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Monday 27 June 2011.

Typing now at 15.52 on Wednesday. Played 18 in seniors’ competition starting at 11.40 with Kevin McVeigh, Warrenpoint; Neil Tate, do.; Noel Guinane. I marked Kevin’s card and he marked mine. I think Kevin scored 34 points; all I did was 24 or 26 but I putted reasonably and generally struck the ball quite well. “The best striker in the club!” Noel effused as I faded one down along the trees off the 16th tee. I had only had a chip onto 15 after a big one drawn off the 15th tee. Anyway I took no shower and drank a pint of water chatting with Noel as he consumed a pint of Guinness Light which he purchased for himself. Fried 2 boneless pork chops; 4 small potatoes sliced longitudinally, on a different pan, the small one, with a copious amount of Cookeen. Reheated mashed turnip to which I added a large knob of butter. Boiled a small pot of small potatoes. Ate all except two small boiled potatoes. Used copious amounts of butter with the small potatoes which I consumed last and salt. Extracted some brown sauce from the bottle with difficulty for the fried potatoes. Eric Hynes bought me a mug of coffee, which Elaine prepared, in The Blue Anchor. I proposed that the Greenore Cooley Fisherman’s meeting should be adjourned as a mark of respect to Sheila McCrystal who died this morning. Took a few snaps outside and inside. I thought my effort was sub-standard but on inspection later the photos proved passable. I sent a “slide-show” of them to Dessie who told me on Wednesday that he deleted them in error. As well as Dessie and Eric, Eric Cuthbert looking well rolled up to the Blue Anchor for the meeting which was adjourned in line with my proposal. Cuthbert was delighted to get away early to go to Greenore. He had already been there at 08.00 and caught a mackerel today at 10.15. None of the Finegan’s showed up for the meeting. I think I exercised this morning.

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