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Transplant; Alyssum; Honey; Forecast

Tuesday 28 June 2011.

Exercised. No shower. Made bed. Weetabix and milk. Put on old £20 Michael Lynch black slacks with blue braces, heavy boots, black FootJoy golf socks, white Tom McNulty T-shirt, no vest, glasses. A clear indication that I intended to do some gardening. All I got done was to weed around the cotoneaster opposite the front door and transplant there in the spaces around the Sweet William plants a small tray of white Alyssum. The Sweet William has not yet fully matured. Used the edging tool to tidy the flower bed around the cotoneaster. Ate 2 full rounds of nutty bread ham-and-cheese sandwiches with a mug of tea. One sandwich with fat and the other with lean from the ham remnant I found in the oven of the cooker. Real butter. Siesta 14.00 – 16.00. Rosanna away playing 12 with the lady captain, Jayne Savage. A tin of tuna in oil, 2 sliced tomatoes, 2 buttered slices of nutty brown bread. First of all I ate a double helping of Flahavan’s Oatlets with 3 teaspoonfuls of honey. Boiled the porridge properly without any difficulty. Did not water the transplanted Alyssum waiting for the rain. It was hot this morning and I squashed 2 clegs one on either arm as I weeded and planted this morning. This evening a light shower came around 19.00. Aisling arrived from The Big Smoke soon after the shower to attend Sheila McCrystal’s (87) wake. I went down after Aisling and Rosanna at 20.30. Met Joe Carolan who complimented me on doing well at the golf. Saw Nobby coming out as I pulled my iQ in beside Tom’s black Mercedes following a signal from the bearded Kirk who works for the County Council. The battery was low in the hedge trimmer but I levelled the top and one side of the currant hedge at the side of the house. Surfed. A lot of hits on Sean’s Space yesterday. None at all today. Aisling washed and dried 2 pairs of jeans and promptly left for Dublin. She is not working on Friday the day of my parents’ anniversary mass? 23.40. Ate weetabix and milk. Washed teeth and dentures. Left the radio on sleep mode to hear the forecast and the 00.00 news. Slept the sleep of the just. Blessed myself twice with the small one-decade wooden Italian rosary standing looking at Mrs. McCrystal in frozen pose in the open coffin in the room on the left inside the front door. Pulled with some regrets a lot of small shamrock plants from the flower bed at the front door this morning. Weeds?

Photos from The Strand



Black Van; The Cardinal; Incomplete; Scribbled; Coal

Friday 10 June 2011.

Exercised. Dressed in black “legal” 42” slacks, Argyle grey/black/pink socks, black patent Clarks, white FootJoy golf T-shirt, navy old Stena fleece, sky blue Nike golf cap with on orange ball marker pinned to the peak, glasses. Paul McNeill parked his black van behind my iQ in Main Street, Dunleer. Joined in singing, “Abide with Me,” in the parish church at 12.00. Fr. Murphy’s brother spoke at the lectern. The Cardinal (Seán Brady) was the principal celebrant at mass and he preached extremely well on Fr. John Murphy’s life and person. Bishop Clifford performed the obsequies in Mosstown graveyard where I took out ostentatiously my one decade rosary beads, which were given to me as a gift in Italy. I also tried to sing along with the Salve Regina intoned by all the priests at the end of the burial ceremony. I was delighted to meet Nikki Mackin both before and after the burial ceremony in the graveyard. Shook hands with Fr. John McKeever who looked at me disapprovingly; and with Fr. Pádraig Murphy: at the top of the sloped field where my car was parked. Lovely morning and Fr. Pádraig seemed in the best of humour. I said I was going to see if my brother was up out of bed and that I would try to annoy him. Anyway Teddy gave me tea and chocolate cake. I was not wearing dentures and my left upper gum was sore so I could not masticate anything hard or tough. Played ball with the shitzu. John Byrne showed me round the GAA centre in Darver. Unfinished driveway. Gym, showers, meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets; state of the art: assembly room; incomplete. 6 pitches. The main pitch exactly the same dimensions as Croke Park. A few pitches with artificial surfaces. At home ate salad including ham, cheese, balsamic vinegar; three slices of buttered brown topped with pâté; one slice of buttered brown topped with marmalade; a mug of tea. Fire lit. Rosanna gone to be sub in Greenore for Miele 4xball match v Dundalk. Surprisingly Greenore won I found out when Rosanna returned home near mid-night. Read e-mail. Long phone call from Dessie who wanted to know about the funeral. Ate an orange. Later I came up from the sitting room and prepared sardines-on-toast and put marmalade on a slice of buttered brown. Demolished all with a mug of tea. Scribbled journal for the past two days into my reporter’s notebook. Mentioned Greenore Golf Club to Fr. John Murphy’s brother after the burial and had, by chance, a bit of a conversation with Anthony Murphy, a nephew of Fr. John’s, who is editor of The Dundalk Democrat. Put on my pyjamas and washed my teeth before getting in to bed at 23.45 preparing to rise early for golf tomorrow with Con Rice, Niall and Aidan Mulvanney. Left the ventilator open. Charged the fire in the White Elephant Lounge with coal twice this evening.

