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Maltese: Ely Place: Nikolai Demidenko: Flute Player

Friday 2 May 2014

Up 06:00. Made porridge from the last remnant in the present bag of Kavanagh’s. A slightly larger helping than usual. Departed from Jenkinstown at 08:10 to leave Eamonn in to DkIT. Passed a motion in The Long Walk Shopping Centre, the first of two today. Played 6 with Alan Ratcliffe starting at 10:00. 4, 4, 4, 8, 6, 4 = 30. Alan had a NR on both 17 and 18. Tea and a Kit-Kat each in the bar and a good chat, a lot of it about Maltese, Welsh, Gaelic. I drove the ball poorly today. Rosanna gave me a half dozen fish fingers which I ate with some Sarson’s vinegar. I tried to take a siesta. John the coalman knocked me up. “Did you not know I was coming?” he pleaded. “I was down to the dust!” I explained about the full bunker. He left a bag of singles and I gave him a cheque for €46 = 2×16 + 14. Barry left 2 bags a few weeks ago, John assured me. Paul Smyth also rang when I was in bed. Bought 6(1 orange + 1 bag of King’s crisps) in McCrystal’s. Rosanna had given me a box containing a Christmas train set. Brought all in to No. 5 Saint Joseph’s Street soon after 17:00. Had filled my tank and pissed in Lusk service area where I also bought a double Snickers bar. Lisa gave me tea and pizza. Parked in Ely Place and ate one of my Snickers Duo. Waited till 19:00 for free on-street parking and left my car to go back to the pub behind me for a piss. Bought a program, €5. Sat with James Rickard and friend for a while than vacated my seat in favour of another friend of Rickard’s. Bought a bottle of orange juice, €2.70. Read my program upstairs and drank the juice. Seat at the front of the red gallery stage right. A great view of the pianist’s hands. Bravura performance from Nikoai Demidenko. Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat. Encore. Then an inspired performance in “The Late Night” at 22:10 perfected in the last tiny note. Glinka Nocturne in F minor, La separation (4’): Blumenfeld Notturno-Fantasia in E major Op 20 (9’): Medtner 2 Fairy Tales, Opus 20 No. 2 & Op. 26 No.3 (5’): Kalinnikov Nocturne in F sharp minor (4’30”). My car highlighted at the top of Hume Street. Ate the second of my Snickers Duo on the way out of the city via O’Connell Street led by my sat nav. Home at 00:15. Ate Bixies, milk, sliced banana; drank coffee. Shopped in Tesco a.m. for milk, bananas, Coca-Cola, an egg sandwich. Ate the sandwich and drank the can of Coke when I came home from golf. Too intimidated by the young slim woman in McCrystal’s to ask for a print out. The price of my goods came to over €8. However she replace a big “busted” orange for me. To be honest I was myself responsible because I let the orange fall on the floor of the shop. They were big and it was difficult to hold an armful of oranges. Bananas Loose 1.215kg @ €1.25/kg 1.52: Fresh Milk 3l 2.49: Coca Cola 0.95: Egg Sandwich 2.50 = €7.46. Also in the orchestral concert Brahms Hungarian Dances and, in the second half: Kodaly Dances of Galánta (15’): Bartok The Miraculous Mandarin Suite (19’). Alan Buribayev conducted. The female flute player in the middle had remarkable stage presence and somehow dominated the orchestra? Very loud music. Text from Lisa a.m. “Ok no problem. L.” I text’d her yesterday saying I wanted to visit today.

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