass.  E-mailed Silvia with the masses for next week.  Got wet to the skin at Dromena cashel.  Water dripping out of my golf Ping trousers.  Wet all day afterwards despite attempts to dry out.  Lunch in "Daisies" restaurant in Downpatrick.  Lasagne, roasted sliced potato with skin on, rice, small pot of tea.  £7.25 total.  Paid with my MBNA card.  The first thing we saw on the bus tour and field trip from Kilbroney Centre in Rostrevor was Goward dolmen at around 10.45.  Visited Silent Valley and Spelga Dam.  Climbed up the steps to the top of the big dam even though my clothes and cap were still wet.  Looked at the Victorian high cross in Rostrevor and the old graveyard.  Saw the new Benedictine monastery on the outskirts of Rostrevor.  Dessie carried me to and from Rostrevor in his Caddy diesel white van.  I left my black Toyota Yaris Strata (2007) in Greenore for the day opposite Dessie’s house.  Home around 17.30.  Aisling and Paul ensconced in the White Elephant Lounge when I returned.  I took a shower and changed everything.  Used two towels – the second one hot off the radiator – very refreshing!  I got a chicken dinner.  Noel Guinane rang to find out which church the Ann Carroll funeral was in.  Dermot Mooney rang, too, and Dessie.  I was much in demand?  Noel told me that tomorrow’s golf was cancelled.  Relieved.  During the day I was dressed in black Ping long-sleeved golf shirt, navy cardigan, black light Ping golf trousers, thick Rival sports dark green socks, heavy walking boots, Cutter & Buck waterproof jacket which proved to be anything but waterproof, woolly Greenore helmet.  After my shower I put on clean underclothes, white Trinity T-shirt, grey/green/black fleece, 44" black slacks, black brogues and the socks I was wearing all day which I warmed on the radiator as I showered.  I think I ate weetabix and milk before I went to bed.  I washed my teeth.  Manchester United 3, Everton 0.  I think I got up at 7.00 this morning and we left Greenore for Rostrevor at 8.30.

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