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Bank holiday; Token; Honey; Sunshine

Monday 6 August 2012.

Bank holiday. Slept late and decided not to venture to Carton Demesne. Barrel loaf, 2 slices, toasted, buttered, with marmalade, tea; for breakfast. Shower. Dressed in grey Puma T-shirt, navy trunks, cappuccino Ralph Lauren sweat shirt, black FootJoy golf socks, tan 2-tone zipped boots, fawn Robbie cotton slacks and braces, new glasses. Corn flakes, weetabix, sliced banana, milk; an orange: for lunch. Practiced chipping putting waiting for Cian Dullaghan to collect the balls off the range. The machine had swallowed my token but had not coughed up any balls. Empty. Ian Brennan gave me a token in lieu and another I paid €2 for. Used only 1 token striking 3 balls with each club in the bag from P.W. to 3-metal. Motivated eventually by Ian Brennan giving a lesson to a punter behind me. “You were in hospital?” Eugene Woods said to me on the practice putting green. I complimented him on his recent win and category win on Sunday. Drank a small pot of white coffee served by a red-haired girl with a nice smile. Watched Katy Taylor storm her way to a bronze. Ate a tin of salmon with 2 heels of barrel loaf toasted and buttered and some salad. Ate the final portion of toast with a little honey. I took a siesta and Aisling decamped for the Big Smoke. She is tangling without much success with job applications for teaching posts. “Colm McCourt is a nice man?” she enquired last night. “He is,” I replied. Rosanna went to Greenore and completed 9 holes before dark. I ate a tomato/cheese/ham sandwich and drank tea. Left out the bins and lit the fire in The White Elephant Lounge. Listened to the arts program at 22.00 on “Dubliners.” Mild calm overcast today. Sunshine in the evening. Weetabix, sliced banana, milk; for supper. 23.35. Going to brush teeth and retire.

Irish Seniors’ Amateur Open Championship 2012; Clostohen

Thursday 31 May 2012.

