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Shock, Gerry Adams, Olives, Sunrise, Drama

Thursday 25 November 2010.

Up 09.00. Weetabix, sliced banana, milk; coffee. Made bed; exercised; washed; dressed, clean white underclothes, Le Coq Sportif white T-shirt, black slacks, brown patterned braces, black and grey socks with horizontal circular bars, black patent Clarks, Calvin Klein top, brown thin rimmed spectacles. ROI Senior Smart Pass arrived in the post. Applied moisturiser to my knees and nether parts a.m. Got a shock when I spied no car at the back of the house. Forgot that I had moved my iQ to the front yesterday to let Aisling out. Baked 2 baguette pizzas. Prepared a plate for them including green peas, olives, sliced tomato, a piece of cold baked breaded cod. Tasty and well-planned. Peeled and ate an orange which was juicy and less tart than the ones I have been eating for the past week or more. Lit the fire in the WEL. Washed up everything including the small bin, the vase in the kitchen, the baking tray, the window sill behind the sink. Swept the floor in the kitchen. Surfed a while. Earlier read the Dundalk Leader and The Democrat. Gerry Adams standing in Louth at the next general election. Pic of Brendan Byrne and family at his son’s 21st. Breda McArdle one of 3 VEC teachers to retire recently. On tenterhooks before mass. Difficult program of hymns, “Be Still,” “I Watched the Sunrise.” Ann Murphy trying to annoy me? However Catherine Arthur turned up ok although it was at the last minute. 19.30. I was 1st into the church at 19.07. Anyway I made a few fast entries in the psalm and in Sunrise. Better to keep things moving than to drag? Fr. Michael Woods concelebrated with Fr. Murphy. The usual suspense and drama as a candle was lit and the bell rung for each person who died in the parish in the past year (25 approximately). Tom Roddy spoke to me after mass. Said, “Hello, Angela,” to Anglea McParland as she exited. “Hello, Seán,” she replied forthrightly. Pat Deery took my reporter’s notebook and my green Greenore woolly cap from under my arm and put milk in my tea. I had gone to the toilet for a piddle after mass. Sat down in the meeting room with my cup of tea. Someone came in and took away the biscuits that I had my eye on! Talked to 2 women (sisters?) from Lordship. Then had a good chat with John Quigley. Eamonn, Aisling, Brendan Byrne, Radon, DkIT, etc. Chat with Barney Carroll, Allison and Suzanne at the top of the steps. Very friendly. Talked about Rosanna and Aisling. Barney praised the singing and also praised my car. A little light rain. Made handwritten notes for today’s journal but stayed away from the Dell. Rang Teddy. Lisa asked me in a text to turn the heat in Greenore on tomorrow. Chanced to see Eileen Trainor’s funeral arrangements on 11.00 tomorrow in Ardee. Burial afterwards in Ballapousta. Ireland owes €323bn according to an authentic sounding article on indymedia. Going to eat weetabix, sliced banana, milk; for supper. Ate 2 rounds of barrel loaf mixed grain sandwiches for tea. One cheese; the other apricot jam: + a mug of java.

  • Be Still
  • The Lord’s My Shepherd (psalm)
  • My God Loves Me
  • Don’t Feel Separated
  • I Watched the Sunrise

We also sang the response, “When We Eat this Bread and Drink this Cup,” as well as an “Amen.” As I said I worried and fretted beforehand but the choir did well tonight after all. Fr. Murphy mentioned the choir and the organist when he was thanking a fairly long list of people involved in the organising and in the mass, including the members of the pastoral council. Well I washed my teeth after putting on my pyjamas and got in to bed soon after 23.30. My mood was upbeat after mass. Wore my grey Lacrosse jacket to mass. Drove over with my reporter’s notebook and Stop Poverty Now biro.

Baguettte, Polo Grounds, Beef Stew, Photos

Saturday 6 November 2010.