Mobile; Man-to-Man; Living Lawns; Toledo

Tuesday 31 May 2011.

Made my bed, washed my teeth (did not wash them last night), exercised (with some difficulty), ablutions. Dressed the same as yesterday. Seán Óg rang on my mobile as I drove towards Ravensdale around 09.40 and I missed the turn down to the dispensary. Óg in good form booking a slot for golf on Monday. He is walking 2 miles a day he told me and swinging a club out the back on the mat. Dr. Rolf administered an injection of 1000 units of hydroxocobaloamine into my left flank. Yesterday’s injection was painless but this morning’s was sore and congested. “That’s an efficient doctor!” I remarked to Alice Roddy paying her the €10 she settled for. Rolf talked a little condescendingly in classic doctor/patient mode but his attitude was man-to-man and non-judgemental. “I know them all up there!” he remarked when I asked him if he knew Monica Doyle. Good chat with Vincie Tuite in the waiting area beforehand. Also made the acquaintance of Hilda Woods ex-postmistress, 74, of Ravensdale PO, a small talkative friendly human woman who now lives “in town.” Rosanna brought me out to Finnegan’s Nursery, Silverbridge. After lunch. Bought a red erect Begonia, £1.75, paid in cash. 5 seed trays, £3.49; 2 packs of prick out pots, 2 x £1.99: total £7.47 = €8.69, paid with MBNA Visa credit card. Picked up a booklet Living Lawns. “That’s free,” the woman at checkout informed me. It seemed to me to be more valuable than the pieces of black plastic I paid for. Concocted a salad; for lunch. Washed: lettuce, 7 cherry tomatoes, celery. White cheddar; 2 slices of package ham; a sliced cold hard-boiled egg; 8 pickled onions; chopped 2 big scallions; vinaigrette; light mayonnaise; 4 slices of brown buttered; mug of tea. Scoffed all in my red apron. “If I had a camera?” Rosanna remarked derisively as she passed me tucking in at the table in the living room. Watered plants. Dead-headed violets, red daisies, and a small compact plant sprouting white flowers. Scalped the latter using the gold Toledo scissors I purchased and carried home from Madrid years ago. Used the small green watering can I bought in Boyd’s yesterday to dampen the Alyssum seedlings. Worked a treat. Got the tip of using the rosette upside down from a picture in Living Lawns. Cleaned out and lit the fire in the White Elephant Lounge after 21.00. Earlier sent out by e-mail notice of the IMPERO meeting on 12 June in The Strand. Error in the agenda I discovered to my chagrin later. Date of the ENUSP/MHE conference wrong. 2010 instead of 2011. Listened to the debate 22.00 to 23.00 on RTE 1 Radio. Politics. 2nd bailout? Corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; for breakfast. Coffee, banana sandwich; for tea. Malt wheat, milk, sliced banana; for supper. 23.55 (note of time in my reporter’s notebook). Going to put on pyjamas and wash 5 ½ remaining teeth and brush my dentures. Did all that and got to bed. My energy much better today than yesterday? I just wanted to tell my journal that I sent a commentary to Mary Nettle yesterday on the terminology, “people with psycho-social problems.” Used extensively in Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) report which is in preparation. No reply from Mary.