Woke with a start at 07.00 almost too late for my 07.50 tee time. Rushed but returned from my car when I found no blue bag in the boot and packed the bag with a change of clothes. I wasted no time and got to Athenry golf club on the stroke of 07.20 in plenty of time. Incessant rain throughout the round. I wore my European Tour jacket of the wet suit I bought off Pat Hoey years ago over my white Ralph Lauren semi-polo white golf shirt with long sleeves. Black 42” slacks with turnups, fawn Ralph Lauren golf socks, tan and white Icon shoes, white Nike golf cap, glasses. The rain was of the soft variety and falling straight down with very little breeze and although I was wet to the arse all the way round I did not feel cold and I struck the ball brilliantly on many shots, with irons, 3-metal, rescue club and last but not least, the Mizuno driver. However my putter let me down. I used the BullsEye putter today instead of the “Richie Blackmore” mallet headed putter I used yesterday. Same difference. I was extremely thankful for a pair of all-weather gloves I bought off Robert Giles months ago. “Keep them in your bag. You would never know when they might come in useful,” he advised then. The first time I ever used them. I was also thankful for my brown braces especially when I saw my saturated playing partner Raymond Smith trying dolefully to hitch up his slacks in the trees by the 18th tee. Towards the end of the round he could not cope with the conditions and registered an NR. I signed for 92. Raymond had allowed my card to disintegrate in the wet but the teller cheerfully filled my score into a fresh dry card in the scorer’s office. I had kept note of the scores on an old Craddockstown card I found in my bag at the start. I struck a fine drive on 16 and a brilliant quiet 3-metal to within yards of the green. However chipped and 3-putted for a 6. The story of my life. I hit a brilliant 6-iron slightly short onto the right of the 17th, par 3, and 3 putted. Knocked down my second shot with the rescue club on 18, my only miscue of the day. Recovered with a high 6-iron dead straight over the flag at the back of the green. My shortish downhiller wandered to the right but I converted for a 5. Mission accomplished. Stripped in the locker room, took a hot shower in the cubicle Raymond had occupied before me, put on my blue Pierre Cardin shirt, clean underpants and socks, grey Robbie slacks, brown two-tone zipped soft boots. Felt I was playing well all along and when I was worried I generally hit a good shot. The lesson Robert Giles gave me a week or two ago pointed me in the right direction. I drank solo a pint of iced water in the bar and a mug of coffee (€1.50). Chat with Tom Tyrrell and his wife Mary. They were passing me in the bar on their way out to the course. Tom seemed in very happy mood despite the weather and I complimented him on how well he looked. Checked my score on the board 90 + 92 = 184. At that stage my total was the worst in the clubhouse. However there were 7 or 8 “Withdrawn” and “No Return.” It turned out that mine was the worst overall score in the end bar 1. But there were 11 competitors who did not complete the 2 qualifying rounds. In the end Seamus McParland finished second last of the qualifiers. Garth McGimpsey was 6th. Adrian Morrow won. The 2 Rossmore men acquitted themselves well and Tom Tyrrell had 3 good rounds. Frank helped me to put my clubs in the basement room to dry, I hung drapery around my room, spread my green bath towel on a bar in the bathroom; took my Canon, Powakaddy umbrella, white FootJoy golf jacket and set out towards Loughrea to find Tom Daly’s grave in Clostohen. The sat nav was not much help to me getting there. Found the grave exactly where the undertaker had helpfully explained to me it was when I phoned earlier. Took a few snaps with the Canon from underneath the umbrella in the drizzle. Struggled a little because the camera was on a delayed release setting and I had to correct that. The sat nav got me back to Raheen Woods Hotel without any delay. I had spoken to a couple sitting at table in a house opposite a graveyard and church I encountered a few kilometres before I reached Clostohen. They were friendly, gracious, took pains to explain the way to Clostohen. Satiated myself on chowder, pasta carboneri, a pot of tea. Ate so much I was uncomfortable the rest of the evening. Exchanged texts with Rosanna who plays with Emily in Greenore tomorrow evening against Banbridge in The Miele Cup. Sent a text to Dessie who rang tomorrow evening. Met Bryan Malone in the bar again this evening. He had come down from his room for a glass of ice and not long in was still wearing the (wet) clothes he had been playing in. Like me he was cheerful although his score was high. Exercised, with difficulty and a full stomach, took a shower, retired to bed; not long after 22.00. Raymond and I were the first out this morning. I told the personable young pro before setting out on the course this morning that the shower was cold yesterday. I thanked him afterwards. “Was the shower ok?” he asked. “It was red hot,” I replied gratefully.

Strictly Come Dancing; St. Patrick’s Clubrooms, Saturday 4 February 2012

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Epiphany; Missing; Leah; Silvia

Friday 6 January 2012.

Up 09.00 +. Exercised and showered. Ate before that weetabix and milk for breakfast. Dressed in grey Robbie small-check slacks, “Trinity” T-shirt, sky blue Greenore semi-polo T-shirt, black and grey Mizuno golf gansy, braces, navy 2011 FootJoy golf socks, tan two-tone Javari zipped boots, glasses, brown Oakmont golf jacket for outer wear, blue and grey Nike barred nightcap style golf headgear. Rosanna culled some of my papers. Spent the day listening to the radio and kept off the Acer and the Dell. Drove in to GreenLife DR c 18.00 and struck a free basket of balls with the 3-metal, rescue club, driver, 7-iron. The dispensing machine was not operating so JC gave me a ¾ full bucket of balls which he retrieved from behind the scenes. Coffee afterwards buckshee from Rickie – I made it myself. He works in Ridley’s and was just filling in. Rosanna met Jane Savage at 18.30 in Strandfield and returned home long after me. Patrick Sheelan called in the late morning soon after I finished dressing. Searching for his brother Gavin, 19, who is missing. He carried a photo and gave a description of what his brother was wearing when last seen. The HQ of the search is in The Pats’ Complex. Nice pop music on RTE Radio 1 20.00 —-> 22.00. Cooked a pot of porridge. Ate half of it hot with honey and later for supper ½ of it cold with honey. Used an almost full balloon wine glass full of flakes. Washed my teeth before bed and earlier trimmed my toenails. 00.07. Wrote notes for this journal sitting on the side of my bed dressed in pyjamas.

