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Re-building ENUSP: Strengthening the network of users and survivors of psychiatry across Europe. Budapest 20 – 23 January 2012.

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Epiphany; Missing; Leah; Silvia

Friday 6 January 2012.

Up 09.00 +. Exercised and showered. Ate before that weetabix and milk for breakfast. Dressed in grey Robbie small-check slacks, “Trinity” T-shirt, sky blue Greenore semi-polo T-shirt, black and grey Mizuno golf gansy, braces, navy 2011 FootJoy golf socks, tan two-tone Javari zipped boots, glasses, brown Oakmont golf jacket for outer wear, blue and grey Nike barred nightcap style golf headgear. Rosanna culled some of my papers. Spent the day listening to the radio and kept off the Acer and the Dell. Drove in to GreenLife DR c 18.00 and struck a free basket of balls with the 3-metal, rescue club, driver, 7-iron. The dispensing machine was not operating so JC gave me a ¾ full bucket of balls which he retrieved from behind the scenes. Coffee afterwards buckshee from Rickie – I made it myself. He works in Ridley’s and was just filling in. Rosanna met Jane Savage at 18.30 in Strandfield and returned home long after me. Patrick Sheelan called in the late morning soon after I finished dressing. Searching for his brother Gavin, 19, who is missing. He carried a photo and gave a description of what his brother was wearing when last seen. The HQ of the search is in The Pats’ Complex. Nice pop music on RTE Radio 1 20.00 —-> 22.00. Cooked a pot of porridge. Ate half of it hot with honey and later for supper ½ of it cold with honey. Used an almost full balloon wine glass full of flakes. Washed my teeth before bed and earlier trimmed my toenails. 00.07. Wrote notes for this journal sitting on the side of my bed dressed in pyjamas.

Saturday 7 January 2012.

Up 09.00. Breakfast of weetabix, milk, coffee. Went back to bed. Up again. Exercised; showered; dressed the same as yesterday. Hung about the house while Rosanna tidied and culled a lot of papers continuing the work she began yesterday. Lunch: 4 pieces of brown bread, butter, cheese, garlic spread, one piece with marmalade; tea. Ate a large juicy tart orange. Siesta. Text from Leah. “Will arrive c 19.30.” Ate beef dinner before mass.

· Christ Be Beside Me

· The Lord’s My Shepherd

· Amazing Grace

· Sweet Heart of Jesus

A Marist priest with white hair and beard. Very small congregation. Frances and Catherine Baldwin both absent. Small forces but the choir was good nevertheless. Fidelis was there in tune. I went in and gave the prompt to the “children” to come out for the offertory. However they missed their cue. But I had warned the priest beforehand and he astutely saved the day calling for the children to come out. Gave €10 in the envelope to include the “6th”. Earlier drove to McCrystals’ for change of a €20 note. Bought a Snickers Duo and 2 scones. Ate one cherry scone with a glass of milk. Gave €2 to Brainwave on the way in to the church. Met Mrs. Wehrly coming out. Gavin Sheelan was found dead today by the helicopter up around Sleanaglough, RIP, (19). Leah who arrived before I went to 19.30 mass showed me the Kindle I bought for JJ. It’s a library! A small slim piece of equipment. Drank 1 ½ glasses of red after mass. Ate some chocolates, some ice-cream and later before bed a bowl of cornflakes and milk. Writing now, 22.20, sitting on the side of my bed dressed in flip-flops, pyjamas, black robe, glasses. Going to wash my teeth and retire. Rosanna cried off golf today. I play tomorrow DV. Did not get a chance to e-mail Silvia tonight. Early in the morning?

Lordship Parish Christmas Party Sunday 27 November 2011

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Anchovies; Breast Pocket; Reception; Devices

Saturday 19 November 2011.