Toyota iQ

Twilight in Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland

Assortment; Pregnant; Blank Cheque; Green Cap; Cork


Sunday 24 April 2011. Easter Sunday

Journalled in the morning. Did not shower or exercise. Made bed, washed face, dressed. White FootJoy T-shirt, silver Robbie slacks, black/green/ red braces, glasses, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, Grenson Chelsea boots. Wore white FootJoy golf jacket to Greenore. Bought an assortment of chocolate bars in McCrystal’s including a Snickers Duo for myself from Alan Raeburn. Lisa heavily pregnant weeding the hedge in her garden in Greenore. Trés, her sister, made tea and gave me some cake she baked herself. Gavin talked to me. Seán Óg looking more rested and relaxed than usual. 5 ½ weeks since his surgery. Gave a blank cheque signed by Lisa to Graham in the bar in the club. Her sub. Walked back to her house and gave the receipt to Lisa. €770. Lost my green Greenore golf baseball cap. Bought a comfortable light sky blue Nike baseball golf cap from Robert Giles just before I headed out to practice before teeing off at 12.30. €15. Shane Farrell scored 81 – 13 = 68; His dad, Brian, scored 81 – 8 = 73; Me 89 – 15 = 74. Aisling was supposed to call today but didn’t. Filming in Tipping’s Wood with Pádraig McGovern. Ate Snickers before golf and on the 13th tee a ripe banana Brian gave me when I pulled up in the car park before going out to golf. Ate a chicken salad for dinner followed by a juicy large sweet orange. Made and ate a bowl of porridge with Golden Syrup. Corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Apricot wheats, milk; for breakfast. Bowels in copious motion this morning and again when I landed in the golf club. Cork crept up from 7 points down in the League Final to pip Dublin by 1 point. Luke Donald lost a playoff at The Heritage to Brandt Snedecker who finished with 64 the best round of the day. Lee Westwood won in Thailand. Louth defeated Westmeath last night in Croke Park. The Division 3 final. Met Seamus McParland on the 12th tee bullshitting about Eric Hynes. Pat practicing his chipping to the old 13th green as we passed by going up the 17th fairway. Big “Hello!” to Dermot Maguire before the start. They were in front of us but out of sight all the way. To bed 00.15. Rosanna in Greenore late where she went to visit and to see Greenore lose to Ardee in the Senior Mixed. Peter McEnaney retrieved my green cap from underneath the bar immediately I enquired. When I came up into the bar again after keying my score into the computer in the locker room. Drank a pint of iced tap water with a slice of lemon. No coffee. Brian and Shane ate before going back to Dublin.

Snapped; Lazy; Sparse; Nibbled; Monitor

Thursday 17 March 2011.

Starting at 14.00 I played in the open fourball with Len Hennebry v Brendan and Conor Carnegie. We held the honour throughout the back 9 and scored 22 points. 16 for the front. I was playing off 11 and Len off 8. I struck the ball well enough but very crooked. Len played ok. Conor snapped his driver over his knee between the trees to the right of the 17th fairway. He had struck a fresh air shot with it and then topped one. I think I performed a full routine this morning including exercise. Dressed in black with a green light pullover. However wore my Oakmont brown jacket throughout on the golf course and my black Greenore woollen cap. Glasses. Saw Rosanna playing the 3rd as we crossed over from the 8th green to the 9th tee. My energy held up but I was too lazy to take a shower after the golf although I asserted to Len that I would. Whatever happened he did not come up to the bar. I sat on my own. Drank water, ate a steak sandwich and chips, drank 1” of red from a small bottle I bought Rosanna and a pot of tea. Great chat with Oliver Dullaghan. Cian Dullaghan and Johnnie McKeown won by two or three clear points with 44. Cian had 3 birdies he told me and Johnnie 2. I was delighted and stayed for the presentation. Jim Daly passed by looking like thunder as we cleaned our boots coming off the 18th green. The steak sandwich cost €14, tea €1.75, red wine for Rosanna €5, entry fee €10. Got buckshee a “loose” trolley. Wasted a lot of credit talking to Dessie on my mobile after I had lit the fire when I got home. Sparse attendance at the presentation and a slightly seedy atmosphere in the bar. Women ranged around in conclave. Sexual apartheid. Oil and water. Rosanna had pity on me came over and nibbled my chips for a while and then went back. I hit a bullet with my 3 metal on 17 from beside the first trees on the right almost all the way up to the gap between the newly refurbished cross bunkers. I think I bought a Dell 18” monitor on-line this evening for ~ €87.