Saturday 7 January 2012.

Up 09.00. Breakfast of weetabix, milk, coffee. Went back to bed. Up again. Exercised; showered; dressed the same as yesterday. Hung about the house while Rosanna tidied and culled a lot of papers continuing the work she began yesterday. Lunch: 4 pieces of brown bread, butter, cheese, garlic spread, one piece with marmalade; tea. Ate a large juicy tart orange. Siesta. Text from Leah. “Will arrive c 19.30.” Ate beef dinner before mass.

· Christ Be Beside Me

· The Lord’s My Shepherd

· Amazing Grace

· Sweet Heart of Jesus

A Marist priest with white hair and beard. Very small congregation. Frances and Catherine Baldwin both absent. Small forces but the choir was good nevertheless. Fidelis was there in tune. I went in and gave the prompt to the “children” to come out for the offertory. However they missed their cue. But I had warned the priest beforehand and he astutely saved the day calling for the children to come out. Gave €10 in the envelope to include the “6th”. Earlier drove to McCrystals’ for change of a €20 note. Bought a Snickers Duo and 2 scones. Ate one cherry scone with a glass of milk. Gave €2 to Brainwave on the way in to the church. Met Mrs. Wehrly coming out. Gavin Sheelan was found dead today by the helicopter up around Sleanaglough, RIP, (19). Leah who arrived before I went to 19.30 mass showed me the Kindle I bought for JJ. It’s a library! A small slim piece of equipment. Drank 1 ½ glasses of red after mass. Ate some chocolates, some ice-cream and later before bed a bowl of cornflakes and milk. Writing now, 22.20, sitting on the side of my bed dressed in flip-flops, pyjamas, black robe, glasses. Going to wash my teeth and retire. Rosanna cried off golf today. I play tomorrow DV. Did not get a chance to e-mail Silvia tonight. Early in the morning?

Pension; Strawberry Jam; Pyjamas; Plied

Monday 5 December 2011.

Robert Giles told me yesterday morning that Rory McIlroy holed a bunker shot at the last for birdie to win the Hong Kong Open by 2 from his playing partner who parred the last. Last night I opened the PGA site just in time to see Tiger record 2 birdies on the last 2 holes in The Chevron World Challenge for a 1 shot victory over his playing partner Zach Johnston who parred the final 2. Got 25 mg Risperdal Consta injection in the right “side” from Áine who told me she is to retire soon. Her wages reduced by €150 p.w. in the recent cuts. If she retires now her pension will be calculated on the basis of her 2009 salary. A little snow and ice on my windscreen at the front of the house a.m. Icy roads and car parks. Drove from The Louth to GreenLife driving range. “They will be here at 10.00,” the accountant opening the front door from the outside told me. Paid €4 for a scone with butter and strawberry jam and a pot of coffee which I relished in The Fairways while I was waiting. Returned to GreenLife and struck 50 balls (€4) mostly with the 3 metal; some with the 8-iron. Bought milk in Tesco. Chat with Marie Duffy in the car-park of Dundalk Shopping Centre before I went in. Spotted her father Paul making his way out of the shopping centre. Bought a pair of pyjamas for Eamonn. Tom Brennan called me over and said he read in the paper that I was doing something “on the internet.” He does not own a computer and declared he does not know anything about them. Called in to Sinn Féin. Jane took down the details about the winter workshop. Mahla has left Jane told me. Davina in SOSAD across the street resolved my difficulty about Gareth Phelan’s number. Walked to Leavy’s with my glasses. Piddled in the bar beside Ulster Bank on the way. Refurbishment of The Square in the final stages. Got my white Toyota iQ 2010 washed out the Lisdoo road. €6. Met Brian McSloy twice earlier on Clanbrassil Street. Sporting a neat Trilby shaded red he asked with a touch of mockery in his voice, “Are you just walking about for exercise?” “No,” I replied, “I’m busy. I’m doing things!” Returned from Lisdoo and parked at Bank of Ireland, Clanbrassil Street. Collected my glasses from Leavy’s. €4. Piddled in McKeown’s across the street. Did a U-turn and drove home in the cold sunlight. Had parked first opposite The Adelphi and then at BOI using the same ticket. €0.80 total. Concession. On-street parking half price for Christmas shopping season. Tea, Vienna bread, butter, honey: for lunch. Rosanna gone in to turn the heat on in No. 13 Oaklawns. She took the pyjamas in for Eamonn. I took a siesta. Denise Belton rang this morning, Rosanna said, to confirm that the grant for the winter workshop had been approved. Fried potato, boiled bacon cold, cold roast chicken, brown sauce, a little salad; when I got up. Followed that with some baked beans from a bowl which had languished in the microwave for a few days; a glass of milk and a banana. Journalled. E-mailed Gareth Phelan. I discovered a day or two later that the e-mail “bounced.” Gabriela Tanasan invited me to Budapest 20 – 23 January. Rosanna assembled a new 6’ Christmas tree she bought for €50, half-price, in Tesco. I left out both bins in my pyjamas, slippers, black robe, navy Rival monkey cap. Rosanna plied me with a glass of Pinot Grigio. She went to bed before 23.00. I stayed up to scribble these notes (23.00). Brushed my dentures and 5 ½ remaining teeth in the late evening. Never even washed my face today. Muesli, milk, sliced banana; for breakfast. Weetabix, milk, sliced banana; for supper. Peeled and ate 2 Mandarin oranges after lunch before my siesta. Noticed the gap in Michael Farrelly’s bottom teeth the same as me when he was walking in around the front corner of The Louth as I was driving out this morning. Michael and I have age and medical history in common too? Gum sore in the gap front bottom. 13.07 on Áine’s scales in my shirt sleeves this morning. Wore red gansy, brown Robbie woollen small-check slacks, black FootJoy socks, tan 2-tone zipped leather boots, grey Lacrosse zipped jacket, glasses, green Greenore “woollen” cap, cream shirt, no tie, vest, T-shirt, white boxers.

