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Too Wrecked; Gear; Salmon Wellington; Lights Out


Monday 8 August 2011.

Not too wrecked after golf yesterday. Made my bed, exercised, showered. Dressed in black Ping long-sleeved golf shirt, sliver Robbie slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, grey Grensons, blue boxers, glasses. Played 18 with Paul Smyth, Seamus McBrearty; starting at 12.20. Wind increased alarmingly and it was almost impossible to stand on the 12th tee. However it was bright, not cold; and there was no rain. Paul (17), 29 points; Me (14), 26; Seamus (23?), 23. Paul ate brown bread and soup in the bar while I drank a pint of iced water and took some photographs including one of Paul and Hugh Murphy. Seamus tucked in to tea or coffee and a toastie. When we sat down at first I shared my Snickers Duo with Seamus. Could not leave Paul home because his gear would not fit into my iQ on top of my own. Rosanna pulled up just as I was leaving the club. She was going to play with Josie Malone. I took salmon wellington and a plate of salad out of the fridge, buttered some bloomer bread, brewed a mug of tea. Scoffed all. Left my trolley with Brian Kerley in GreenLife. He promised to give me a loan on Wednesday of his own trolley until mine is fixed which will apparently not be soon. “Tell them to give you a new trolley!” Rosanna insisted. Bought oranges, ciabatta bread, Kilmeaden cheese in Tesco DSC on my way home. Looked at some of the packaged salmon, etc. Prices scary? Journalled. Read my journal for June in bed before lights out. Had brushed my teeth and dentures before I retired to bed. E-mail from Michael Rice dampened my enthusiasm. Because of a large entry (sic) my entry into the CLCVF photo competition was unsuccessful.

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