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Wednesday 20 May 2009

Up at 9.30 in my Technicolor  bathrobe, pajamas, slippers.  Ate weetabix, chopped banana, milk, from the hemispherical white ceramic bowl.  Drank a mug of coffee.  Then washed my teeth, made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed – much the same as yesterday xcept that I wore black Rival cotton sports socks and black brogues instead of the footwear I used yesterday.  I had 12 hours sleep some of it rather uncomfortable with sweating around my neck early in the night and pain and discomfort in my right flank later on in the morning.  However when I got on my feet later on I felt in good fettle especially early in the day.  Rosanna went down to Greenore to play with Rosemary Hanratty.  Later I took a few shots from the Cutting and carried on to the golf club where I handed in my €30 voucher and bought a ball retriever, a small bag, and a pack of 3 pairs of Footjoy socks.  I think the total was €41 approximately – although like in McCrystal’s I got no print-out.  €(15 + 11 + 15).  Then I practised with little success chipping my ball out of the bunker until it started to rain.  I joined Rosanna and Rosemary Hanratty for coffee on the dance-floor as they sheltered from the rain having played 12.  They resumed on the 13th and I visited the Archbishop who gave me tea, brown bread which I topped with a mashed banana.  He also offered me cake and I cut and consumed a few slices of the small Madeira.  I gave Dessie €25 out of my expenses money.  He was reluctant to take it but truly it was not enough.  Found my mobile phone on the driver’s seat of my black Toyota Yaris (2007) Strata and later on found in my bedroom the short black pencil I had been looking for since morning.  Eric Cuthbert was up in Dessie’s bedroom issuing instructions to Dessie typing an e-mail complete with pictures to Karla of Eric, Eric’s brother (Karla’s father) and Eric’s father (Karla’s grandfather).  Karla lives in a Buddhist community in India.  Eric has a different car, a small 2000 Fiat, which he bought for €500.  I ate a lot of salad mayonnaise sandwiches with tea in the early evening and later some time after Teddy came I ate a processed cheese (with mustard and a generous filling of "butter") sambo and a mug of tea.  Teddy got stuck in to my computer and downloaded a few programs to improve my security and an updated version of Stinger which he ran and which I hope will have cleared up most of the many viruses which inhabited my computer.  But conficker has had its way and later on I was unable to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.  Teddy tried to install the memory card Og bought for me last Christmas or the Christmas before but, although it fitted, the computer would not operate until he took it out.  I had trouble finding the Journal file and feared that my work had been lost.  However it was thrown up by the search facility of the computer.  Much relief!!!  Letter this morning from Royal Liver.  Two policies worth a total of approximately €9000 mature in November and December this year.  Barry accepted €15 today for a bag of coal.  "I would not change a fiver for the sake of a euro!" he exclaimed.  "Thank you, Barry," I replied, "You are a gentleman."  Text’d Kieran the window cleaner about the stuffed gutters.  "Will call tomorrow and sort out the problem," he replied.  Water gushing out of the gutter over the White Elephant Lounge "outside" double door.  Heavy showers this evening.  Exchanged texts this afternoon with Aidan Brennan arranging Gold Medal second round match for Wednesday 27 May 2009 at 16.45.  Got up from my seat at the computer near 3.00 and washed my teeth, flossed, put on Emperor pajamas, exercised fully, got into bed at 3.20.

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