Anchovies; Breast Pocket; Reception; Devices

Saturday 19 November 2011.

Visited Carlingford @ 11.30. Bought a glass jug, a lavender candle, a jar of olives stuffed with anchovies, a cloth bag “Food for Thought.” Drank a cappuccino in Food for Thought who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Service good; pricey? Took a few snaps of Teresa Merrigan in Greenore and later uploaded them onto photobucket. “Will you put them up on Facebook?” she had asked. “I will,” I promised but somehow due to technical problems I could not get the photos uploaded directly onto Facebook. Mince meat and onions simmering in the pan on Dessie’s cooker; house warm and tidy. I took no siesta. Visited the vestry. Copied anniversaries and left an ill-written note for Fr. Murphy postponing Renew to Fridays. E-mailed Silvia. Ronan O’Gara kicked the winning score, a drop goal, the last kick of the game for Munster away in France. The second week in a row he had accomplished this feat. Attended the Captain’s dinner (Eamonn McCartan) dressed in cream shirt, red patterned silk tie, brown Kartel 46” jacket, dark brown check Robbie slacks, black/red/green braces, gold cufflinks, silver Parker pen in my breast pocket, fawn non-elasticised cotton socks, chocolate Loake brogues. Wore neither cap nor overcoat; the night was mild. Sat between Anne McGrane, a nurse from Newry and Siobhán Ballentine at Noel McGrane’s table. Anne was complimentary about my dress and Noel remarked that I was looking well. “I don’t know how you do it?” he wondered. Great person to person chat with Anne who knows a thing or two. Soup, salmon, assorted dessert, coffee. Orange juice earlier at reception. I enjoyed a bit of bread and butter at the start and finished my main plate by eating several baby potatoes with butter and salt. They were the two things I found most appetising. I pulled out around 23.45 buying Rosanna a glass of red and leaving her to her own devices. I was under pressure facing a long and taxing day tomorrow. Rosanna had arranged to get a lift home from Kay Hall, lady vice-captain, who was there with her husband. I slept before 01.00 soon after I went to bed; I think Rosanna arrived home around 03.00 but she did not really upset my rest. I drank a large glass half and half wine and apple juice for my lunch with bread, cheese, a little salad. That finished off the 1l bottle of Vin de Pays I bought in Lidl on Thursday for a little over €5.

