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Energy; Row; Tumor; Ex Cathedra; Station

Wednesday 22 December 2010.

Well this was a totally routine day for me and my energy was quite good even though, I think, I took no siesta. Walked over to the synagogue c 19.45 and let myself in with the key Vera Rice gave me last year. Turned on the heat and the lights. Slipped the Tia Maria out of my Bugatti overcoat pocket and passed it to Ann Murphy. “I got that specially for you yesterday,” I told her. “You should not be doing that,” she remarked. Anyway the most of the choir except Seán Caraher, Fidelis, Anthony Rice, turned up and the practice which lasted until after 21.00 went well. Ann lowered the keys a half tone or so and I had no difficulty reaching the high notes except maybe in When A Child Is Born. “You can help a lot there,” I whispered to Marie McDermott after Silent Night, “with those high notes. A lot of people cannot get up there.” Marie was talkative and friendly tonight. Let’s hope a good dress rehearsal does not lead to a poor performance. Ann left a penciled note in the vestry asking the priest to announce that the choir would begin singing at 09.15 on Christmas morning, Saturday. Fr. Larkin ignored the note tomorrow night. Ann broke up in smiles when I remarked coming out of the vestry, “If he is looking for a row, I will answer him back!” Apparently she is as paranoid about Fr. Murphy as I am? I postponed my journal entry and went to bed tired sometime before 00.00. I got a lot of work done today on the cooleyehg site uploading photos of the graduation and of Santa’s visit to Greenore Golf Club on the latest news page. I also penned a short tribute in English and Irish on the latest meeting page to Edna Murray and tidied the page up. Tried to redesign things with red headings over green writing. Heard from Suzie Lambe that Dermot Traynor has had a large tumor removed from his bowel. Dressed in vest and briefs, black/grey Mizuno gansy, grey braces, grey small check slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, grey Grensons, white Le Coq Sportif T-shirt, thin brown rimmed spectacles; I sat and pontificated ex cathedra (my Parker Knoll) about hospitals including the mental hospital, working on Christmas Day, turkey station, bronze v white turkeys, incubator, Silvia’s sons, Bronagh Kirk; as the low warm sun streamed in the door of the White Elephant Lounge across the snow outside. Our visitor Josie Malone in great form sat in the sun at the door by the blazing fire and listened to me like a favorite student. She agreed to pass on to Silvia two snaps of Silvia I gave her in a used open envelope. I noticed she folded down the top of the envelope. A sort of a gesture towards confidentiality or secrecy? We all had a sup of ersatz Bailey’s. Warm, bright scene. Josie and Rosanna exchanged small gifts.

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