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“Dada” Funeral, Salad, Conversation, McHugh Cup

Saturday 30 May 2009

Made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed in white shirt, navy golf slacks, blue Argyle socks, black brogues, Kennedy McSharry jacket with black and white small squares pattern, black tie with small white rectangles pattern.  Although I exercised I felt a bit stiff and overweight.  Lovely day.  Drove out the M1 to Fatima church for the funeral of Gerry Sherry – Claire Wood’s father, RIP.  Margaret Harmon had informed me about it in a courtesy call on Thursday or Friday.  She also told me that Seamus McGuinness had died suddenly on holiday abroad.  RIP.  I parked inside the gate of the church and walked anti-clockwise around the building looking for the toilet.  A tall dark angular woman was opening the door of the church as I came round.  "Is the toilet outside or inside?" I queried.  "Oh!" she replied, "It’s not outside, it’s inside."  She later proved to be the organist and she accompanied two singers one a tenor called Martin and the other a lady whose name I cannot remember – but she was a very fine singer, impressive especially in the warm-up.  I sang along at one or two points as did the woman beside me in the back seat and quite a few echoes in the congregation as a whole.  I think the organist is a St. Louis sister.  Margaret Harmon on the other side of the main isle waved to me from the right hand side of the church and I returned the gesture before the mass began.  The celebrant a stocky man of the Jim Cousins’ mould was human with excellent narrative skills.  A Northerner, he seemed very experienced although he was probably only in his mid 50’s.  A bigger, white-haired priest concelebrated – a priest of the parish?  I also went in to the toilet after mass and walked up to the end of the graveyard for the conclusion of the burial.  Located Claire, dressed extremely well in brown satin, and offered my condolences.  Rosanna gone to golf when I came home.  I made a salad including carrot, cheddar, olives, three slices of "buttered" soda bread, 5 or 6 grape tomatoes, the remains of a ham salad prepared by Rosanna from the container, two slices of ham.  Watched the second half of The Cup Final.  Chelsea 2, Everton 1.  Aisling rang.  Paul gone to Galway (for the big yacht race?) so Aisling said she would come down.  I took a siesta and Aisling arrived before I got up.  I lit the fire and had a long coherent discussion with Aisling about psychiatry, mental illness, schizophrenia, education, work, explaining my stock ideas which seemed to mirror her own.  Took a few snaps and Aisling took one of me in my Technicolor robe and Emperor pajamas.  Rosanna, runner-up in the McHugh Cup, came home soon after 22.00.  Marian Murnaghan was the run-away winner.  Rosanna’s handicap drops from 19 to 18.  She birdied the Pig’s Back from "the hollow" and her 37 points included 21 on the back 9.  Ann Davey also had 37 but Rosanna won second place on the countback.  I lost interest when Rosanna came home and retired to bed.  I washed my teeth, brushed my dentures, flossed, exercised and got into bed around 23.30.

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