The Strand; Smudges; Armour; Pot of White

Sunday 6 November 2011.

Up 8.00. Breakfast in The Strand at 10.00 with Dessie and a subdued Dermot Mooney who chaired the meeting of Cooley Environmental and Health Group. Sorley sitting outside when I arrived talking to Dessie. I snapped them and took some shots on my way to and from Omeath. Later published 10 of them on Facebook. Most of the rest blemished by smudges or shadows. Dirt on the lens or the internal mirror? Played in the 14 hole voucher competition and winter league. Scored 21. Len Hennebry, Val O’Farrell and I continued on from the 14th and played 17 and 18. Pat McParland did not continue after the 14th. Mary was waiting for him and he is saving his left hip where he has a touch of bursitis at the moment. Pat and Len played well but my golf was execrable worse even than Val who has not played recently having been away in the Canaries. Bought a black armour shirt by Mizuno from Robert Giles and donned it before setting out to golf under my t-shirt and black Mizuno golf gansy. Also wore black Ping golf trousers and grey braces with white Icon golf shoes, black FootJoy golf socks, glasses, green woollen Greenore golf cap which I took off at the 5th tee. The armour cost €29 which I paid from my account which is in credit still and I have two vouchers, €100 + €40. Did not shower. Drank a pot of white coffee and Len drank a pot of black. Val did not come “up.” He was driving a buggy today. “Do you want to cause trouble at the AGM?” Nobby asked me. “Do you see that grey beard and bald head?” I said making a motion with my hand, “I am too old!” “You are fucked like myself,” Nobby concluded in good humour. Mash, peppered cabbage, fried rashers of bacon; for dinner. Ate a large SA orange. Spent most of the evening on the Acer looking in dismay at some of the results I got today with the Canon. Went out for coal some time before 22.00. Paid €20 for the three breakfasts in The Strand. We had a chat with Jim Halligan, Belfast, who will be 70 soon.

Pullover; Young Frank; Last Agony; Disappointed

Thursday 13 October 2011.

Exercised and showered. Donned the blue striped Pierre Cardin shirt I have been wearing since Monday, vest, blue Lahinch golf pullover, navy slacks, black socks, black patent Clarks. Ate 2 boiled eggs and an orange. Starting at 13.00 played 18 off the green tees with “K” a chap form Carlingford and Francis Murphy. Did not mark my card. Francis scored 36 points he claimed at the end. I struck a PW arrow-straight out of the right cross bunker onto the 17th green to 9’ and 2 putted for an easy 5. Drew a low 8-iron from the left fairway across the right greenside bunker to a point 15’ behind the flag on 18. Left my approach putt very short but holed out for 4. Drank water and white coffee and chatted with Francis and K. Young Frank is in Australia married to an Australian girl. Over a year now. Ate white loaf bread and cheese for my tea. Fidelis Rice called after 19.30 mass. Her sister in her last agony in England. I gave Fidelis my card to enable her to look up my photos on the web. Listened to the Late Debate on RTE 1 radio. Martin McGuinness approached Miriam O’Callaghan after last night’s Prime Time program and accused her of bias and treating him unfairly in the “debate” featuring himself and the 6 other presidential candidates. I think I got to bed before 00.00 having eaten corn flakes, milk, sliced banana; without washing my teeth. Lovely day on the golf course. Hitting it well. Took off my pullover around the 4th or 5th. Bought 5 new Nike distance balls off Ian Brennan in the pro shop for €10 around 12.30. Lost one. Played the two holes described above with an old Titleist Pro V which a visitor found and “willed” to me on the 17th as we played 16. Disappointed to read on the sheet that Kevin Gallagher and Dermot Philips defeated Brian and Shane Farrell in the final of the Club Fourball competition. Surprised to read on the notice board that Len Hennebry and I came 2nd on Sunday in the 2-man scramble competition. I drove in to Oaklawns at 21.25 with a bag of clean washing for Eamonn. House deserted. I left the bag at the foot of the stairs.

