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Monday 3 May 2010.

Well today I spent a lot of mild concentration listening to the listeners’ top 100 on Lyric FM.  The top 10 came on around 18.00 and were a bit of an anticlimax.  By that stage I was suffering a little from loneliness and isolation – Rosanna spent the day in Greenore minding Gavin while his parents played in the Open Fourball with John Ennis and Pat Magee.  May bank holiday.  Later on before dark I got into my white 2010 Toyota iQ Strata and drove in to No. 13 Oaklawns with a bag of clean washing for Eamonn.  The house seemed clean and tidy but Eamonn had not returned from Cootehall yet.  Pulled in to Lidl on the way home and bought a shopping bag, a dust-pan and brush set (blue), milk (2 x 2 liters).  It all cost me 5.36 euro which I paid with my UB MasterCard.  I got up at around 09.00 this morning and ate corn flakes and sliced banana with milk for breakfast.  Watered the flower containers – pots, boxes, hanging baskets.  Made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed.  Steel-blue Joe Frawley T-shirt, black shiny 44” slacks, grey sports socks, tan John Evan boots, grey/steel-blue Everlast top.  Wore, also, my navy Nike baseball cap to town.  This is the 11th birthday of Lyric FM.  Cleaned out and lit the fire although the wind was hovering in the N.  However throughout the day I got only a few wisps of smoke escaping from the fire.  So the wind must have stayed N of NW.  On my way in to Town I posted a registration form for free travel and also a completed form to Sinead Rock of Louth County Childcare Committee.  The latter was stamped the former was not.  Volcano dust again affecting air traffic in Ireland.  Aisling working today in RTE.  I washed my 5 ½ remaining teeth and got in to bed tired at 00.20.  I ate corn flakes, sliced banana, milk, for tea.  Two slices of buttered toast and marmalade with a mug of java for supper.  My lunch consisted of steamed rice and chicken curry reheated in the microwave and with some pineapple cubes.  I also peeled and ate a mature sweet apple afterwards.  Did not wash up.  Felt quite hungry from about 17.00 onwards.

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