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Driver; IMPERO; Sandals; Line

Sittingroom and Sweet William 017 Sittingroom and Sweet William 018

Tuesday 23 August 2011.

Spent all day getting to know the Canon Aisling brought down to me the last day she was here. Put the driver for the camera on the Dell and downloaded all the images from the camera. Printed 6 x A4 pictures. E-mail from Kevin McGeough. Will not attend IMPERO Saturday and will not meet me for coffee tomorrow. Doing a job on his house; filling a skip. Yet he plays golf starting at 09.00 on Saturday morning. I sent out an e-mail confirming meeting of IMPERO in the golf club @ 14.00 Saturday and sent a message to the club about it through their web-site. Sweet William flourishing outside the front door. Snapped some blooms on macro setting. Very colourful. Aisling returned my call. She flies to Uganda on Thursday to visit Paul. Dressed in Camel Active sandals which Peter Oliver (River) Jordan delivered today. Silver Robbie slacks, fawn and gray/green FootJoy T-shirt, black/green/red braces, glasses. Dried on the line the shirts and articles I washed yesterday in the washing machine. Phoned Dessie. A lot of meaningless talk. Washed teeth and read my journal for a while in bed before lights out. Cleaned out and lit ½ fire this evening. Also watered the pots, boxes, baskets; I think.

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