Visited Carlingford @ 11.30. Bought a glass jug, a lavender candle, a jar of olives stuffed with anchovies, a cloth bag “Food for Thought.” Drank a cappuccino in Food for Thought who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Service good; pricey? Took a few snaps of Teresa Merrigan in Greenore and later uploaded them onto photobucket. “Will you put them up on Facebook?” she had asked. “I will,” I promised but somehow due to technical problems I could not get the photos uploaded directly onto Facebook. Mince meat and onions simmering in the pan on Dessie’s cooker; house warm and tidy. I took no siesta. Visited the vestry. Copied anniversaries and left an ill-written note for Fr. Murphy postponing Renew to Fridays. E-mailed Silvia. Ronan O’Gara kicked the winning score, a drop goal, the last kick of the game for Munster away in France. The second week in a row he had accomplished this feat. Attended the Captain’s dinner (Eamonn McCartan) dressed in cream shirt, red patterned silk tie, brown Kartel 46” jacket, dark brown check Robbie slacks, black/red/green braces, gold cufflinks, silver Parker pen in my breast pocket, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, chocolate Loake brogues. Wore neither cap nor overcoat; the night was mild. Sat between Anne McGrane, a nurse from Newry and Siobhán Ballentine at Noel McGrane’s table. Anne was complimentary about my dress and Noel remarked that I was looking well. “I don’t know how you do it?” he wondered. Great person to person chat with Anne who knows a thing or two. Soup, salmon, assorted dessert, coffee. Orange juice earlier at reception. I enjoyed a bit of bread and butter at the start and finished my main plate by eating several baby potatoes with butter and salt. They were the two things I found most appetising. I pulled out around 23.45 buying Rosanna a glass of red and leaving her to her own devices. I was under pressure facing a long and taxing day tomorrow. Rosanna had arranged to get a lift home from Kay Hall, lady vice-captain, who was there with her husband. I slept before 01.00 soon after I went to bed; I think Rosanna arrived home around 03.00 but she did not really upset my rest. I drank a large glass half and half wine and apple juice for my lunch with bread, cheese, a little salad. That finished off the 1l bottle of Vin de Pays I bought in Lidl on Thursday for a little over €5.

Concra; sdtbm; Shower; Sirloin Steak

Wednesday 3 August 2011.

Trundled out to Concra Wood early for my 12.50 start in the Seniors’ Open. Purchased a tank of petrol, €31, and a Snickers Duo on the way in Bellurgan Service Station. Clocked in in the pro shop and sat in the bar for a while munching my way through the Snickers Duo. €25 entry paid with my MBNA Visa card. Read through the local rules on the back of the card and looked at the yardages. Played off the green tees with Daniel a thin man, a diabetic, from Elm Park; and David and Philip two sturdy gentlemen and good golfers from Glengormley. I thoroughly enjoyed my round and we all agreed Concra is a lovely layout. I sweated in my long sleeved black Mizuno golf gansy and not wearing a glove the driver was insecure in my hands and slipped on the 10th tee where I pulled my drive to the left high into the tiger rough hopelessly lost. Otherwise I struck it well including one sdtbm on the last where I struck a 5-iron second pin high to the right of the green. Nice chip and a short down-hiller for a 4 to finish. Holed a nice 5’ side hill putt on the 9th green. 28 points. Daniel whose card I marked scored 22. The two strongmen scored 31 each playing quite good golf. I read tomorrow that 44 or 45 points won! Took a nice shower in the airy big bright locker room and changed my clothes taking off the dark stuff and assuming a white long-sleeved Ralph Lauren semi-polo shirt, dark striped braces, black boxers, silver Robbie slacks and belt, fawn cotton non-elasticised socks, brown zip ankle boots, glasses. Drank a pint of iced tap water in the bar and ordered the dearest item on the menu, a sirloin steak, well done. Lovely chips melting in the mouth, nice cream pepper sauce, a large grilled mushroom, a halved grilled tomato, fried onion. I masticated it all with relish except the mushroom. Very tempting, I told the coolly efficient and very personable attractive young waitress, but I thought the safest thing to do in light of my allergy was to leave it behind me on the large rectangular plate. The steak cost approximately €25 and I also drank a lovely pot of coffee, €2.50. Michael O, James McCormack, Eugene Woods, Peadar Gallagher; came in to the bar while I was polishing off my steak. “I don’t believe you!” I said to James McCormack when he rather grudgingly volunteered that he is two years older than me, “I’d have to see your birth certificate.” Paid with my MBNA Visa card no problem. The woman at the desk pleasant and prepared to chat in a business like way. It must have been 21.00 when I reached home. Rosanna had already returned on the train from Dublin where she had rendezvoused with Aisling and visited Óg’s house. I think we talked golf comparing Greenore unfavourably with Concra. As usual I was a bit on tenterhooks all day paying attention to detail and striving to make no wrong moves or forget something. But I had a really enjoyable and fulfilling day in a remarkable place. A young lady from the Irish Independent rang my mobile while I was eating and tried to pump me about Sellafield. I putted a round with 2 or 3 balls on the putting green before teeing off and my putting today was a lot more solid than usual. More ambition and more care than is my wont. The ranger kept in touch especially towards the end of the round. Very easy to get on with, nice to talk to, sensible, a good sense of proportion. Philip Clarke used a belly putter and sank a few long ones at the start including a birdie at the first where I scored 6. I had a shortish one for birdie on the first downhill feature hole where I had only a short pitch with SI from the middle of the fairway to the green; but missed. I made a mess of the 15th hole where my drive struck the far bank and rolled back into the lake. Daniel stuck to me and entered my score on the computer. I read out the numbers off his own card and mine for him to key in to the computer. All very efficiently done with no angst.

