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Broken heart

Monday 28 June 2010

“Why are you sending me texts like that?” Seán Óg complained over the mobile as I was dressing this morning.  Well I am not trying to annoy him – although I probably did so I was not aggressive or prescriptive towards him.  “I can’t turn!” he declared.  “It might be an injury?” I speculated.  God help him.  It looked as if I piddled on the floor in Ladywell as I waited for Monica Doyle.  It was water dripping off my Calvin Klein black and white golf umbrella.  The hungry looking one from Tallanstown noticed and put down absorbent paper on the little puddle.  Funny when she comes in to the waiting area at other times she averts her gaze and never seems to see me?  25 mg of Risperdal Consta in the right “side.”  Bought a blue barred T-shirt “Personal Gain” from John McShane, and a beige Farah collared T-shirt as well as a pair of underpants.  Called on O’Callaghan Travel in Boyd’s Shopping Centre and booked tickets to Thessaloniki.  Wrote to Peter Lehmann.  E-mail from Claire Woods.  Case closed.  Replied, “happy and relieved.”  Wrote to Ellen O’Hanlon thoughts on the showcase day in Muirhevnamor.  Thank-you note from her in reply.  “JJ is gorgeous,” Silvia wrote, “And he is a good photographer.”  Peace in the house because Rosanna was in town shopping and getting her hair done.  I gave her €60 cash to compensate her for paying Oliver Dullaghan for upholstering my Parker-Knoll, in burgundy with a spiral pattern.  I boiled half a packet of baby Scottish potatoes.  Ate tinned salmon from a plate in the fridge, the remnants of some tinned tuna, two vine tomatoes sliced, salad from the box in the fridge.  Then demolished all the potatoes with salt and lots of real butter.  For lunch.  In the evening Rosanna called me up from my siesta and gave me rashers and boiled cabbage which I followed up with a large microwaved Rooster ate with salt and real butter.  Pádraig Treanor rang postponing the “collection” until Tuesday evening.  I exercised a.m. and watered the flowers.  Not much sign of the Evening Scented Stock outside the front door yet?  Wore sky blue Greenore semi-polo T-shirt today, black shiny slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, chocolate Loake brogues, and carried brown Oakmont golf jacket for outer wear.  13.07 on Monica’s scales.  Spoke to Dr. Lyster passing and Martina McBennett in Ladywell both looking summery.  Called on Mary Mag this morning in St. Oliver’s.  Alert enough but tired looking even though it was early in the day.  Pushing her head back in the chair.  Reminds me of myself when I used to be unsuccessfully trying to sit, relax and pass the time when I was on Depixol.  Washed my teeth and retired to bed earlier than usual, soon after 23.00.  I ate weetabix and milk with sliced banana for breakfast, corn flakes sliced banana and milk for supper, and I consumed a big salmon sandwich made from two large heels of loaf bread for elevenses.  Drank mostly tea today and some coffee in the evening.

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