Wireless Modem, Eggs, Cheese, Ashes


Wednesday 17 February 2010


Well I spent today around the house. Young “River” Jordan, the Postman, delivered a Netgear Wireless Modem Router which was addressed to Rosanna. She ran away when he rang the bell but I got up and in my pyjamas and robe. I signed for the parcel. I followed my usual routine, breakfast, made bed, exercised, washed, dressed. The same as yesterday, the same since Sunday. Green expensive collared T-shirt, green/black L Regatta fleece, grey small check slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, black Clarks patent shoes. Rosanna went to golf. I had peace and plucked up the courage to try to set up the wireless modem. Got everything connected. Put in the CD but could not advance. Rang Pure technical support and “Patrick” talked me through setting up the modem on both the Dell (cable connection) and the Acer (wireless). When I was starting, I told Patrick, I expected to sweat blood but the process proved to be quite quick and painless. Patrick advised me to contact Acer because I complained to him that the new computer seemed quite slow. I was delighted to find out later on the web that the Acer technical support facility for the whole of Ireland is in Lisburn or is it Banbridge? I ate two boiled eggs for an early lunch with salt and lots of butter. For tea I concocted myself a meal of cheese-on-toast, pickled onions, 6 cherry tomatoes, a generous piece of raw Stilton. I got my teeth around a bowl of fruit & fibre with milk for supper. Rosanna walked over with me to 19.30 mass. Fr. Murphy applied ashes to the forehead of everyone in the congregation. “Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.” I walked in my Bugati long coat over to the far side of the church to speak to Gene Lambe after mass about the “cancelled” anniversary on Thursday 25 February. He was walking towards me. “He wants to see me in the vestry now. That’s what it must be about,” Gene remarked to me and pressed on. Rosanna scored around 22 points, I think, for the 12 holes in the competition. Rosemary Hanratty playing with her scored 26. It’s Banbridge! 

Sand Bunker, Bag of Coal, Karla, Conficker

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Up at 9.30 in my Technicolor  bathrobe, pajamas, slippers.  Ate weetabix, chopped banana, milk, from the hemispherical white ceramic bowl.  Drank a mug of coffee.  Then washed my teeth, made my bed, exercised, washed, dressed – much the same as yesterday xcept that I wore black Rival cotton sports socks and black brogues instead of the footwear I used yesterday.  I had 12 hours sleep some of it rather uncomfortable with sweating around my neck early in the night and pain and discomfort in my right flank later on in the morning.  However when I got on my feet later on I felt in good fettle especially early in the day.  Rosanna went down to Greenore to play with Rosemary Hanratty.  Later I took a few shots from the Cutting and carried on to the golf club where I handed in my €30 voucher and bought a ball retriever, a small bag, and a pack of 3 pairs of Footjoy socks.  I think the total was €41 approximately – although like in McCrystal’s I got no print-out.  €(15 + 11 + 15).  Then I practised with little success chipping my ball out of the bunker until it started to rain.  I joined Rosanna and Rosemary Hanratty for coffee on the dance-floor as they sheltered from the rain having played 12.  They resumed on the 13th and I visited the Archbishop who gave me tea, brown bread which I topped with a mashed banana.  He also offered me cake and I cut and consumed a few slices of the small Madeira.  I gave Dessie €25 out of my expenses money.  He was reluctant to take it but truly it was not enough.  Found my mobile phone on the driver’s seat of my black Toyota Yaris (2007) Strata and later on found in my bedroom the short black pencil I had been looking for since morning.  Eric Cuthbert was up in Dessie’s bedroom issuing instructions to Dessie typing an e-mail complete with pictures to Karla of Eric, Eric’s brother (Karla’s father) and Eric’s father (Karla’s grandfather).  Karla lives in a Buddhist community in India.  Eric has a different car, a small 2000 Fiat, which he bought for €500.  I ate a lot of salad mayonnaise sandwiches with tea in the early evening and later some time after Teddy came I ate a processed cheese (with mustard and a generous filling of "butter") sambo and a mug of tea.  Teddy got stuck in to my computer and downloaded a few programs to improve my security and an updated version of Stinger which he ran and which I hope will have cleared up most of the many viruses which inhabited my computer.  But conficker has had its way and later on I was unable to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.  Teddy tried to install the memory card Og bought for me last Christmas or the Christmas before but, although it fitted, the computer would not operate until he took it out.  I had trouble finding the Journal file and feared that my work had been lost.  However it was thrown up by the search facility of the computer.  Much relief!!!  Letter this morning from Royal Liver.  Two policies worth a total of approximately €9000 mature in November and December this year.  Barry accepted €15 today for a bag of coal.  "I would not change a fiver for the sake of a euro!" he exclaimed.  "Thank you, Barry," I replied, "You are a gentleman."  Text’d Kieran the window cleaner about the stuffed gutters.  "Will call tomorrow and sort out the problem," he replied.  Water gushing out of the gutter over the White Elephant Lounge "outside" double door.  Heavy showers this evening.  Exchanged texts this afternoon with Aidan Brennan arranging Gold Medal second round match for Wednesday 27 May 2009 at 16.45.  Got up from my seat at the computer near 3.00 and washed my teeth, flossed, put on Emperor pajamas, exercised fully, got into bed at 3.20.