Joe Finegan’s 85th Birthday Celebrations. St. Patrick’s Clubrooms, Lordship. 10 July 2011.

DSCF3321DSCF3322DSCF3323DSCF3324DSCF3325DSCF3326DSCF3327DSCF3328DSCF3329DSCF3330DSCF3331DSCF3332DSCF3335DSCF3336DSCF3337DSCF3338DSCF3339DSCF3340DSCF3341DSCF3342DSCF3343DSCF3344DSCF3345DSCF3346DSCF3347DSCF3348DSCF3349DSCF3353DSCF3354DSCF3355DSCF3356DSCF3357DSCF3358DSCF3352DSCF3359DSCF3360DSCF3362DSCF3363DSCF3364DSCF3365DSCF3366DSCF3369DSCF3367DSCF3370DSCF3368Gerry McDonald, SiobhánJimmy Gorman, Muriel, Sadhbh

Photos from The Strand



Assortment; Pregnant; Blank Cheque; Green Cap; Cork


Sunday 24 April 2011. Easter Sunday

Journalled in the morning. Did not shower or exercise. Made bed, washed face, dressed. White FootJoy T-shirt, silver Robbie slacks, black/green/ red braces, glasses, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, Grenson Chelsea boots. Wore white FootJoy golf jacket to Greenore. Bought an assortment of chocolate bars in McCrystal’s including a Snickers Duo for myself from Alan Raeburn. Lisa heavily pregnant weeding the hedge in her garden in Greenore. Trés, her sister, made tea and gave me some cake she baked herself. Gavin talked to me. Seán Óg looking more rested and relaxed than usual. 5 ½ weeks since his surgery. Gave a blank cheque signed by Lisa to Graham in the bar in the club. Her sub. Walked back to her house and gave the receipt to Lisa. €770. Lost my green Greenore golf baseball cap. Bought a comfortable light sky blue Nike baseball golf cap from Robert Giles just before I headed out to practice before teeing off at 12.30. €15. Shane Farrell scored 81 – 13 = 68; His dad, Brian, scored 81 – 8 = 73; Me 89 – 15 = 74. Aisling was supposed to call today but didn’t. Filming in Tipping’s Wood with Pádraig McGovern. Ate Snickers before golf and on the 13th tee a ripe banana Brian gave me when I pulled up in the car park before going out to golf. Ate a chicken salad for dinner followed by a juicy large sweet orange. Made and ate a bowl of porridge with Golden Syrup. Corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Apricot wheats, milk; for breakfast. Bowels in copious motion this morning and again when I landed in the golf club. Cork crept up from 7 points down in the League Final to pip Dublin by 1 point. Luke Donald lost a playoff at The Heritage to Brandt Snedecker who finished with 64 the best round of the day. Lee Westwood won in Thailand. Louth defeated Westmeath last night in Croke Park. The Division 3 final. Met Seamus McParland on the 12th tee bullshitting about Eric Hynes. Pat practicing his chipping to the old 13th green as we passed by going up the 17th fairway. Big “Hello!” to Dermot Maguire before the start. They were in front of us but out of sight all the way. To bed 00.15. Rosanna in Greenore late where she went to visit and to see Greenore lose to Ardee in the Senior Mixed. Peter McEnaney retrieved my green cap from underneath the bar immediately I enquired. When I came up into the bar again after keying my score into the computer in the locker room. Drank a pint of iced tap water with a slice of lemon. No coffee. Brian and Shane ate before going back to Dublin.

Lovely Lassies; Chic-lit; Hand-made; Read Only

Tuesday 22 March 2011.

