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Clocks, Chip-and-Putt, Pitted Olives, No Issues

Sunday 31 October 2010.

Got up at 8.20 and put all the clocks in the house back an hour (7.20). Ate weetabix and milk. Cleaned out and lit the fire. Made my bed. Exercised. Washed. Dressed; fresh boxers, vest, yellow/cream shirt, green light woollen pullover, black “legal” slacks, grey sports socks, black patent Clarks, grey braces. Wore my black woollen Greenore helmet on the golf course and my Cutter and Buck jacket. Cold at the start but I was sweating by the finish. Tee’d off at 12.20 with Len Hennebry in the 2-man 14 hole scramble. Robert said at first we could not take part in the competition because we had no “opposition.” I made the case that it was a scramble so we could mark our own card. “If it were a 3 or 4 man scramble there would only be one card,” I reasoned. He relented and I put my €6 down. I had Lisa’s trolley and battery with me in the car so this saved me the price of a club trolley. I bought a pot of white coffee at the end. €2. Len and I carried on after the 14th to complete the course. The golf was not spectacular but I won 3 of the final four holes and halved the 17th with a 6. Made 4 on the last against a stiff breeze with a chip and a putt. 4-iron approach landed right of the bunker level with the flag. It was lying nicely on good grass. Not a difficult chip. Dr. Malone, Noel Guinane, John and Seán Murphy in the match ahead of us. Paschal (14) and Noel (11) came 3rd with 46.75. Len (12) and I (15) scored 51.25. Took no shower in the club. Silence reigned in the house. Rosanna sitting stiffly at the fire in The White Elephant Lounge reading a magazine. I took some lukewarm Tagliatelle out of the pot and sliced a piece of red cheddar onto it. My mouth was dry so I ate a few pitted olives and drank a glass of dilute “orange.” Washed my teeth, took a shower and put on clean pyjamas and I am typing now on The Dell in my pyjamas, black robe, white Reef flip-flops. 21.50. A few bangers over around Wehrly’s. Majella called earlier with Liam in Ninja costume and mask. Trick or treat. I took out my purse and deposited a €2 coin in his bag. Majella in good form and Liam happy. I ate four slices of “buttered” Tiger bread before I went to golf. Rosanna went to bed early without breaking her silence except to say to me the battery of the trolley should be put “on charge.” Wrote to Gabriela re the conference. The university wants opinions. Sat up late until after midnight until a scan finished on the Acer. “No issues found!”

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