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Pullover; Young Frank; Last Agony; Disappointed

Thursday 13 October 2011.

Exercised and showered. Donned the blue striped Pierre Cardin shirt I have been wearing since Monday, vest, blue Lahinch golf pullover, navy slacks, black socks, black patent Clarks. Ate 2 boiled eggs and an orange. Starting at 13.00 played 18 off the green tees with “K” a chap form Carlingford and Francis Murphy. Did not mark my card. Francis scored 36 points he claimed at the end. I struck a PW arrow-straight out of the right cross bunker onto the 17th green to 9’ and 2 putted for an easy 5. Drew a low 8-iron from the left fairway across the right greenside bunker to a point 15’ behind the flag on 18. Left my approach putt very short but holed out for 4. Drank water and white coffee and chatted with Francis and K. Young Frank is in Australia married to an Australian girl. Over a year now. Ate white loaf bread and cheese for my tea. Fidelis Rice called after 19.30 mass. Her sister in her last agony in England. I gave Fidelis my card to enable her to look up my photos on the web. Listened to the Late Debate on RTE 1 radio. Martin McGuinness approached Miriam O’Callaghan after last night’s Prime Time program and accused her of bias and treating him unfairly in the “debate” featuring himself and the 6 other presidential candidates. I think I got to bed before 00.00 having eaten corn flakes, milk, sliced banana; without washing my teeth. Lovely day on the golf course. Hitting it well. Took off my pullover around the 4th or 5th. Bought 5 new Nike distance balls off Ian Brennan in the pro shop for €10 around 12.30. Lost one. Played the two holes described above with an old Titleist Pro V which a visitor found and “willed” to me on the 17th as we played 16. Disappointed to read on the sheet that Kevin Gallagher and Dermot Philips defeated Brian and Shane Farrell in the final of the Club Fourball competition. Surprised to read on the notice board that Len Hennebry and I came 2nd on Sunday in the 2-man scramble competition. I drove in to Oaklawns at 21.25 with a bag of clean washing for Eamonn. House deserted. I left the bag at the foot of the stairs.

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