Up 07.40. Ate 9 or 10 slices of buttered baguette and drank a mug of tea. Made bed; washed; dressed the same as yesterday except that I put on heavy boots. Reached Carrickdale around 09.30 and walked under the road in to the lobby of the hotel for a piss. Deirdre Lewis ensconced there drinking tea and nibbling toast with 8 or 9 others. I went back under the road to join Dessie and Dermot in the car-park on the other side. Sloped off to the toilet in the building beside the car-park. Tables laid for a wedding reception. Anyway 2 Blue Anchor buses pulled up around 10.00. I got on the white one directed by Aude Laffon and driven by Tom Roddy. Visited Roche Castle where I pissed on the way in and again on the way out. We also visited a court cairn and a stone-age burial place – somewhere short of Dungooley cross-roads. I lunched independently in Navan Fort exhibition centre. Chips, carrots, 2 sausages, a bottle of Coke, “15” a sweet desert tart covered in coconut. Got the bill off the manager and paid £4.30 with my MBNA card in reception. The others ate soup and sandwiches followed by tea. It cost them over £5 each. Dessie still complaining tomorrow about the fare. Walked up to Eamhain Mhacha. Saw the goal posts on The Polo Grounds. Sat through a bombastic film about Macha and Cuchulainn. Encounter at the gate with a spear-carrying iron age man and woman. Sat for nearly half an hour in the iron age house with a fire lit in the middle of the floor. We were ferried back directly to Carrickdale. “Snazzy car!” Deirdre Lewis remarked when I rolled down the window of my white 2010 Toyota iQ and stopped to ask her how to get out of the car-park. There were two “pads” you had to cross. Fire still lit. Sliced two cold microwaved Roosters into a pot of beef stew and brought it to the boil. Consumed a bowl. Peeled and ate a Valencia South African orange. Tart and juicy. Was there a little decay near the top of the fruit? Put €4 in the yellow envelope “for the priest” (weekly contribution) and €10 in the navy envelope “priests’ dues.” Drove over. Fr. Tom McNulty.

  1. Father We Adore You
  2. All That I Am
  3. Walk in The Light of God
  4. Bind Us Together, Lord

Fans back on. Choir good in unfamiliar territory. I was unsure so I sang quietly. Gave some coins to Sheila Reynolds’ collection for SVdeP at the front door. “I suppose I should be at the gate?” she commented with a little laugh. Phil Sutherland told me after mass that Thursday evening mass is being discontinued. Rose McEneaney rang me before mass and I sent her the links to my photos on SkyDrive and also on Photobucket. She is doing some work on the parish yearbook and wants photos she told me. Before bed-time I noticed an e-mail from her with a favourable comment on the photos on both of my sites (which indicated clearly that she had been able to open both sites). I was chuffed and reassured by that and replied with thanks. Ate corn flakes, sliced banana, milk; after mass. Drank a mug of coffee. Tom Roddy leaned over the back of my seat and spoke to me after mass about the trip earlier today. Maybe I thoughtlessly raised my voice too much. Anyway I noticed in paranoid fashion that Fr. McNulty looked disapprovingly at me as he left the church. I had greeted him with a handshake and a few words about his late brothers, Gerry and Eamonn, on his way in. Ireland made a good attempt at a revival against South Africa finishing only 2 points behind. O’Gara struck a post with a conversion near the end and it bounced back. I think Kearney scored the final try for Ireland and received an injury at the same time. “I think Seán Óg is not that well!” Rosanna asserted. When I pressed her she pin-pointed “stress” and commented on Óg’s fidgety body language. Aisling in Inverin, Dorie told me on the phone. Eamonn in Cootehall (Rosanna rang him at 22.45). “You look well for a woman that is 3 000 years old!” Dessie remarked at Navan Fort. I took doubles out of the bin as an alternative to getting coal out of the bunker. Stoked the fire. Cold today; but a colder night expected. John Cunningham and Finbar Oakley pulled out of our line. Paul Smyth pulled in. Finbar pulled back in tomorrow morning. 22.50 (note in my reporter’s notebook where I detailed the day’s events). I washed and flossed my 5 ½ remaining teeth and brushed my dentures before I went to bed. I did not carry out any floor exercises today at all.

Clocks, Chip-and-Putt, Pitted Olives, No Issues

Sunday 31 October 2010.