Played 18 starting at 11.10 with Francie Murphy, Paul Byrne, Tommy Hazzard.  Although I had only one ding – on 17 – my total score was 28 points.  Paul Byrne who played like a low handicapper, very correctly, cruised to 40 points off 17.  Tommy  scored < 20 points, I think, and said to me several times that he was not handing in his card.  Francie struck the ball well and scored in the low 30’s.  I poured with sweat and took a shower at the end.  “Three lovely lassies from Bannion!” I exclaimed spotting Rosanna, Ann Davey, Ethna Dowling; outside the door of the ladies’ locker room.  Ann was not impressed.  “It’s a long time since someone called me a lassie,” she remarked.  Wore black shirt, blue Lahinch pullover, grey check woollen slacks, navy FootJoy socks, glasses.  No cap.  Sunburn.  In March!!  Changed into black slacks, black patent Clarks, brown Farah T-shirt, trunks, clean vest, grey sports socks.  Changed my braces at home putting on grey ones instead of the blue ones I assumed after my shower.  They were too long, too stretched.  Attended in the library a talk by Sinéad Moriarty a tall presentable author of half a dozen chic-lit “issue” novels.  Arthur Kinahan snapped me with Sinéad.  I was wearing my grey Lacrosse jacket over my T-shirt, just in from the street.  A woman in a shop across from the museum directed me to the library.  Bought a Mizuno golf towel off Robert before I headed for the 1st tee.  Used no cash.  Credit on my account he told me.  Earlier when I was clocking in I bought a pair of hand-made 9 ½ FootJoy golf shoes.  €129.  “Less than cost price,” Robert remarked when I sought a concession.  Robert Giles gave none.  I paid with my UB debit card.  €3 for a trolley.  Jim Irwin for €5 gave me 10 or 12 old Pro V balls.  I played my round today with an old Pro V ball discoloured with age and regularly drove it off the tee with driver and Irons past my companions.  Used 9 off the 6th tee, 6 off the 10th tee, 7 off the 14th tee.  Pin high slightly right in all cases.  3-putted 14 from 12’.  A little draw with the irons induced by finishing “high.”  I ate chicken goujons, chips, coleslaw, salad, creamed garlic, pot of white coffee; sitting on my own in the bar at the corner window.  Approximately €10 in total.  The three lovely lassies were ensconced beyond in the near corner of the dance floor.  Changed the password on my Windows Live account.  WordPress available in read-only mode.  Met Catherine Harvey (Kitty Cryan) in the library and Dominic McKevitt.  She answered, “Yes,” when I asked her if she remembered Tom Cormican.  Eamonn is teaching Dominic, a past-pupil of mine, in DkIT.  Drank a half-glass of white before Sinéad’s talk and a glass of Ballygowan afterwards.  A dark-haired woman helped me to put my stuff in the bag provided so that I could sit down with my glass after I had my photo taken.  A nice expression.  I think it cost €10 to enter the competition today.  Took down Seán Óg’s notice in the locker room about the junior fourball competition.  He rang after I arrived home from Greenore and I gave him the details of the 6 names on the list.  Although I did not get to bed until mid-night I had a lot of e-mail and trouble with Windows Live so I did not get round to my journal.  Writing now at 8.25 Wednesday I have just completed the journal entry for the past 3 days.

Skarpnord, Strawberries, Stubble, Rain


Friday 6 August 2010

Well I got up bright and early around 06.00.  I put €25 of petrol in my 2010 Toyota iQ at 08.30 and withdrew €100 from the service till in Bellurgan Service Station.  Rosanna and I left at 09.00 and via Ardee, Collon, Slane, reached Dunshaughlin before 11.00 where we had coffee and a bar.  Gave €2 to a youngster from Drumconrath whose father used a mobile phone to get us directions to Killeen Castle GC.  We followed Kristy McPherson, Angela Stanford, Marianne Skarpnord, from the 18th green around the front 9 which they played to finish.  69, 71, 70, the best 3-ball of the day.  They are all shortlisted for the Curtis Cup, the first two for the American team; Marianne from Norway for the European.  We met David Rafferty and Gussie Goss twice.  I sympathized with David on the recent death of his father.  I ate apple tart (heated) and cream; €4.50: followed by fresh strawberries (and some raspberries) with cream; €5.00.  I finished off some of Rosanna’s steak sandwich.  She bought it following David’s recommendation but it was tough, leathery and cold by the time I got some of it.  The car-park cost €5 and it was a stubble field.  There is very little clearance under the iQ so I was worried about getting my car in and out.  In the event in spite of the rain there was no bother.  Rosanna had a chat with Deirdre Smith standing in front of the giant scoreboard.  I sat beside them but rose as Deirdre departed for a cup of tea.  She remarked favorably on my manners when I did this.  Long trip home via Trim, Navan, Castletown, Ardee, Dundalk.  Rosanna shopped in Tesco LWSC.  A young man recovered the token for me by giving my trolley a blow of his naked fist a maneuver I felt was doomed to failure.  My dentures and gums sore and uncomfortable on account of tangling with the remnants of Rosanna’s steak sandwich.  Postponed my journal writing until the morning.  Nodded off in the Parker Knoll a few times and wakened up to find Rosanna gazing at me with a lost expression of wonder in her countenance.  She went to bed early; I dragged myself off to bed later a little before 23.00.  Did not wash my teeth.  Exercised this morning and performed my usual routines, making bed, washing, applying moisturizer and deodorant, dressing; blue barred Kartel T-shirt, vest, black slacks, grey sports socks, Hush Puppie black brogues, Oakmont brown golf jacket, grey braces.  Basically the same clothes I wore yesterday.  Bumped into Roisín Daly in Hallmark, LWSC.  Seán Óg rang his mother a few times.  He called to Joe Carolan who is home from NZ while we were in Tesco and he carried on afterwards to Greenore without calling to our house in Jenkinstown although we were at home by the time he left Carolans’.