Spinach, Thumbnails, “Warm Recital in Anaverna.”


Thursday 23 October 2008

Did my exercises in the morning and evening and washed my six remaining teeth before bed.  Took no siesta.  Left Eamonn in to DkIT for 8.30 a.m.  Ate tagliatelle reheated with a "green" sauce and also salad complete with a vinegary dressing – for lunch.  Later in the evening I had grilled salmon, soy sauce, spinach, broccoli, mixed vegetables, a microwaved Rooster with lots of "real" butter.  I discovered how to save images in and paste them into the body of the pages.  Put 3 thumbnails up on the homepage and three thumbnails onto latest news page.  Added yesterday’s journal as a blog on my stumble site and also uploaded three images – scenes of the Lough, Ardaghy, Dessie.  Rose of SitesToGo returned in the afternoon on my mobile a call I recorded in the morning – or maybe it was a response to the card I included with the cheque I sent to STG on Monday.  She said the pictures on the site were "too big."  In the morning I wrote an article "Warm Recital in Anaverna" and uploaded it onto indymedia around 10.30 a.m.  Lit the WEL fire in the afternoon.  A windy wet day.  Corn flakes and milk for supper and for breakfast.  Eamonn rang me in the afternoon.  He missed the 4.00 p.m. bus so I went in to DkIT and collected him.  He was waiting at the back gate.  I spent a lot of time on the computer today.


Frost, Ripe Grapes, A Lavender Pillow

Thursday 4 September 2008

Sleeping half-moon

The weather was good today and at one point in the early afternoon I sat outside the back door drinking tea.  I was in the house on my own most of the day because Rosanna was golfing in Warrenpoint with Josie Malone and Pat Closkey.  They just missed the visitors’ prize in a three woman team event.  Had a chat in Grafter’s with Pakie the psychiatric nurse.  "You missed your chance," I asserted, "You should have been an Aussie Rules player."  It turns out that he was 6 years in Australia and he was a rules player although not at the highest level.  I told him there was an article in Dundalk LEADER yesterday telling how Brian Donnelly from Carlingford is going out to Australia to play Aussie rules.  Got for €10 my hair cut and my beard and eyebrows trimmed.  A No 1 "blade" all round.  Carried on out to Harvey Norman’s and collected the Fuji S FinePix 100fs that I bought over the phone earlier off Siobhan – the manager of the computer section.  She had lowered the price from €589 to €549 when I asked her for discount or a "sweetener."  I would have done better to convince her to include a "memory card" or something in kind like that instead?  However when I went in she did not come out to meet me in the shop.  A competent assistant named Fiona who resembled in a way Alison O’Neil took my payment (by credit card) and carried out the box which she put in a Canon bag?  I drove back down the Racecourse Road from the by-pass and bought a 2 litre container of milk in Aldi and an aromatherapy (lavender) pillow.  Total ~ €8.  The pillow was great value and I got a terrific night’s sleep because I put it on my bed on top of the main pillow I had been using and discarded the thinner pillow of the two that were on the bed.  Golf crossed my mind but I hung around the house in the afternoon waiting for a call from Eamonn to go in and collect him.  However around 6 p.m. Aisling landed with Eamonn in tow.  A frosty atmosphere between them.  "Aisling is thick because I will not edit her Bolivia film," Eamonn elucidated later, "I have not got the time."  Aisling ate a sausage roll and left for Dublin.  Nearly a half an hour later she rang the doorbell.  Eamonn had left his mobile phone in her car.  She handed me the phone, did not come in and hardly spoke.  I went to GreenLife Driving Range where I hit 38 balls (€4) with the 3 metal.  Conversation with Gavin Byrne about school, drink, buying and selling land and houses.  As I sat drinking a paper cup of coffee.  Washed my 6 remaining teeth morning and evening and also did matutinal and nocturnal "yoga."  Head uncomfortable and sore particularly late in the day.  I ate sausage rolls mid-morning and at lunchtime.  At tea-time I reheated in a bowl some boiled rice and chicken curry and ate it followed by some seedless ripe green grapes.  Later I ate a half a pork pie with a drink of cranberry juice.  I ate cornflakes and milk for breakfast and again for supper.  I should point out that Aisling had spent the day in DkIT teaching Eamonn how to use a high-tech video camera and also helping him with the editing program they want him to use in there.