Got up at 8.20 and put all the clocks in the house back an hour (7.20). Ate weetabix and milk. Cleaned out and lit the fire. Made my bed. Exercised. Washed. Dressed; fresh boxers, vest, yellow/cream shirt, green light woollen pullover, black “legal” slacks, grey sports socks, black patent Clarks, grey braces. Wore my black woollen Greenore helmet on the golf course and my Cutter and Buck jacket. Cold at the start but I was sweating by the finish. Tee’d off at 12.20 with Len Hennebry in the 2-man 14 hole scramble. Robert said at first we could not take part in the competition because we had no “opposition.” I made the case that it was a scramble so we could mark our own card. “If it were a 3 or 4 man scramble there would only be one card,” I reasoned. He relented and I put my €6 down. I had Lisa’s trolley and battery with me in the car so this saved me the price of a club trolley. I bought a pot of white coffee at the end. €2. Len and I carried on after the 14th to complete the course. The golf was not spectacular but I won 3 of the final four holes and halved the 17th with a 6. Made 4 on the last against a stiff breeze with a chip and a putt. 4-iron approach landed right of the bunker level with the flag. It was lying nicely on good grass. Not a difficult chip. Dr. Malone, Noel Guinane, John and Seán Murphy in the match ahead of us. Paschal (14) and Noel (11) came 3rd with 46.75. Len (12) and I (15) scored 51.25. Took no shower in the club. Silence reigned in the house. Rosanna sitting stiffly at the fire in The White Elephant Lounge reading a magazine. I took some lukewarm Tagliatelle out of the pot and sliced a piece of red cheddar onto it. My mouth was dry so I ate a few pitted olives and drank a glass of dilute “orange.” Washed my teeth, took a shower and put on clean pyjamas and I am typing now on The Dell in my pyjamas, black robe, white Reef flip-flops. 21.50. A few bangers over around Wehrly’s. Majella called earlier with Liam in Ninja costume and mask. Trick or treat. I took out my purse and deposited a €2 coin in his bag. Majella in good form and Liam happy. I ate four slices of “buttered” Tiger bread before I went to golf. Rosanna went to bed early without breaking her silence except to say to me the battery of the trolley should be put “on charge.” Wrote to Gabriela re the conference. The university wants opinions. Sat up late until after midnight until a scan finished on the Acer. “No issues found!”

Passport, Turnips, Conflict

Friday 18 September 2009

Up 4.30 but took no shower. Dressed as last night – underpants, black 44" slacks, black FootJoy socks, tan John Evan Chelsea boots, navy and blue vertically striped Polish shirt open-necked, grey small check Kartel 42" sports coat. Ate a packed breakfast in my room. Very sweet fruit juice, a croissant, two pieces of toasted biscuity bread with honey. Spilt some honey on the surface of the small table on which my case rested this past five days. Had washed face and finished packing. Doubts and paranoia in my mind when I went down into the lobby. Surely I had forgotten something? But I hardened my heart and did not return to look. Malachy Doyle had left the room before me so I had not the benefit of a second opinion! That kind of haunted worried feeling stayed with me all day until I opened my case at home around 17.00. The coach left San Vincenzo at 5.30. The usual panic over my passport. I lost it? I didn’t. But I panicked at least once. I booked in along with Canon Crawley. "If we hand in the passports together then we will be sitting together on the plane," he suggested at check-in. The female official asked the question, "Which bag is Michael’s?" and in reply I tapped Canon Crawley’s case quietly with my left hand. The flight was smooth and taking off after 12.00 Roman time we reached Dublin around 14.10 Irish time. The coach pulled out of the airport around 15.15 and reached The Lisdoo around 16.20. I had text’d Rosanna twice and finally phoned her saying we would reach The Lisdoo at 16.15. Everything worked out as smoothly as the flight itself. I had been worried about my case at check-in. Was it over the 20 kg limit? There was no problem. I was worried about it as I waited at the carousel No 3 in Dublin Airport. Again it turned up. I discovered tomorrow that a support wire for standing the case seems to have disappeared from the body of the case. I did not notice that today and don’t know where it happened. It could have been when the case was loaded on to the coach at Dublin Airport. The driver treated my case roughly. I saw him do it and thought he may have damaged the handle of the case. But the handle was alright when I examined it outside The Lisdoo after it came off the coach. Rosanna made a dinner of turnip, sausages, and microwaved potato. Not as piquant as Italian food. A good dinner nevertheless. I unpacked the case and put most of my stuff in the laundry basket in the bathroom beside my bedroom. As far as I could see I forgot nothing and left nothing behind me. I gave Rosanna her present of a pair of rose-scented rosary beads. I later heard her boasting quietly to Maeve on the phone about it. Good atmosphere in the house. Eamonn away home to Cootehall. Although I had been nodding off on the way to Rome from San Vincenzo my energy held up quite well throughout the day. I was a bit too warm in Italy today but I took off my jacket in the plane and was comfortable during the flight. (I also put my coat in the luggage rack on the coach to Dundalk. Canon Crawley on my right in the back seat and Johnnie O’Sullivan on his right hand side.) An odd stab of pain behind my right eye. Head a bit light. Ears sore on the descent. Canon Crawley treated me to a ham and mozzarella panini (€5) and a can of Coke (€2) on the plane. He also to read gave me The Irish Independent which he bought off the flight attendant. He himself concentrated on reading the divine office. I was sitting in 13 F just over the right wing of the plane beside the wing exit and Canon Crawley sat beside me on my left. I went to the toilet for a piss towards the end of the flight but generally speaking my bladder behaved today. I drank nothing in the early part of the day except the small bottle of peach juice for my breakfast. The only other liquid I drank before I got home was the can of Coke that Canon Crawley bought me. I think I checked my credit card account and my bank account. Everything in order. And there was no commission or anything charged on the €100 I withdrew in Il Campo, Siena, on Wednesday. Scanned my accumulated mail. UB credit card came with a €1400 limit! House insurance from UB also came. Both these items seem to have been delivered soon after I left for Rome on the 6th. The house insurance policy takes effect from 8 September although I pointed out to Karen that my existing policy with RSA covers the property until 28 September? I pondered what, if anything, I might do to resolve the issue which definitely does not favour me as it stands. My mistake. When I checked the policy tomorrow I found that cover dated from 29 September exactly in line with what I asked for in the beginning. I turned the insurance over to Rosanna whose name is included in the title of the policy. Dessie has been elected chairperson of Louth County Community and Voluntary Forum. He phoned me around 19.00 and we had a great chat as I sat on my Parker Knoll opposite Rosanna in The White Elephant Lounge. Things are looking up and the portents are good? I was surprised to read my weight (fully dressed) up around 14.07 on the bathroom scales. I took the blankets off my bed and put on a duvet. Could I get the odour of goose feathers in the night? Anyway I retired before 20.00 and got up a few times to drink water during the night. I was too tired to wash my teeth before bed. Had a conversation with Og in the evening sounding a bit slurred on the phone. He had been in Blackrock and the swimming pool with Gavin earlier in the day. Waiting for the coach in Dublin Airport I took Joe Treanor’s details down with my golf pencil and promised to try to locate for him a copy of Aisling’s film "Art/Conflict; 2 x Zones." Chat with Micheal Savage sporting a Mohician as we pulled out of The Lisdoo. We flew Aer Lingus.