Reef; Mattock; Eddie Caffrey; Argentina

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Saturday 17 September 2011.

I decided to take it easy today and neither exercised nor showered. Listened in my black collared robe, short pyjamas, white Reef flip flops; to Ireland score a famous victory 15 – 6 over Australia in a World Cup match described in New Zealand by that peerless commentator Michael Corcoran. I think I may have had the heat on and anyway I felt very comfortable. I am not sure but I think Rosanna returned unobtrusively this morning from her short “holiday” in Greenore. Grilled German sausages, fried potato, beans in tomato sauce, boiled Roosters in their skin, an orange; for lunch. I think I took a siesta in preparation for the “broadcast” mass. News gradually filtered in to the church that The Pat’s scored an impressive victory over Mattock although they had been reduced to 14 men for most of the second half. The mass was a kind of victory, too. Everything went ahead with good forward motion and the choir was assertive even if the sound was not always top quality. Catherine banished me into the back row along with the men where I felt less isolated and more relaxed and had a good view of everything. Had a few chats with Eddie Caffrey who did the recording. Very personable, talkative, in good humour, he told me he likes the look of the church and had not been aware of its existence until very recently.

· Majesty

· Psalm. Like The Deer

· Alleluia. Liam Lawton’s (Speak, O Lord)

· Offertory. Be Still

· Holy Holy

· When We Eat this Bread and Drink this Cup We Proclaim your Death, Lord Jesus, Until you Come in Glory.

· Amen

· Lamb of God

· Communion. Only A Shadow (Catherine Baldwin, Frances McCrystal; duet). Instrumental (Young Arthur, flute; Leanne Caraher, violin; Ann Murphy, organ). Jesus, Name Above All Names

· Exit. Our God Reigns

My best note “glory” turned out to be the worst in the recording when I heard it tomorrow morning? I took a group photo afterwards; a shot of Fr. Murphy and Eddie Caffrey in the vestry; one of Christine Gallagher and Eva Hamill in the aisle behind the organ. Ate a sausage sandwich made with barrel bread and drank a cup of coffee before I went to bed. Postponed my journal. I think, somehow, that I did not wash my teeth. Silvia made her way over to me after mass and presented me with a little paper parcel, “A gift from Argentina.” It later proved to be a medal, a Madonna inscribed, “Italy.”

Too Wrecked; Gear; Salmon Wellington; Lights Out


Monday 8 August 2011.

Not too wrecked after golf yesterday. Made my bed, exercised, showered. Dressed in black Ping long-sleeved golf shirt, sliver Robbie slacks, black Calvin Klein socks, grey Grensons, blue boxers, glasses. Played 18 with Paul Smyth, Seamus McBrearty; starting at 12.20. Wind increased alarmingly and it was almost impossible to stand on the 12th tee. However it was bright, not cold; and there was no rain. Paul (17), 29 points; Me (14), 26; Seamus (23?), 23. Paul ate brown bread and soup in the bar while I drank a pint of iced water and took some photographs including one of Paul and Hugh Murphy. Seamus tucked in to tea or coffee and a toastie. When we sat down at first I shared my Snickers Duo with Seamus. Could not leave Paul home because his gear would not fit into my iQ on top of my own. Rosanna pulled up just as I was leaving the club. She was going to play with Josie Malone. I took salmon wellington and a plate of salad out of the fridge, buttered some bloomer bread, brewed a mug of tea. Scoffed all. Left my trolley with Brian Kerley in GreenLife. He promised to give me a loan on Wednesday of his own trolley until mine is fixed which will apparently not be soon. “Tell them to give you a new trolley!” Rosanna insisted. Bought oranges, ciabatta bread, Kilmeaden cheese in Tesco DSC on my way home. Looked at some of the packaged salmon, etc. Prices scary? Journalled. Read my journal for June in bed before lights out. Had brushed my teeth and dentures before I retired to bed. E-mail from Michael Rice dampened my enthusiasm. Because of a large entry (sic) my entry into the CLCVF photo competition was unsuccessful.