Lonely Passion

Good Friday 21 March 2008

Morale and energy was not good in the morning so I went back to bed for another while after breakfast.  Rosanna and Aisling went down to Greenore to see Og’s house which Aisling had not seen till then.  "It’s alright," she said when I asked her later how she liked it, "the garden is nice."  "I have no garden," she said.  Jandering, I said to Aisling in the afternoon (when my confidence had been restored after the 3.00 p.m. liturgy in the church), "She was trying to pretend to Dellamar last night that everything is hunky-dory."  Rosanna was slightly apoplectic, I think, and she muttered with authority, severity and intent, "I’ll deal with you!"  The celebration of The Lord’s Passion went well in the church.  Brian Glynn read St. John’s account fluently, articulately, quietly, without undue emphasis and without any mistake.  The congregation voiced some of the dialogue such as "crucify him, crucify him" and I got a sense of participation abroad.  The choir sang two hymns at the veneration of the cross

1. Were You There?
2. The Old Rugged Cross.

I sang the opening bars of 1 as I walked back from kissing the cross.  Ann Murphy started before all the choir was in place – some of us were delayed because of the "Ambrose" effect i.e. people getting up before the choir were done.  The same thing happened at communion too to a lesser extent. 

The choir also sang two hymns at communion

1. Soul of My Saviour
2. God of Mercy and Compassion.

Aisling left for Dublin around 6.00 p.m. as far as I can remember.  Although I was slightly euphoric after the ceremonies because they went exceptionally well I became restless and uneasy later in the evening and washed my teeth and did 200 bicycling exercises before bed around 10.30 p.m.  Soon after that I woke from my sleep to hear Rosanna in her room on her mobile to Aisling.  There had been, I gathered, some kind of incident with Aisling’s car.  Aisling was afraid staying on her own for the night I gathered, too.  Rosanna said something about Sean Og?  Anyway the effect on me was to fill me with horror/terror and my sleep was colored all night by the lonely impression I got.  Gerry Woods came into the seat beside me and I asked him if he wanted to move "inside" which he did.  I did not sing at full throttle – all to better effect?  Fr. Padraig Murphy, the celebrant, has an excellent singing voice.  I observed the "fast" eating only a cheese sandwich during the day and in the late afternoon some pizza and garlic bread.  I ate honey nut corn flakes and milk for supper.  In the morning I had weetabix and milk.  Really what I had was four collations – I had no principal meal – and no meat.  Naturally I drank a good sup of coffee and, perhaps, a mug of tea.